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kinky_boots t1_j9bbul6 wrote

The perpetrator is a woman with long red hair, not wearing a mask, easily identifiable. Shouldn’t be too long before someone recognizes her and she’s caught.


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superangry2 t1_j9b2as3 wrote

The whole facade was burned down. Awful.


IRequirePants t1_j9bbmmd wrote

What a sad pathetic life she must have.


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hulks_brother t1_j9bp7g0 wrote

Not only her, but the driver of the vehicle and any passengers too.


bangbangthreehunna t1_j9dcy2s wrote

The 2 lawyers who burned down an NYPD van during the riots got like 4 years combined. But you're right, she will probably get a long time.


RepresentativeAge444 t1_j9dduho wrote

They weren’t riots. They were largely peaceful protests marred by occasional incidents. A lot of violence was started by heavy handed police tactics a lot of which you can find on video but I’m sure you won’t care to. Also they wouldn’t have the addition of a hate crime.


nlikelyReaction t1_j9dx6sn wrote

Yeah this has been outed already but it's easy to say BLM protests were violent because black = violent and also just the way riots are framed to make the oppressed's anger look meaningless and not an outcry for constantly being ostracized. People just want to buy into whatever racial bias they have already instead of looking deeper within.

If we were actually fully transparent with our history (American) maybe a lot of people would recognize these tactics lol I mean that shit goes back to the days of the Black Panthers, fucking one look at the CIA and what they did during that time as well as what the police and fire departments would do back then to destroy Black community for decades, it'd be obvious asf that they weren't done by protestors the majority of the time and most of these tactics were done to frame protestors to fit whatever fucked up narrative the shell out to the media to come up with, one being BLM is a terrorist organization, same shit they said about Black Panthers. Nothing new lol but isn't that the majority of history?


-obeytherules t1_j9dhh1e wrote

This is gaslighting: it was absolutely riots


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-obeytherules t1_j9dj3r6 wrote

I don’t need you to tell me what I saw with my own two eyes here and multiple cities in the United States in the summer of 2020. You can be as adamant and pedantic as you want but I know what those “mostly peaceful protests” turned into once the sun went down and to say any different is being willfully ignorant and you fucking know it


nlikelyReaction t1_j9dxp4y wrote

Yeah that's bullshit you must watch a lot of Fox News huh


-obeytherules t1_j9dzmov wrote

that’s the best you got? Dude what do you think the demographic crossover of Reddit users who are active on nyc subreddits and Fox News watchers? I don’t even have a tv. I don’t need the news to tell me what I saw with my own two eyes.

the level of discourse here is so fucking sad.

Hurrr durrr yer a Fox News watcher cause you said there were riots in the summer of 2020. Hurrr durrr. goddamn it’s pathetic


bangbangthreehunna t1_j9dewbi wrote

NYPD must have been handing out molotov cocktail supplies.


RepresentativeAge444 t1_j9dfywt wrote

You understand that it’s been documented that many of the protests were infiltrated by white supremacist provocateurs right?

FBI paid a violent felon to infiltrate BLM protests

The protests still overall were peaceful

But of course I know I’m wasting my time because someone such as yourself doesn’t care about the facts just your narrative of mass riots and cities being burned to the ground.


bangbangthreehunna t1_j9dgfuz wrote

2 lawyers pled out in federal court for torching a van. Its 100% on them.


RepresentativeAge444 t1_j9dh27m wrote

I mean do you have a problem with reading comprehension? I never said there weren’t legit incidents of violence by actual people attached to the protests. I took issue with you referring to them as “riots” when they were overwhelmingly peaceful as all the data shows and a lot of the violence was initiated by outsiders and cops themselves.


bangbangthreehunna t1_j9dhocp wrote

What those 2 were a part of, was a riot. Plain and simple. There were peaceful protests and sit downs. But what they were in at the time of their crime, was a riot.


Least-Cry-7317 t1_j9diak9 wrote

That guys a clown Soho was a war zone for 3 days. There were 100% riots those nights and any one who says otherwise is living in a different reality.


bangbangthreehunna t1_j9diuqh wrote

Fordham Road. Bed Stuy. Full blown riot.


nlikelyReaction t1_j9dxmj3 wrote

Doesn't mean that was the majority of BLM protests is what they're saying. You're lumping a few incidents compared to the majority of the incidents that were started by the police and the FBI to continue to push a narrative that BLM is essentially riots. We get it. You were there....I was in NYC too from the Bronx so I know the ugly you're talking about but either way it doesn't mean it was like that most of the time and saying BLM is nothing but riots is you falling for the brainwashing. Gonna talk about riots talk about the riots that happened not lumping it all under BLM as nothing BUT riots


bangbangthreehunna t1_j9e0mft wrote

I never said majority. The 2 lawyers were apart of a riot and committed crimes. Simple.


MandatoryDissent55 t1_j9cnomk wrote

Is burning a flag arson and a hate crime now?


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MandatoryDissent55 t1_j9co28i wrote

That's fascinating. A lot of flags were burned in public recently. Can't wait to see which ones were arson, and which ones were free speech.


clean-sheets- t1_j9cozdn wrote

Purchase a flag of your very own and burn it: free speech
Burn someone else’s flag that is attached to a building which could have also caught fire: arson

I hope you’re trolling and not actually this regarded


MandatoryDissent55 t1_j9cp9fy wrote

There are literally hundreds of cases... HUNDREDS. OF. CASES... in which burning somebody else's American Flag has been declared "free speech" in the last 60 years, and only related to property damage and not a hate crime. You don't get to change the rules now.


uppernycghost t1_j9csrtb wrote

Trump lost grandpa. Back to the nursing home, you're getting neurotic again.


clean-sheets- t1_j9cqa8d wrote

Care to share? If you have three examples my mind will be changed, I searched and couldn’t find one of those hundreds


Dont_Hate_The_Player t1_j9coylu wrote

I’m sure that depends on who the flag belongs to. Burning a shops flag that leads to damage to the shop itself? Definitely arson.


Bagel_Boy29 t1_j9co086 wrote

Pleas explain to me how burning a flag representing the LGBT community, a minority group that is still discriminated against in the majority of states in US, is not a hate crime.


MandatoryDissent55 t1_j9cog2t wrote

>The LGBT community
>In that country where nobody is allowed to throw us off a roof
>But fuck that country's flag compared to OURS!

Either burning a flag isn't a crime, or it is.


Disco_Dreamz t1_j9cua19 wrote

Don’t become a lawyer, friendo. Apparently the concept of “context” is entirely foreign to you.


m1kasa4ckerman t1_j9d5otb wrote

Lol did she also stop in the bike lane, too? This lady is about to have many groups of enemies


BraveSirZaphod OP t1_j9asjw3 wrote

IG Story from Councilman Erik Bottcher with surveillance video.

Just gotta say, it's very disheartening to see progress go backwards, even if I think it is probably accurate to say that this is just the last dying gasp of a pitiful angry minority.


Shawn_NYC t1_j9d2yvn wrote

Our Mayor may be a joke but I really like Erik Bottcher. What a good leader he is.


fluffstravels t1_j9c9vg8 wrote

That’s a nicer car than I’d thought it’d be for a group of people so angry


FriendLost9587 t1_j9canf2 wrote

What’s the correlation between anger and nice car? Not sure I’m understanding


fluffstravels t1_j9cbilk wrote

I figure if you’re that hateful, would prob be hard for you to get and hold down a job to make good money but realizing now there’s prob no correlation there


craaaaaazy44u t1_j9cs1uw wrote

That’s a really skewed way of thinking.


fluffstravels t1_j9d0e0v wrote

Meh there’s a logic to it- bill gates essentially said it’s the one way to improve an economy when asked about it abroad


AlarmingDrawing t1_j9bcj3s wrote

Can’t wait until they catch this person.


Mattna-da t1_j9f76bw wrote

She wasn’t the driver, there’s an accomplice as well.


AlarmingDrawing t1_j9fbl8t wrote

I never said she was. The video clearly shows her getting out of the passenger side. That said, she's the one who committed this hate crime so needs to be found and held accountable for her actions.


Mattna-da t1_j9fcgf5 wrote

Well yeah, and there’s an accomplice so two people need to be found and held accountable


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Complete_Selection56 t1_j9byyvx wrote

She's not spending any time in prison at all...

Unfortunately NYC has become wayyy too lenient on crime we have repeat offenders of violent crimes let back out on the streets with no bail or anything.

Crackheads , drug dealers, violence, hate crimes everything has been getting worse as a result.


RepresentativeAge444 t1_j9dewyt wrote

I just want to make sure you understand that crime rose nationally since the onset of the pandemic and in states that you wouldn’t say were lenient on crime. You understand this right?

Murder highest in death penalty states.

Violent crime rates did fall overall last year.

You understand this and aren’t saying NYC is unique in the US right?


Double-Ad4986 t1_j9dfp3w wrote

if it's declared a hate crime tho the feds could potentially step in


[deleted] t1_j9c0oc0 wrote



Complete_Selection56 t1_j9c9bbv wrote

Lmaoo who is my friend?? I'm not siding with her , I was simply pointing out that even if she is arrested the DA will throw out the case.

I live in NYC and the crime has been through the roof because of bail reform and new laws in place.

Next time read carefully so you can understand before feeling offended.


[deleted] t1_j9c9jxy wrote



Complete_Selection56 t1_j9cbetv wrote

How am I an embarrassment? Please explain.

All I did was point out facts. Plus this happened in NYC so not understanding your point.

Anyways sorry you feel offended, have an amazing day !


Rottimer t1_j9cei68 wrote

That's not a fact. That's an embarrassing attempt at trolling.


Complete_Selection56 t1_j9cggoi wrote

Who's trolling? You obviously don't live in NYC because those law changes directly led to higher crame rates , including violent crimes.

A man was killed because someone who was arrested 15+ times ( including stabbing someone ) suffered little to no consequences and was free to then steal a U-Haul go on a rampage.

I would love for the arsonist to be arrested and charged correctly but the way things have been that is not likely. I am simply pointing these things out. Once again sorry if I offended anyone 💙

Much love to all my LGBT friends, be safe.


Rottimer t1_j9cswna wrote

>A man was killed because someone who was arrested 15+ times ( including stabbing someone ) suffered little to no consequences and was free to then steal a U-Haul go on a rampage.

>The NYPD said Sor has eight prior arrests in his home state of Nevada, including one for stabbing his brother in 2015.

Ahh, yes, NYC is now responsible for crime taking place in Nevada. . . Like I said, embarrassing attempt at trolling.


Complete_Selection56 t1_j9cxnyc wrote

Okay I'll admit it wasn't the best example however my point still stands.

Those new laws including bail reform lead to a rise in crime. This is also evident in cities like Chicago.

I'm not trolling, I live here and see horrible things everyday.


WhaleyWino235 t1_j9cn8nw wrote

I’d love to help and show support for this restaurant. Anyone see/know how we can other than patronizing them? Thanks!


eekamuse t1_j9ff17l wrote

Send them something. Promote them online. Wait, I've got it, donate to someplace like the Trevor Project in their name. Even better, a local resource


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j9cm8ah wrote

Wouldn't surprise me if it's someone who got kicked out of the place


lila-pink t1_j9cqcsy wrote

also i hope she accidentally consumes various house cleaners


volkommm t1_j9jpuim wrote

Another "hate crime" that doesn't meet the legal threshold and will be reduced to a lesser charge.


lila-pink t1_j9fu1vy wrote

Jesus christ people. nobody died like relax i had a joint when i read this lmao


BraveSirZaphod OP t1_j9fvf0r wrote

The only reason this wasn't much much worse is because there was an employee inside who called 911 immediately.

This very easily could have killed people, and the fact that someone got so triggered over a piece of fabric that they either tried, or didn't care about, killing several people is a problem.

If you don't have anyone that would gladly burn you to death over a basic aspect of your identity, I'm envious, since I apparently can't say the same.


lila-pink t1_j9hgvib wrote

seeing how im not a straight white male yes i have come in contact with people who would want to harm me/ have harmed me in the past. this planet is falling the fuck apart and i cant have a chuckle over an immaterial thought too lol


JohnnnyCupcakes t1_j9odtlf wrote

Welllll…sorry, but noone’s out there trying to burn you to death, so maybe lets pump the brakes on the dramatics. Don’t worry, we’re all still very supportive of your penis and vagina rights. By the way, did you ever think that this could’ve been an attempt at insurance fraud? When you think about it, an unhinged neighborhood vagrant and a rainbow flag are the perfect cover story..


lila-pink t1_j9cq8f0 wrote

can you imagine a scenario where its just some tall awkward guy having a cigarette and hes too embarrassed and horrified to say it was an accident lmfao


MandatoryDissent55 t1_j9cgl6n wrote

Sorry, everybody. False alarm. Never mind. Go about your business. It was just an American Flag.


Messipus t1_j9dnbmq wrote

Correct, according to flag code burning the American flag is the correct way to dispose of it.

Before you say something stupid, there is no flag code for pride flags.


froggythefish t1_j9cwhu4 wrote

It’s okay to burn the US flag, because the US flag represents hundreds of millions of murders

It’s not okay to burn the pride flag, because the pride flag does not represent hundreds of millions of murders


Shawn_NYC t1_j9d3qox wrote

It's both a crime to burn your neighbor's American flag and your neighbor's pride flag. Both are illiegal arson.

If you were to legally purchase a pride flag or an American flag and burn it yourself that would be legal in both instances.


froggythefish t1_j9d4bzm wrote

Laws and morals are separate things. Just because it’s illegal to burn your neighbors genocide flag, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

And just because it’s legal to burn your own anti-genocide flag, doesn’t mean it’s right


Cachesystem t1_j9cmdfz wrote

Why is the flag more important than the building? Was anyone hurt?


BraveSirZaphod OP t1_j9cpwch wrote

Given that her hatred of a rainbow flag was so strong that it appears to have motivated her to set a fire that burned the façade of the building and very much could have gotten much much worse, especially as there are apartments above the restaurant, it is, perhaps, a relevant part of the story to note.

It is generally unusual to be driven to such anger by a piece of fabric that one commits arson.


Cachesystem t1_j9e0v52 wrote

It’s no different from burning the US flag and starting the fire that way. The flag isn’t important; the important details are people, home(s)/business(es) ruined, and damage done. Nobody would care if it was a US flag; it’s the fact that it’s political and aligns with their ideologies when people think they have to care to make themselves look noble when in reality it makes them look like a narcissist. The same mentality would go down in a groupthink of Republicans if it was a US flag that was burned instead and we all know it. “Oh Lordy, not the American flag. Oh my heavens; who would do such a thing.” Meanwhile a school burned down and all the deaf kids died because they had no way of communicating.