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shant_jan t1_j6x66e0 wrote

as long as this means fixing those stupidly narrow and yet also stupidly steep entrances to the bikeway they cut into the concrete barricades at the foot of the bridge.


Smooth-Ant-8519 t1_j6xcuq0 wrote

This is fantastic. It’s such a clusterfuck at the bridge. I have no idea where to start with fixing it but this a great news. The LES has had a rough couple of years.


Miser OP t1_j6xdcvi wrote

Yeah, road diets would do so much for the LES. Everything south of 14th st feels like it's under continual siege by cars. Houston and Canal especially feel like war zones


FarFromSane_ t1_j6zdtqr wrote

It’s super weird because you have some of the nicest streets there where cars go slow and are generally unwelcome, but simultaneously have streets that give you that feeling of being under siege from cars, more than most parts of Manhattan. The dichotomy is strongest in that area I feel.


tikihiki t1_j726ky1 wrote

I think there are actually some strengths to that design. Clear separation of streets with activities vs car arterials. I think the ratio is too unbalanced around there though, it's boxed in by 3 mini-highways


oreosfly t1_j6xe2zo wrote

The city should also slap the person who thought putting a loading dock on Clinton St was a grand idea


GherriC t1_j6xem2p wrote

Finally, that exit is a dangerous clusterfuck of drivers doing whatever they want. Hopefully they organize the traffic and make it safer to cross.


Johnnadawearsglasses t1_j6z3k8n wrote

This makes a ton of sense. There is ample space to work with here. Including in the median where bikes constantly fall over trying to navigate those dumb narrow and steep entrances to the bridge.


HEIMDVLLR t1_j6y149g wrote

What’s different about Delancey Street versus any other east river bridge entrance or exit in Manhattan (Park Row, Canal Street, 59th-60th Street, 125th Street), Queens (Queens Blvd, Thomson Ave) and Brooklyn( Broadway, Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn Bridge Blvd/Cadman Plaza)?


cdavidg4 t1_j6y1n4w wrote

In essence nothing really. Federal funding for this type of work typically prioritizes "shovel ready" work. In this case, there was already a city capital project for Delancey. This just adds federal money.


TeamMisha t1_j733hxb wrote

Adding onto the other post, it's generally good to apply for grant money when possible, seems DOT figured this project had a good shot of getting approved. The city and state also try to get CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement) grants too. Comes down to timing and whether a project meets the specific scope of grants. They need to time with each round of approval and funding as well. It looks like for example SS4A has a 2nd round opening in April


ilovexspin t1_j70nfwz wrote

The bridge could easily get down to 3 lanes if it added an off ramp right before the exit, pushing cars to a street more east of Clinton


TeamMisha t1_j7328uv wrote

Fix that damn ped/bike island at the base of the bridge. The bridge is iconic and you roll or walk under a masonry arch to be stranded between streets wider than highways lol with the worst bike lane connects I've ever seen (what the actual fuck are those curb cuts???)


aviciiavbdeadpunk t1_j6x3f8c wrote

$21 million for one block? I SMELL THE CORRUPTION


thebruns t1_j6x9h83 wrote

Might be enough to pour some concrete instead of just using brown paint for sidewalks