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Rottimer t1_j71s7lv wrote

There is only one appropriate mascot for sanitation in nyc, and that’s Oscar the Grouch. If they can’t make that happen, skip the mascot entirely.


therealowlman t1_j723b8k wrote

When I think of garbage I think of Akeem?


captars t1_j72akan wrote

"Look at this! America is great indeed. Imagine a country so free, one can throw glass on the streets!"


wjsh t1_j7430v5 wrote

"donations! Donations!"

"I thought it was the trash."


supercvt t1_j74zf26 wrote

Y’all know him as Joe the policeman in the “what’s goin’ down” episode of “That’s my Momma!”


Unoriginal_UserName9 t1_j71z10z wrote

I, for one, like our sanitation mascots They turn 26 this year and I'm glad they've added composting.


gcruzatto t1_j72lhvj wrote

Ohhh that explains it so well. I was like why the color choice, why a literal egg shell on top of it. That's the color of the new composting bins they started to roll out in NYC


Ilostmytractor t1_j734upk wrote

Yeah, It’s the right move. It’s expensive to ship our trash away from nyc. 1/3rd of our trash is food scraps, that feed rats. Keeping the food in rat resistant containers and using it to make energy and soil is a win all around.


BigAppleGuy t1_j76fom3 wrote

I am 100% for this but realistically, there is a reason composting has been so slow to roll out. People are still working on basic recycling. Separating metal/cartons from paper/cardboard, knowing what is not trash and must be taken to 'e-cycle', knowing which styrofoams and plastics are and aren't recyclable, knowing to dispose paints and chemicals and . Not as simple as seems at first.

'rat resistant containers' are the key, and trash needs to stay in them for the entire disposal cycle. Doesn't matter what time you put trash out ,if it's in plastic bags, rats will tear through it. 'Mint' bags must be just an appetizer for our monster rats lol. Need to line the streets with rat proof bins and system to pick up efficiently?
The Metrobins I get for my job cost 1,300+ for equivalent of two 50 gallon garbage cans. And then you still bag it and put it on curb where rats will get at it overnight.


Ilostmytractor t1_j781f2y wrote

Yes change is hard, but sometimes necessary. Fortunately we only need to put the food scraps in the rat resistant containers, which are provided free by the city, and there’s no sorting. If you eat it it goes in the food bin. You can acumúlate the scraps in a plastic bag in your apt. and throw it , bag and all, in the building food scrap bin. If you have your own bin , even easier. This way food is never left in appetizing bags outside. Less bugs, less smells, less rats, less trash to ship to Maryland or wherever it goes.


Labiologie t1_j78mzkg wrote

Composting is a lot more simple than recycling, though. If you can eat it you can compost it.


BigAppleGuy t1_j8p15fx wrote

On a basic level, so is recycling. It's either paper/cardboard or metal/glass. people still can't get it straight, or more likely are just to lazy to care.


mars914 t1_j751uke wrote

Omg do these guys have names? Wow being a city kid is real, I looked at them and got flashbacks 🤣🤣


seejordan3 t1_j74pc97 wrote

Yes! Thank you! I still see these stickers occasionally on trash bins. Now I want to start a sub sighting them. There's a VERY old city recycling sign near us I've been tempted to nab. Gotta be late 80's, basically announcing what recycling is.


Rave-light t1_j75gecq wrote

This brought back such a deep memory. I would love to see the singing commercial again


Any_Foundation_9034 t1_j71niht wrote

What the friggen hell is that ? ? ?

Creepy and weird.


Warpedme t1_j71waj9 wrote

It's trash and a mascot


[deleted] t1_j71y31v wrote



JetmoYo t1_j72dnr5 wrote

Yup, small brown bins if I recall


ohyerhere t1_j72fxxy wrote

Mfs don't even put stuff in garbage cans or recycling bins. This is futile.


uni-twit t1_j73dg38 wrote

The composting pickup program is still active in some neighborhoods. The city is widening its availability outside the community boards that currently provide it.


san_serifs t1_j724k24 wrote

A Trashcot, perhaps.


Lost_sidhe t1_j726igh wrote

No, two different things; we have trash on the left and mascot on the right.


AggravatingCupcake0 t1_j72z2n0 wrote

I started laughing in the middle of the train, so now I'm "that guy." Thanks a lot 😜


myassholealt t1_j72f9ir wrote

It's the compost bin. Those are brown like this mascot. And you can see the waste inside is mostly all food and some yard waste.

The black hump I imagine is the costume wearer's head lol.


iv2892 t1_j71sva2 wrote

How is mayor adams not a parody of himself at this point ?


[deleted] t1_j73yfq5 wrote

Because DiBlasio has that title for life!


Pushed-pencil718 t1_j74ozms wrote

This. Can never get any worse than DeBlasio.


Labiologie t1_j78n9va wrote

DeBlasio instituted universal pre-k. Adams has instituted exactly 0 high profile good things. I’d say Adams is far worse


Pushed-pencil718 t1_j78o978 wrote

DeBlasio literally destroyed this city with his mishandling of funds and anti law enforcement attitude. Adams reintroduced anti gun units, instituted composting measures, enacted 24/7 speed cameras to help pedestrians feel safe, instructed all public schools to screen for dyslexia (instead of treating dyslexic students like they dont exist), and baselined summer employment for the youth.

DeBlasio said fck the police, free the prisoners, punish the working class, coddle the poor, and basically told anybody that asked questions about what happened to all the the mental health funding (that his wife stole) to fck off.


daveisarobot t1_j7k7z8u wrote

I work at a school for kids with special needs, where exactly can I find this dyslexia testing? Because I sure as hell have not seen it.


SSG_SSG_BloodMoon t1_j72i2sj wrote

What does this matter? Oh there's a trashcan mascot? What are you people getting activated by here


BlancoBenny t1_j72063t wrote

A guy in a suit that’s garbage next to a guy in a suit that’s garbage.


zizmorcore t1_j72tf2f wrote

Unpopular opinion: Suit looks fresh and it fits him. No shade from me on the fit.


mozzarella__stick t1_j731rmq wrote

I think he was saying: guy in a garbage suit (costume) vs guy who's garbage (adams) in a suit.


LlovelyLlama t1_j74cdcp wrote

Rephrase: A guy that’s garbage in a suit, next to a guy in a suit that’s garbage.


ICantThinkOfANameBud t1_j74pd2t wrote

I don't like the way you speak.


zizmorcore t1_j750dyd wrote

Tell us more about the old days grampa!


ICantThinkOfANameBud t1_j750inu wrote

You are 38 speaking like a teenager.


zizmorcore t1_j7537j5 wrote

Yeah well you write "I don't like the way you speak" to strangers on the internet, which is at least just as bad, bruh. Almost certainly worse.


ICantThinkOfANameBud t1_j753tz7 wrote

You give off vibes of a dad who is trying too hard to connect with his young teen child.


zizmorcore t1_j758sxa wrote

Why is it so hilarious that there's a guy out there who will read through your comment history and shame you if your lingo isn't age appropriate?

I just think you're really cool, ICantThinkOfANameBud. You know I'm always here if you ever want to just talk, right?


ICantThinkOfANameBud t1_j75a7um wrote

I took a quick glance, literally took all of two seconds, I didn't have to read through anything.


zizmorcore t1_j79fnz0 wrote

It's just wild you're in the NYC sub so presumably you're from here or had prolonged exposure to the countless and myriad freaks, weirdos, deranged maniacs, and that's just the Columbus day parade.

But your bete noire is some dude who you think talks sus. It just says volumes about how you decide to spend your time

Which is all an elaborate lead up to ask you an important question: are you planning on marching in the Columbus day parade this year?


ICantThinkOfANameBud t1_j79jrdn wrote

You speak like you either groom children online or like your children told you that you're uncool so you're trying to show how you aren't old. That, or having a mid-life crisis already.


epolonsky t1_j727yjx wrote

Mayor Adams, shown here at left, introduces the recycling mascot


russyc t1_j71p9og wrote

Set it on fire and it’s a completely appropriate mascot for this administration


supra818 t1_j71s1db wrote

Not to the poor guy wearing it!

Put it on Adams himself and then set it on fire!


thepatientwaiting t1_j71wycm wrote

The best is when the news just showed a clip of Adams praising his administration and "all they've accomplished" and there was just this non-contextual giant trash bin behind him. So deliciously confusing yet appropriate.


thatgirlinny t1_j74geqt wrote

And this from a guy who expects applause for cancelling an already-popular beta program and re-starting it after he caught hell for it.


Kiritowerty t1_j71uyzt wrote

Yeah... we've entered the south park timeline


ImJackieNoff t1_j71wmod wrote

That dumpster looks high as fuck.

Edit: He also looks like he just asked you if you've ever been curious about getting a blowjob from another guy. And while the answer may be yes, you don't know him well enough to have that kind of conversation as he's a friend of a friend. Your'e now regretting coming over to smoke up and play Xbox, especially since your mutual friend is running way late and it's just the two of you in the meantime. That fucking smile is getting creepy, and the weed is hitting hard and you're starting to get paranoid that he might have put something else in it.


reese-dewhat t1_j72ga9e wrote

You just described Mike Wake from the Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo.


NoStripeZebra3 t1_j71uqv3 wrote

That's culturally a Japanese thing. Think it will be too foreign here.


jk1rbs t1_j7258fn wrote

The Japanese mascots are cute, fluffy, anthropomorphized animals not living garbage.


NoStripeZebra3 t1_j727twa wrote

Yeah there is no way these guys can match the levels of Japanese character design, but at the same time, US has its own separate character aesthetics, regardless of which I think is objectively better lol


isetmyfriendsonfire t1_j72o534 wrote

I’ve been in Japan for too long that I had to come to the comments to figure out what’s so weird about it


ethanseyler58 t1_j71xcwd wrote

Adams looks like the mascot’s hypeman 😆


PlaneStill6 t1_j729jh5 wrote

That compost mascot is gonna get a six-figure pension and lavish health care for life.


edtheoddfish t1_j72xg28 wrote

The health care is not what people think. So little doctors in NYC even take the city health care, and if they do it’s super long waits. People should work 10 years for the city and see what it’s actually like.


PlaneStill6 t1_j736h5f wrote

It’s a lot better than any private sector retiree gets,


edtheoddfish t1_j737t3g wrote

There are hundreds of articles that say Tier6 of the pension is less competitive than a typical 401k


PlaneStill6 t1_j73e8a3 wrote

Retiree health care.


edtheoddfish t1_j73kxte wrote

Which is likely to become more than $150 per month, right now they are introducing a bill to “save” millions by pushing costs to retirees.


PlaneStill6 t1_j73ymf5 wrote

LOL do you know what private sector retirees pay?


edtheoddfish t1_j7403eu wrote

My current place, because I left the city has been matching my 401k and I have seen much better returns.

Pensions were great in theory but have been watered down for ages


ECK-2188 t1_j71t7hw wrote

Nahhhhh, They playin!!!! 💀


VectorRaptor t1_j722ft3 wrote

I dislike a lot about this administration, but I think that compost bin creature is cute.


PussyChang t1_j722a49 wrote

I bet the mascot makes $100k a year.


suitcase88 t1_j720qsr wrote

If it was decided by public opinion, Pizza Rat would be NYC's mascot.


BritainRitten t1_j7257ew wrote

Personally I like it, it's hilarious.


ike_tyson t1_j72a5bt wrote

Where's Frylock and Metwad?


HendrixChord12 t1_j7311fl wrote

That’s like a literal garbage version of Towlie.

Don’t forget to throw out your trash! Want to get high?


michelecaravaggio t1_j7389d4 wrote

Wait…that thing was real? Other people saw it too?


Pohara521 t1_j71udie wrote

Yeah, I dont get the pink tie either


JanaT2 t1_j71wqza wrote

I like it. He always looks sharp you have to admit. However he’s not a good mayor.


Pohara521 t1_j71wzsu wrote

Absolutely. I just find it an odd choice for the mascot of a garbage administration


Fickle_Belt6075 t1_j71w595 wrote

Compost is good its to bad my fam don't use it


_Maxolotl t1_j71xqbi wrote

This is what happens when you ask an AI to draw you Samuel L Jackson guest staring on South Park in the role of a garbage bin.


FyuuR t1_j71xx55 wrote



smashasaurusrex t1_j723us8 wrote

I hope the me in the good timeline is having fun.


nycgamer4ever t1_j72ht0x wrote

Is this real life or photoshop. Can't tell anymore.


froggythefish t1_j72ogo8 wrote

We’re living in a parody of nyc 💀


SBAPERSON t1_j73b62b wrote

Mayor adams is looking so spaced out, mans just wants to be in the club


my_metrocard t1_j73xsf9 wrote

But I like our sanitation mascots. What’s everyone’s objection, that the compost bin is brown?


ProfessionalAd3472 t1_j7238p5 wrote

Mayor is not great. Nothing he does serves any purpose other than to maintain the status quo of the landowning class.


LCPhotowerx t1_j72ejeu wrote

"get stuff done" just doesn't sound right to me as a marketing slogan. "Stuff"....i dunno, it just makes it sound unimportant. "Get things done." sounds more constructive and planned out.


Academic-Struggle-71 t1_j72lgyv wrote

Lol I lived in Queens 3 years ago. When they started making us use those the little compostable baggies you used for the indoor receptacle would fall apart and there’s be maggots everywhere.


damnatio_memoriae t1_j72qa4q wrote

I opened this in a small window and didn't see the actual mascot and thought you were saying Eric Adams' administration is garbage and he was a weird choice to be its mascot. and I thought... well you're not wrong, but that's an interesting way to phrase that.


Deluxe78 t1_j72uyb4 wrote

That’s just Donny Dumpster Fire the city’s new mascot


JessoRx t1_j72x0d7 wrote

At least deblasio looked like he was trying to run the show.


werdnak84 t1_j749cmg wrote



MC-Sherm t1_j74sppr wrote

Why’d he make the garbage cans skin tone flesh black? Should’ve kept blue green or gray


shades747 t1_j7650pu wrote

Not weird. I think Eric Adams is a good mascot for the Garbage administration


Darkman2z t1_j7656mm wrote

Horrible mascot choice


stadiumjay t1_j76a84y wrote

Why this pic looks like an episode of sesame street 😂


FiascoBarbie t1_j76cyq5 wrote

I think Adams is a perfect choice to represent garbage. What am I missing here ?


MLao_ t1_j77mpu6 wrote

Are you sure this isn't fake


MFoy t1_j71x3l4 wrote

When Baltimore has a better trash mascot than you, you fucked up.


Space_Cowboy10859 t1_j71zrb1 wrote

It's Scotty the Full of 💩 mascot for #EricAdams press conferences.


mikeluscher159 t1_j722mvw wrote

You'll see the sanitation mascot on the DSNY TikTok 🤌


Beerbonkos t1_j723wk1 wrote

So this sub is just hate everything about NYC? If you hate here so much why not leave?


FyuuR t1_j72bbyf wrote

We hate everywhere else more


historyisaweapon OP t1_j72ccb9 wrote

Adams =/= everything about NYC by a long shot.


MRC1986 t1_j72faw8 wrote

Adams is actually pretty good, though. I would've preferred Garcia, but FOH about having some Squad-adjacent Mayor like Wiley or that clown Yang.

In any event, if DSA/leftists didn't want Adams as Mayor, they shouldn't have spoiled their ballots after Wiley was eliminated, as 75,000 (or ~30%) of Wiley voters did. They could have ranked Garcia 2nd, who isn't a DSA-type but certainly more liberal than Adams.

But nope, DSA/leftists shooting themselves in the foot as always.


myassholealt t1_j72fk3p wrote

Plot twist: many don't actually live in nyc anyway lol. It's just important to keep an active presence voicing displeasure, fear for one's safety, and overall government incompetence in all the big city subs on this site.


tonyhasareddit t1_j73gt45 wrote

I normally would agree with this honestly. But there’s nothing more New York than hating the mayor lol


nybx4life t1_j72gccv wrote

Goofy-looking trash there.


Amon213 t1_j72p1dx wrote

Aw the perpetual tale of our discontent with our "leaders." I wonder why we bother with voting at all. I remember people being so psyche for him.


Tips-for-advice t1_j72paio wrote

I thought someone photoshopped this. Can't believe it's real haha


NatLawson t1_j72s6xh wrote

Ha, ha - ah hah hah, hah, hah, hah,hah. Ha, ha - ah hah hah, hah, hah, hah,hah, Ha, ha - ah hah hah, hah, hah, hah,hah, Ha, ha - ah hah hah, hah, hah, hah,hah.


hjablowme919 t1_j72uy9t wrote

This guy should be giving this speech wearing a clown suit with a big rubber nose, and every once in a while, water shoots out of a fake flower pinned to the clown suit and he honks a horn when it happens.


OkSquirrel5696 t1_j72vxdd wrote

I have no words for the weirdness in this image


spacelyspocet79 t1_j73amcy wrote

Should have use a rat not that brown bag with greasy ass Chinese chicken in it


cha614 t1_j73ffil wrote

Composty Malone or Compost mcshitfuckheadmayor


yoseflerner t1_j73je28 wrote

this is righteous beyond belief


Noor_awsome2 t1_j74hxvl wrote

I never knew they had mascots.


kimbolll t1_j74kuz9 wrote

Why is it that NYC residents can’t seem to vote for a decent mayor. I mean, he’s better than DeBlasio, but like just barely. This has “eating fries and a burger at 9am, trying to convince people to get vaccinated” vibes.


paruresis_guy t1_j74lkyi wrote

Kinda looks like a good mascot for that stool-sample colonoscopy mail-in substitute.


danisreallycool t1_j74nzd1 wrote

I think it’s a perfect choice of a mascot for garbage. not sure who the guy on the right is though.


jonnycash11 t1_j74yvgy wrote

This is why the rest of the country thinks we’re crazy


Junior_Immanuel t1_j759eo7 wrote

It seems a lot of people here have never seen a composting bin.


littlekurousagi t1_j75cj9z wrote

I think it's actually kinda cute

I wonder if the person in it feels like literal trash though.🤔


letgomygrego t1_j77pehf wrote

That looks like its supposed to be a post credit character for the California Raisins that where that trash belongs


Leftturnhopkins3 t1_j7ardh7 wrote

Waste management is becoming a major issue everywhere. Adding composting to their mix will be good for upstate farming. Currently farmers actually pay for composting, as it helps their topsoil replenish nutrients. Composting is a legitimate business when taken to its extreme, so NYC should be able to earn revenue from this.


Inner_Space_Alien t1_j7bt7t5 wrote

Is it just me? Or does that thing look a little racist?


circa1337 t1_j7ejg43 wrote

Well-fitting slim, pressed coat. Spread collar. Wall street wannabe hermes-print tie, color pink. Pocket square. Earring. Starter high-end watch behind the podium (submariner or similar). Thousand-dollar shell cordovan dress shoes, or thousand dollar ferragamo-type loafers.

Garbage mascot.

Edit: Garbage motto too. “Get stuff done.” Shows you how much effort went into it. Lazy version of “Just Do It”, which is a zillion times better. Yet another example of corp america being far more competent than gov’t. I suppose that’s mostly always been true, but the gap at times now can be astonishingly big

Is he a mayor, or do we see two mascots in the image?


MRC1986 t1_j72flzu wrote

Gonna be downvoted to hell, but whatever.

Adams is actually pretty good, though. I would've preferred Garcia, but FOH about having some Squad-adjacent Mayor like Wiley or that clown Yang.

In any event, if DSA/leftists didn't want Adams as Mayor, they shouldn't have spoiled their ballots after Wiley was eliminated, as 75,000 (or ~30%) of Wiley voters did. They could have ranked Garcia 2nd, who isn't a DSA-type but certainly more liberal than Adams.

But nope, DSA/leftists shooting themselves in the foot as always.