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ukudancer t1_j9gp988 wrote

Nothing dumber than attending a memorial for a kid who died subway surfing and then going out to do the exact same thing a few hours later.


OverCourt t1_j9gjqia wrote

Looks like they took the L train


human_enquirer t1_j9it36v wrote

So basically it would be safer to do it on a non-L train since it wouldn't be subject to weather conditions and wind? Harder to slip on the A train I'd bet.


human_enquirer t1_j9it80m wrote

Oh snap I thought surfing was when you transfer from one car to another. This sport sounds kind-of knarly but you could lose you head doing it in a tunnel standing atop a car.


NetQuarterLatte t1_j9gjzan wrote

>Jon, a 15-year-old boy from Queens who asked to be identified by only his first name out of concern for potential legal repercussions, said he got caught surfing on the back of the No. 5 train by the police in early 2022, but got off with a warning.

The warning should ideally be like those anti-smoking warnings and show them some graphic image of what has happened to other teens in the past.


pseudochef93 t1_j9gunya wrote

Show them the kid that lost his arm at Jackson Heights doing this dumb shit. Tell them what their life prospects are missing a limb.

Edit: this section made me shake my head

> Rey was surfing almost every day back then, he said. After his friend fell and he heard of Ka’Von’s death, Rey now surfs only once every couple weeks. In early January, Rey and the friend he saved from falling attended a memorial for Ka’Von, where they laid flowers and lit candles outside the Manhattan station where he had died. Later that day, Rey’s friend went surfing on the J train. He hit his head on the roof of the tunnel and had to be pulled off the train, not far from the spot where Ka’Von’s memorial had been held, Rey said. He was swarmed by police officers and paramedics who worked to stop the bleeding from his head. This time, the boy survived.

You dense little edgelords, how do you not see the problem? Mama ought to show some tough love so she doesn’t have to have a funeral for her son.


monica702f t1_j9jft5f wrote

Maybe if Rey had seen what Ka'Von looked like after he fell to his death? The train shoved him face first into the third rail while severing his right arm. The latest kids photos I refused to see when I heard he was disemboweled.


TheNormalAlternative t1_j9glutb wrote

Once upon a time, warning a kid about the dangers of their actions might mean bringing the kid to the morgue to see dead bodies or to jail to see inmates from a safe distance. You can't do things like that anymore.


ngroot t1_j9icns4 wrote

That's because we figured out that it didn't work. Go look at the effectiveness of Scared Straight.


ThreepointerFTW t1_j9hjif9 wrote

If you did that, you get blame for scarring them to life.


TheNormalAlternative t1_j9hwa8t wrote

Which is kinda the whole point. Scar em for life so they don't do stupid things to lose their life


cmmgreene t1_j9jcg81 wrote

As others have mentioned that doesn't work, check out the news archives and kids were subway surfing in NYC one locomotives ran on El Tracks. They didn't scare those kids either, pretty hard to scare a kid that seen more death and poverty at 10. What we're witnessing is society repeating itself and not learning any lessons. Kids left to their own devices do dumb shit, somebody didn't think a swath of kids was worth it, now that their acting out is getting attention, so now let's do something about it. But no really wants to make the major shift to society that would lead to lasting change.


ELONGATEDSNAIL t1_j9gvfxd wrote

Not a bad idea. I believe they do this to people who get caught drunk driving.


BoredGuy2007 t1_j9iblnp wrote

Roads would be a lot safer if we aired out 60 seconds of what EMS sees rolling up to motor vehicle accident

“I thought they were wearing a bracelet but it was their spine wrapped around their neck”


IIAOPSW t1_j9iq33i wrote

The warning should be showing them the reddit thread on the news article where everyone sneers at the incredibly stupid dead kid.


BunLife t1_j9grawh wrote

>Rey was surfing almost every day back then, he said. After his friend fell and he heard of Ka’Von’s death, Rey now surfs only once every couple weeks.

Uhh.. how does this make sense in Rey's mind?


Belikekermit t1_j9gwdxt wrote

Rey ain't too bright.


BunLife t1_j9hqw28 wrote

Apparently after the memorial, his friend that fell went surfing again and.... fell again smh


RyVsWorld t1_j9jbkl4 wrote

Rey will get caught by natural selection if we keep this up


IIAOPSW t1_j9irsvq wrote

It makes perfect sense. Suppose each time he surfs there's a 1% chance of fucking up and dying. If he surfs every day, the probability of making it to his next birthday is (1-.01)^365 (about 2.5%). If he only surfs every other week, then his chances exponentially improve to (1-.01)^26 (about 7.7%). If he only does it once a year, as a treat, for old times sake, he his probability of making it to his next birthday is 99%.

Put another way, if you decide to only play Russian roulette every other week rather than every day, you have in fact drastically reduced the odds that you will die playing Russian roulette. From the outside you might say playing it at all is stupid, but you can't objectively reach that conclusion without knowing how much value they get out of it and how strongly they value their lives. The decision to play might be totally rational with respect to what they want and what they are willing to risk to get it, even if it seems insane to you.


Lalalama t1_j9j2j8u wrote

Yeah but if you do it everyday you get better at it. Say you remember the dangerous points etc. if you stop, you might forget thrmc


IIAOPSW t1_j9j4ovk wrote

Yes. I implicitly assumed events were uncorrelated to make the math simple to understand and simple to explain. Its a sketch not a photograph. What you're describing is an optimization problem wherein the chance of failure P is some function of the trials per time frame n. So if you're doing it n times per week then the probability of not dying in a given week is (1-p(n))^n . The obvious question to ask is what is p(n)? Well we know some properties it must have. It has to only be decreasing in n (it shouldn't be possible to get worse with more experience). It has to have a diminishing return and eventually stop getting smaller with n (you can't get better than 0% chance of failure). It has to be smooth (your skill doesn't change in sudden discrete jumps). The obvious candidate distribution for this is exponential decay. e^{-rn} * (p_0 - p_inf) + p_inf where p_0 is the absolute worst no-practice value p(0) and p_inf is the is the absolute best attainable value. r is just some constant that determines how quickly the practice pays off. Now based on the assumptions so far the probability of dying in a given time frame becomes (1-e^{-rn} * (p_0 - p_inf) - p_inf)^n. The last step is to just take the derivative with respect to n and set it to 0. I'm tired so exercise for the reader yada yada.


Zontar_shall_prevail t1_j9krwod wrote

Adrenaline from actually doing it and the dopamine hits from seeing the comments on social media. On top of that you have certain boy's brains at this age that do not process risks the same way other people do. It's a bad combo, but social media is the main incentive.


DisasterFartiste t1_j9n3h3a wrote

I feel like A LOT of people (regardless of age) don’t seem to understand that they’re not special.l


thenewyorktimes OP t1_j9gi1xu wrote

The number of people riding outside trains — which can include riding on top of cars, in between them and hanging on the sides — has more than quadrupled in one year. In an era where social media is so central to status, teens are incentivized to post more daring and eye-catching content, experts said, and videos of teens surfing have gone viral on TikTok. Two recent deaths show the dangers of the trend.


Read the full story, without a subscription, here or in the link above.


srfrosky t1_j9hmvcs wrote

Well the algorithm isn’t gonna choose wholesome productive inspiring stuff to show kids obviously

The boobtube was never the best nurse I reckon


joyousRock t1_j9idbnm wrote

Also it’s Chinese owned manipulation and they’re prob happy to see Americans hurting themselves


amapleson t1_j9ix72j wrote

There’s 1.4 billion people in China, they’re way too busy with their own dumbasses to be thinking about ours.


joyousRock t1_jabe71u wrote

Are you kidding? you don’t think China is aware that our country has allowed them to infiltrate us via tik tok?


amapleson t1_jabny7u wrote

Do you think the rest of the world feels like they’ve been “infiltrated” by the US due to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Apple, etc?

Super nonstory.


joyousRock t1_jaew88h wrote

China doesn’t allow any American social media to operate in their country. their internet is essentially closed off to American companies.

Also, the US govt is not involved with American social media companies. the same cannot be said for the CCP in China, which is a dictatorship. not sure why you’re so vehement about defending tik Tok’s presence in the US


squall571 t1_j9gy46x wrote

As long as they’re not hurting anyone else let nature do it’s thing 🤷🏻‍♂️


leftcoastjimmy t1_j9gyslk wrote

Eh, I think it’s a couple things here …

  1. It encourages others to maybe try it
  2. We should do our best to preserve kids’ lives while they’re young, easily influenced, and lack critical thinking skills
  3. It’s someone’s job to clean these kids up off the tracks, it’s someone’s job to tell their parents, it’s someone’s job to coordinate funeral details, and that sucks for everyone mentioned
  4. It ruins transportation for thousands of people for several hours

I get what you’re saying but thought I’d drop some food for thought


squall571 t1_j9gzf5s wrote

Fair point, I’m not cheering anyone’s death but it’s the parent’s responsibility to preserve their kids. Too many people are having kids when they don’t know how to be responsible parents or even adults for that matter.


Necessary_Low939 t1_j9hhf5l wrote

They will delay the lines and it hurts everyone’s time. I get we are talking about lives here and I don’t wanna sound insensitive, but if they wanna die somewhere, do it with no people around or tryna get to places.


bumboclawt t1_j9h5t5t wrote

Nah because I CBF’ed when train traffic is delayed ahead of me for 30+ mins because they gotta scoop someone off the tracks and conduct an investigation. My goal when riding public transportation is to be on public transportation for as little time as possible.


Belikekermit t1_j9gk57o wrote

Do we really need 2 deaths to underscore the dangers of subway surfing? My biggest problem with this is that it generates train delays.


dytele t1_j9gieaz wrote

Darwin has entered the chat.


60minutesmoreorless t1_j9gkcgm wrote

Came here for this. Seconded. If you’re stupid enough to attempt it … well …


Chimera-0ne t1_j9gkyam wrote

Due to incompletely formed brains, kids do stupid things, and it is bad that they die as a result.


newestindustry t1_j9gnnmk wrote

That's fine but have you thought about how many upvotes you could get with a "looks like this problem solved itself"-esque smug burn?


Chimera-0ne t1_j9gw02a wrote

Yeah, you know what, I’m glad of the dead kids too!


DisasterFartiste t1_j9gx8fl wrote

I feel bad for the innocent people who witness these stupid fucking deaths. That train conductor who had to take a year of medical leave….I can’t even imagine. And the latest kid’s girlfriend who watched in horror…I hope she’s okay.


[deleted] t1_j9gl3d5 wrote



uppernycghost t1_j9grsug wrote

I think this is the real nytimes account LOL.


silenc3x t1_j9idqsq wrote

Yup. That's why we can actually read it without logging in. This is an article that shouldn't be behind a paywall.


The_CerealDefense t1_j9gpx3z wrote

My unsolicited opinion. If subs are gonna verify good accounts posting links, they also need to ban bad ones posting links. There is no reason not to hit from both ends


Pennwisedom t1_j9i7km3 wrote

I feel like since it's not a "person" and an actual reddit account of the NY Times it's a good idea to have it so someone can't just make "TheREALNewYorkTimes" or whatever other account.


MasterChicken52 t1_j9hqp7a wrote

“In early January, Rey and the friend he saved from falling attended a memorial for Ka’Von, where they laid flowers and lit candles outside the Manhattan station where he had died.

Later that day, Rey’s friend went surfing on the J train. He hit his head on the roof of the tunnel and had to be pulled off the train, not far from the spot where Ka’Von’s memorial had been held, Rey said. He was swarmed by police officers and paramedics who worked to stop the bleeding from his head. This time, the boy survived.”

So… this kid already fell once and only avoided the tracks because his friend caught him. He and said friend ATTEND THE FUNERAL OF SOMEONE THEY KNOW WHO DIED SUBWAY SURFING, and then he does this on THE SAME DAY, AFTER THE FUNERAL. Seriously… what tf


dekalbavenue t1_j9hcflf wrote

We didn't lose future cancer researchers.


silenc3x t1_j9ie0v0 wrote

Male teenagers and bad decisions go together like butter and toast. Esp when adrenaline is in the mix. Who knows what any of these kids would have done later in life.

Dumbass comment

edit: According to current research, teenagers make bad decisions and take too many risks because the prefrontal cortex, the decision-making center, is still developing until around age 25.

I'm sure you've all done stupid shit as a teenager. It just didnt get you killed.


AnneArchy123 t1_j9j2okr wrote

I climbed an electrical tower in HS. My friend did it too it was on her property. Thank god I didn't get caught I would've been in so much trouble.


silenc3x t1_j9j3eco wrote

Sounds spicy. Could've died up there touching the wrong things.

I definitely did my share of stupid shit when I was teenager too. I remember one time we were dropping large chunks of ice/snow onto passing trains from a bridge. It got progressively crazier as we one up'ed each other with how large they were. We were up to the point they were like large snow boulders. My friend could barely carry it and had trouble lifting it over the edge. Dropped it right on the front windshield of the next train, the impact was so loud and blew up into a million pieces with snowy smoke everywhere. Then the train fucking stopped in like record time, brakes screeching. I didn't even know trains could stop like that at that age. But it was because it was a commuter train not some long haul train with 50 cars. Then the conductor got out and started yelling and running after us and we took off. Probably scared the shit out of him when it hit the windshield.

Not that wild but definitely poor decision making.


AnneArchy123 t1_j9j4y5i wrote

That could've ended terribly but I still laughed. Get back here you ruffians!


fieldysnuts94 t1_j9h3yg7 wrote

No fucking shit, no one needed them to die to know how dangerous it is. That’s BEEN known!


GoRangers5 t1_j9h9paw wrote

A typical three year old is too scared to go past the orange line.


swampy13 t1_j9hlfz8 wrote

This is a problem that solves itself, it's not on society to inform people of something that is so blatantly obvious.

Like, you could time travel to ancient Egypt, grab 10 people, come back to 2023, and show them the subway system, and they'd go "Whoa, probably best not to ride on that thing."


Luke90210 t1_j9ig1py wrote

More likely they would say how fucking gross everything is.


swampy13 t1_j9jkdl8 wrote

I'd bet the lack of disease and modern plumbing would be considered pretty cool.


ThreepointerFTW t1_j9hm6ms wrote

Is this going to deter teens from subway surfing? The answer is no.


koreamax t1_j9ih0o6 wrote

I live literal feet from the 7 train right outside of Court Square. I see these kids all the time on the roof of the train while I'm sitting on my couch. We live on the third floor and at eye level with these kids. I'm dreading the day one falls 30 feet and dies on our street


Grass8989 t1_j9gi777 wrote

Anyone that has spent any amount of time on “nyc tiktok” is not surprised by this.


The_CerealDefense t1_j9gijf7 wrote

As someone who spends zero time on "nyc tiktok" I'm not surprised by this either. Teens did crazy and dangerous shit 2000 years ago, 20 years ago and today.


Grass8989 t1_j9gj5kq wrote

Yea, but they do it for internet clout now.


The_CerealDefense t1_j9gk4kq wrote

Its all the same, internet clout or your buddies watching you and telling everyone at school.


Grass8989 t1_j9gsc2s wrote

Except they get hundreds of thousands of views on tiktok…


The_CerealDefense t1_j9gsv4w wrote

These guys don't. They get views from their high school friends. The amount of social media accounts getting "hundreds of thousands of views on tiktok" is almost certainly a tiny tiny fraction of a percent of accounts


Grass8989 t1_j9gtxuw wrote

The point is they try to go viral, and some do. That’s a big reason why many do these stunts and put them on social media.


The_CerealDefense t1_j9gu5cd wrote

Yeah, nothing changed, people tried to be cool in high school forever. They all failed too.


Luke90210 t1_j9igd3e wrote

Most teens over 100 years ago were often full ass adults with jobs and families. Self indulgences are usually a privilege.


spicytoastaficionado t1_j9jqhil wrote

Legislators should have pressured TikTok (and other platforms) to ban these videos a long time ago.

TikTok, where a lot of these dumb trends originates, is pretty receptive to clamping down on "harmful" content, if for no other reason than avoiding more bad PR.

But it is wild to me how quickly they banned those milk crate challenge videos, but you can still find videos of idiots subway surfing.


Ok-Strain-9847 t1_j9gzoaf wrote

This has been done for Generations. And every few years, someone gets killed and the news covers it.


GoRangers5 t1_j9h9ip6 wrote

No it has not been done for generations, teenagers used to try become pro athletes, rappers, and rockstars, not "influencers."


Ok-Strain-9847 t1_j9hanm5 wrote

Oh, stop. Were you a Native, you would know better.


GoRangers5 t1_j9hhcfj wrote

Yeah son, rode the R train to school every morning and none of us considered getting on top, we did typical dumb teenage shit like drinking 40s and smoking pot, not death defying stunts despite the fact we saw Jackass at way too young of an age.


ArmArtArnie t1_j9hjlz9 wrote

I rode the train to school every day as a teen too. I didn't surf on the subways but you can bet your ass people talked about it and knew what subway surfing was.

Just because every teen didn't do it doesn't mean none did.


HEIMDVLLR t1_j9holvd wrote

Photographer Martha Cooper has a famous photo of a graft artist subway surfing from the 70s

Edit: Google search “subway surfing martha cooper”


ALSX3 t1_j9hdbsq wrote

I just saw massive closures on the Williamsburg Bridge yesterday on Citizen due to “train collision with person.” Didn’t even make the connection with subway surfing till I realized it was the J/Z.

In my opinion, this isn’t dissimilar from the Tide-Pod trend in that it’s a social fire and as long as the dominant message on social media is “woah look at how dumb-yet-cool those subway surfers are”, it’s gonna keep fanning the flames of that fire.

I don’t know what the best way to spread the message that “If you think subway surfing is a good idea, be ready to end up as yet another ‘train collision with person.’” but it’s definitely a sobering reminder that the best(and coolest 😎) way to subway surf is in RDR2.


monica702f t1_j9jg93l wrote

Probably to post the pics of what these kids look like afterwards. If that doesn't deter them nothing will.


xcg1234 t1_j9git0l wrote

Gotta have some nice IQ to do this shit


losvatoslocos2111 t1_j9hbp21 wrote

This is incredibly sad but I don’t think we need a PSA for things like this. What’s next? “Don’t put your head in a shark’s mouth” or “Don’t eat fiberglass” How about some strong role models and mental health services?l instead of all these kids racing for a Darwin Award?


Few-Artichoke-2531 t1_j9hjndk wrote

Saw a large group on top of the 7 on Roosevelt Ave by 52nd this past Saturday.


Sun_Devilish t1_j9i79kj wrote

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

This is a tragedy, but it was one of their own choosing.


tybpharaoh t1_j9iw43g wrote

i met the teens while they were subway surfing the train a few months back


MajorFogTime t1_j9ltlu0 wrote

This is really sad but did anyone catch this bit? I had to double check that I was reading the NYT and not a tabloid.

> Surfing videos resemble a real-life version of the mobile game Subway Surfers, in which users take on the persona of a teen who has just been caught doing graffiti and must run on tracks and jump on trains to escape an inspector and his dog. In an increasingly digital world, the blurring of lines between screen and reality can normalize risky behavior, said Dr. Megan Moreno, interim chair of the department of pediatrics and principal investigator of the Social Media and Adolescent Health Research Team at the University of Wisconsin.

> “It’s really a teaching platform of, here’s how to do this,” Dr. Moreno said. “People watch it and I think, ‘I can do that too.’”

Come on now. No one is using Subway Surfers as a guide on how to "subway surf." The game's been around for over a decade now, it's not anything new.

I thought we were past the early aughts' attitude of blaming literally everything on video games.


MistaRandy t1_j9h297c wrote

ah good ole Darwinism in effect.........


mrmrmrj t1_j9hhmam wrote


Any idiot knows this is extremely dangerous without trying it first.


Comfortable-Band1704 t1_j9iq0ya wrote

Survival of the fittest, dumb one usually don’t last that long lol


sixstringninja t1_j9ii8lu wrote

Stupid is gonna stupid. Water is wet 🤷🏻


brook1yn t1_j9jgs5c wrote

The teenage brain is a special thing.. We were all teenagers once. Except for the teens and pre teens on here I guess..


TheLastHotBoy t1_j9jj1ay wrote

It’s only dangerous if you’re stupid…. Enough to do it. 🤔


SaintBrutus t1_j9jj7hp wrote

In other news: Fire is hot.


spicytoastaficionado t1_j9joqlt wrote

I almost feel bad for not feeling bad for idiots who die subway surfing.


grandzu t1_j9pe4r2 wrote

Thinning out the herd.


[deleted] t1_j9h4nnk wrote

You would think the paper of record would have more engagement in its namesake city than 9 submissions over 4 years.


LeicaM6guy t1_j9hrpt7 wrote

Is that the sort of thing that needed underscoring?


TizonaBlu t1_j9j193u wrote

It’s just Darwin doing work.


GrouchyBadger65 t1_j9kmqo4 wrote

Darwin-ism at its finest. This is the result of lack of guardianship parents have over kids. I am sad to see a young life wasted, don’t get me wrong.


ECK-2188 t1_j9gwbnv wrote

I’m pleased how every few years, shit like this makes the news.

Just a great way to show children the cause and effect of blindly following others.

Great life lessons 👍🏼


Express-Moose-852 t1_j9h5t9w wrote

There’s a video game called Subway Surf or’s that all the kids play are you jump from subway, cars, subway, car, collecting coins


Recurringferry t1_j9idy3p wrote

From Queens?

Mama didn't raise no a fool


Badideanumber t1_j9h50zh wrote

The new “modern” trains account for these issues I hope. Why are kids able to climb the cars? Why is it so easy to fall into the tracks from platforms? Maybe the city and MTA can help by designing a safer Subway system. Kids are going to continue to do dumb things until they learn, but not if they die from stupid decisions. There will be more of this and the subway pushers. News like this does more damage then good in my opinion, all it does is tell kids and mentally unstable people what’s possible.


Luke90210 t1_j9igz6z wrote

Mass transit exists so millions of New Yorkers can go to work and school. It makes little sense to spend limited dollars to idiot-proof the system for the dumbest percentile of the population.


dontbealuddyduddy t1_j9j4r2t wrote

Incredible how many downvotes you’re getting. As if these kids deserved for their lives to be extinguished because they made bad decisions. So many are killed accidentally, or pushed as you said. In many parts of Europe, Asia, all the trains and platforms have built-in safety measures. It’s absurd NYC still doesn’t. If only people would stop turnstile hopping (sarcasm)


pillowcraft t1_j9hmrqc wrote

We should probably turn all subways into bike lanes. No other way to stop these senseless deaths.


pddkr1 t1_j9hshof wrote

At this point, who cares? In case anyone sees this, this is the official NYT Reddit account(OP).

There are bigger problems in the city than people doing this.

Cover the migrant crisis, Rikers, policing, the rampant corruption, the MTA, or more topical, the Ohio crisis and what that represents for people here in NY.

We can literally see your post history on Reddit.

You continue to underserved the public and the people that need you the most. Do better NYT.


koreamax t1_j9ijdm6 wrote

Newspapers can write more than one story at a time....chill out.


pddkr1 t1_j9jkz72 wrote

No. We see it constantly on this sub and irl. Someone has to say something.

There was all this talk about the necessity of a free press and the importance to a functioning democracy. Meanwhile their Reddit account is posting puff pieces about penguins and train riders on one of the most trafficked sites on the internet.

I can deal with a fool like Elon boosting his own tweets and doing whatever on his own platform, but the idea that the sanctimonious class can’t even acknowledge the problems of the city or society and then turn around and say there’s no need for consternation, that’s too much my boy.


HEIMDVLLR t1_j9gqs4c wrote

Why is it okay to victim blame and make jokes about Darwin awards in this instance? The same respect should apply, a child lost their life.


z0rb0r t1_j9gui14 wrote

Because no one who subway surfs is going to become a Rhodes scholar or a doctor. They're barely worth the breath of a Darwin award joke.


SoloBurger13 t1_j9hldz1 wrote

They don’t understand that children have undeveloped brains and expect them to make decisions like their geriatric asses


FunkoPopGhislaine t1_j9j36qb wrote

The people joking about the deaths of children are vile. Absolutely soulless. “Hehe, it’s not like they were going to grow up to be doctors!” As if someone’s life is less valuable because of their class/hypothetical career.


dontbealuddyduddy t1_j9j4jk9 wrote

It’s grotesque.. just vile people feel comfortable saying those things, let alone thinking they’re clever. Such glibness, and like you said, it reeks of classism..