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Ok-Strain-9847 t1_j9gzoaf wrote

This has been done for Generations. And every few years, someone gets killed and the news covers it.


GoRangers5 t1_j9h9ip6 wrote

No it has not been done for generations, teenagers used to try become pro athletes, rappers, and rockstars, not "influencers."


Ok-Strain-9847 t1_j9hanm5 wrote

Oh, stop. Were you a Native, you would know better.


GoRangers5 t1_j9hhcfj wrote

Yeah son, rode the R train to school every morning and none of us considered getting on top, we did typical dumb teenage shit like drinking 40s and smoking pot, not death defying stunts despite the fact we saw Jackass at way too young of an age.


ArmArtArnie t1_j9hjlz9 wrote

I rode the train to school every day as a teen too. I didn't surf on the subways but you can bet your ass people talked about it and knew what subway surfing was.

Just because every teen didn't do it doesn't mean none did.


HEIMDVLLR t1_j9holvd wrote

Photographer Martha Cooper has a famous photo of a graft artist subway surfing from the 70s

Edit: Google search “subway surfing martha cooper”