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LOVE2FUKWITHPP t1_j6xv9dx wrote

The plan is they will get on full welfare

Housing , food stamps , health insurance, cash assistance and metro card.

And you the tax payer will Pay for all of it along with any other Sucker middle class working man or woman in your family

So get your cathart jacket Son u have people to Feed free food and housing


photochic1124 t1_j6xyetk wrote

This common and frustrating misconception really annoys me. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR MOST OF THESE PROGRAMS no matter how often the media likes you to think they are.

Source-I am the spouse of an immigrant and am a firsthand witness to the ins and outs of the immigration system.


Grass8989 t1_j6xz0ug wrote

They’re essentially being provided with that now, do we keep putting them up in hotels and providing them with 3 meals a day and medical care for 4 years while the asylum courts go through their back log?


External-Ad-5332 t1_j7ggm1p wrote

And their kids attend public school as well! That Americans have paid for.


photochic1124 t1_j6y0dm7 wrote

This is a temporary solution to a long term problem and to be clear I'm not saying we should be bleeding money in to this sitation. We are technically sheltering the homeless. Because they happen to be asylum seekers, everyone just looks at it as "giving handouts to illegals."

I'm talking about the mainstream belief that "illegals" can just get on medicaid and food stamps and cash benefits, etc when they literally cannot do that.

If we as a society actually wanted to fix this problem, we would work on housing our local homeless population and fixing the very broken immigration system, freeing up space and resources so we weren't faced with this crises to begin with. But we choose not to do that.


Flivver_King t1_j71n335 wrote

> This is a temporary solution to a long term problem and to be clear I'm not saying we should be bleeding money in to this sitation.

Nothing is more permanent than a temporary solution.


misterferguson t1_j6y5mwz wrote

Yes and no. As I understand it, it depends largely on how you define who is on the receiving end of benefits. For example, immigrants who come with children or who have children after arriving, become eligible for a host of benefits. While technically some of these benefits are specifically for the benefit of the child (who is in many cases a US citizen proper), it's murky to determine exactly how much the parents are actually benefiting themselves from these programs.

I'm not really disagreeing with your original point. Just pointing out that it's not exactly as clear cut as "not a citizen, no benefits".


burnbabyburnburrrn t1_j6ygz3l wrote

But like I think we’re all in agreement that we are not going to bitch and moan about taking care of CHILDREN right? like - yes, thank god we can take care of them.


misterferguson t1_j6yh3ux wrote

No, but I think it’s still important to be honest about what is going on.


Imaginary-Bread1829 t1_j6yykn0 wrote

To an extent, it’s care children they don’t need. I live in a neighborhood with a lot of new immigrants, the community already established there helps out the new-comers. I know so many businesses that have an employee, that on paper makes 30k so they qualify for all the programs, but under the table at least makes 90k. In high school I worked in a supermarket, the managers would be paying with food stamps for their lunch but talking about buying their wives Louis Vuitton bags in Italy during their recent vacations. I remember once the EBT system was down after thanksgiving & I was apologizing to one of my managers that couldn’t pay for their stuff with the card, saying it’s unfair to do this to people that need it, but he was quick to tell me he doesn’t need it but it helps. He would also lie about other people being on food stamps, targeting black women, especially. Openly racist, misogynistic, classist, and very fake people. When people came in & it was always “My friend” but the second they left, they would call every customer a fucking asshole.

Trust me, they weren’t nice & honest people. They were entitled assholes, a lot of them. Not all immigrants are like that, some of my closest friends are immigrants or have married immigrants. I have a lot of respect for immigrants that come to America, because it’s not an easy thing to do. At the end of the day though, people are people, and will act the way they were brought up because they’re conditioned. Economic insecurity can really create an ‘everyone for themselves’ type mentality and it can be insanely frustrating to witness.

I would love to live in a socialist community, where the government helps people that need it. The problem is being America, land of immigration with people coming from all over, it’s hard to cultivate a collectivist society where everyone contributes where they need to & is able to receive what they need. Because of inefficient bureaucratic management, a lot of those that actually need it will get overlooked & those that don’t need it will get approved, which naturally creates resentment


LOVE2FUKWITHPP t1_j6y40hb wrote


NOT YET !!! u hear me !!!



stork38 t1_j72ecnv wrote


Are their children?


IAmGoingToSleepNow t1_j71iobk wrote

I don't know about cash assistance and metro cards, but they absolutely are getting lodging, food, and medicaid.


External-Ad-5332 t1_j7ggj2r wrote

Don't the kids attend public school with U.S. citizens' children? How much of that tax money did the illegals contribute to the educational system in New York?


meshflesh40 t1_j74nquu wrote

+work under table and don't pay taxes. Its a great deal


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Major_Supermarket_57 t1_j70n51l wrote

Are you from NYC at all? I’m volunteering to help the migrant families that have been assigned to my child’s public school and after they got their NYC ID they are eligible for free healthcare for which they have signed up (both kids and adults), just like any destitute person in NYC, you don’t need to be a permanent legal resident or citizen to be covered if you’re destitute, just a NYC resident which you can prove with your NYC ID which in turn only needs proof of address. I’m not passing judgement for or against, but while the country may not provide Medicare or benefits the city certainly does.


LOVE2FUKWITHPP t1_j6yngi2 wrote

It’s not I voted democrat I want them to get more money and more hosing and more free snap and even some free Finical aid so they can go to college for free

You are the greedy rich one


SD_taco_padre t1_j6xzaae wrote

You can't get any of that shit without a social security number.


againblahisnothere t1_j6yt9jw wrote

It’s not that hard to get a social security number. There are multiple ways to do it- some of them illegal.


ChrisFromLongIsland t1_j6ygyq6 wrote

If you ask the immigrants virtually zero want handouts. They just want to be able to compete in the job market. The large majority are here for economic reasons, not really refugees fleeing a war zone.


LOVE2FUKWITHPP t1_j6yi0y5 wrote

U right these one ain’t asking for anything

Give us your poor and hungry and we will feed em forever


ChrisFromLongIsland t1_j71k7js wrote

Every immigrant I ever met were generally the hardest working people. Not sure where all of these welfare queen immigrants you are talking about are. All I have ever seen is immigrants who work very hard at jobs I don't want to do.