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iv2892 t1_j71sva2 wrote

How is mayor adams not a parody of himself at this point ?


[deleted] t1_j73yfq5 wrote

Because DiBlasio has that title for life!


Pushed-pencil718 t1_j74ozms wrote

This. Can never get any worse than DeBlasio.


Labiologie t1_j78n9va wrote

DeBlasio instituted universal pre-k. Adams has instituted exactly 0 high profile good things. I’d say Adams is far worse


Pushed-pencil718 t1_j78o978 wrote

DeBlasio literally destroyed this city with his mishandling of funds and anti law enforcement attitude. Adams reintroduced anti gun units, instituted composting measures, enacted 24/7 speed cameras to help pedestrians feel safe, instructed all public schools to screen for dyslexia (instead of treating dyslexic students like they dont exist), and baselined summer employment for the youth.

DeBlasio said fck the police, free the prisoners, punish the working class, coddle the poor, and basically told anybody that asked questions about what happened to all the the mental health funding (that his wife stole) to fck off.


daveisarobot t1_j7k7z8u wrote

I work at a school for kids with special needs, where exactly can I find this dyslexia testing? Because I sure as hell have not seen it.


SSG_SSG_BloodMoon t1_j72i2sj wrote

What does this matter? Oh there's a trashcan mascot? What are you people getting activated by here