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Unoriginal_UserName9 t1_j71z10z wrote

I, for one, like our sanitation mascots They turn 26 this year and I'm glad they've added composting.


gcruzatto t1_j72lhvj wrote

Ohhh that explains it so well. I was like why the color choice, why a literal egg shell on top of it. That's the color of the new composting bins they started to roll out in NYC


Ilostmytractor t1_j734upk wrote

Yeah, It’s the right move. It’s expensive to ship our trash away from nyc. 1/3rd of our trash is food scraps, that feed rats. Keeping the food in rat resistant containers and using it to make energy and soil is a win all around.


BigAppleGuy t1_j76fom3 wrote

I am 100% for this but realistically, there is a reason composting has been so slow to roll out. People are still working on basic recycling. Separating metal/cartons from paper/cardboard, knowing what is not trash and must be taken to 'e-cycle', knowing which styrofoams and plastics are and aren't recyclable, knowing to dispose paints and chemicals and . Not as simple as seems at first.

'rat resistant containers' are the key, and trash needs to stay in them for the entire disposal cycle. Doesn't matter what time you put trash out ,if it's in plastic bags, rats will tear through it. 'Mint' bags must be just an appetizer for our monster rats lol. Need to line the streets with rat proof bins and system to pick up efficiently?
The Metrobins I get for my job cost 1,300+ for equivalent of two 50 gallon garbage cans. And then you still bag it and put it on curb where rats will get at it overnight.


Ilostmytractor t1_j781f2y wrote

Yes change is hard, but sometimes necessary. Fortunately we only need to put the food scraps in the rat resistant containers, which are provided free by the city, and there’s no sorting. If you eat it it goes in the food bin. You can acumúlate the scraps in a plastic bag in your apt. and throw it , bag and all, in the building food scrap bin. If you have your own bin , even easier. This way food is never left in appetizing bags outside. Less bugs, less smells, less rats, less trash to ship to Maryland or wherever it goes.


Labiologie t1_j78mzkg wrote

Composting is a lot more simple than recycling, though. If you can eat it you can compost it.


BigAppleGuy t1_j8p15fx wrote

On a basic level, so is recycling. It's either paper/cardboard or metal/glass. people still can't get it straight, or more likely are just to lazy to care.


mars914 t1_j751uke wrote

Omg do these guys have names? Wow being a city kid is real, I looked at them and got flashbacks 🤣🤣


seejordan3 t1_j74pc97 wrote

Yes! Thank you! I still see these stickers occasionally on trash bins. Now I want to start a sub sighting them. There's a VERY old city recycling sign near us I've been tempted to nab. Gotta be late 80's, basically announcing what recycling is.


Rave-light t1_j75gecq wrote

This brought back such a deep memory. I would love to see the singing commercial again