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Decentattamingio t1_j9c4557 wrote

For any tourists lost, feel free to take the Q70 Select bus service, which is free and has luggage racks and departs from terminals B and C, to 74th Street Broadway Station, where there are many subway lines (the E/F/M/R/7) lines to bring you to where you need to go. The entire trip will cost $2.75/person.

Edit: added some more details.


AceContinuum t1_j9cvnpf wrote

The M60 Select Bus Service would also work as an alternative. The M60 connects with the N and W trains in Astoria, Queens and with the 4/5/6, 2/3, and A/B/C/D trains in Harlem, Manhattan. It terminates near the Columbia University campus in Morningside Heights, where there is a connection to the 1 train as well.

As with the Q70, the entire M60 + subway trip will cost $2.75/person (including a free transfer to the subway, so long as the transfer to the subway is made within 2 hours of purchasing the M60 ticket at LaGuardia).

Unlike Q70 buses, M60 buses don't always have luggage racks, but service is still very frequent and there should be enough space to get on - even with luggage - at the airport. To avoid crowding on the M60, I recommend transferring to the subway as soon as possible, i.e., to the N or W trains in Astoria. The M60 can become very crowded (and very slow) in Harlem.


Decentattamingio t1_j9cxtmq wrote

Yes, this is also a very accessible and cheap way to get to and from Manhattan. Also for select buses remember to pay before you board.


usijanost t1_j9e7232 wrote

the q70 is actually free!


D14DFF0B t1_j9h4zrc wrote

While true, this only matters if you live within walking distance of a stop. The vast, vast majority of riders transfer and so will have to pay a fare.

The lack of fare collection on the bus is mostly about speeding up service for people boarding at the airport.


shemp33 t1_j9f2ive wrote

This is the way to go. I came in and out of the city every week for 2 years (give or take), and the Q70/E train into Midtown was both cheap, and timely.

I don't wish to sound Anti-Worker, but I was forced into the subway arrangement after too many times ordering an Uber, only for them to call before arriving, ask where we were going (remember, they don't see the destination when accepting the ride), only for them to cancel on me. Missed a flight home because several of them in a row did this because they didn't want to drive out to LGA.


ReadyExamination5239 t1_j9ai7ii wrote

Uber has never made a profit. Nothing you can demand from them by protesting. It is like nonprofit organization at this point.


mklbike t1_j9aym80 wrote

Not making a profit and extracting value are two different things. Plenty of salaries and shares paid out. Lots of value extracted form drivers and their cars.


k1lk1 t1_j9b1ykt wrote

> Lots of value extracted form drivers and their cars.

...who all chose voluntarily to drive 🙄


IloveSeaFoood t1_j9b5l3x wrote

What does this comment even mean


AnacharsisIV t1_j9c5570 wrote

Every Uber driver is a business owner, with their car as an asset. If they feel they are losing money because of that asset's depreciation they can always stop driving it for work.


IloveSeaFoood t1_j9celkn wrote

Right, and I’m sure you also agree that if someone is unhappy making minimum wage, they should just get another job


AnacharsisIV t1_j9chzbh wrote

Literally yes. If you're an adult and you don't have a skill that you can sell for more than 7 bucks an hour, that's literally a skill issue and that's on you.


TheGreatDoheeny t1_j9dnmb9 wrote

Surely you understand though that some people, through no fault of their own, aren't in a position to be making those changes? Should they be left out to dry?


I'm aware of all that and don't disagree, did you respond to the wrong person? My comment was general and had nothing to do with uber or this specific situation. This is what I was responding to:

> Literally yes. If you're an adult and you don't have a skill that you can sell for more than 7 bucks an hour, that's literally a skill issue and that's on you.


parkerpyne t1_j9dzcw9 wrote

It doesn't change anything about Uber's flawed business model. They've been subsidizing both sides of the coin so far: subsidized ride fairs to ensure there's demand and somewhat inflated compensation for their drivers to ensure there's supply. This cannot scale and Uber knows this.

They are now tightening the screw on both ends, trying to raise fares as well as pushing down driver's compensations. Since Uber has a not insignificant corporate overhead it means rides will be more expensive than those of yellow cabs since those have much a lower overhead. This will instantly reduce their pie of the market to very little. Uber is a dying business and no driver should stake their fate on its survival.

>Surely you understand though that some people, through no fault of their own, aren't in a position to be making those changes? Should they be left out to dry?

That's not Uber's problem to solve even though they so far were allowed to thanks to ill-informed venture capitals. Since VC has finally dried up, Uber will go out of business and that will force the drivers to look for something else.


seafoodgodddd t1_j9ewp28 wrote

Everyone always has an option to change, most people just can’t find the way or the drive to do it.


AnacharsisIV t1_j9dofq7 wrote

A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyse a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly.

Specialization is for insects.


damnatio_memoriae t1_j9ed2e3 wrote

i... you know what? i'm on board with this. bring on the generation of actually-capable humans. enough of this unwashed masses bullshit!


bottom t1_j9b8cek wrote

you cant ask for a fair wage unless a company has a profit?


are you an accountant or a lawyer ?


Neoliberalism2024 t1_j9bhm8h wrote

Uber made a profit in Q4 2021, and has had positive cash flow for a while.


KosherSloth t1_j9e3qr3 wrote

Was that the quarter they sold their self driving division?


nycdataviz t1_j9bo013 wrote

“While Uber has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, the company has yet to make a profit.”

“Throughout its history, on an annual basis, Uber has never made a profit.” As of 2023

One wonders why they continue to struggle to make a profit, despite their operational costs being close to nothing, relative to their drivers, who face ongoing vehicle maintenance and rising fuel costs. Could it be, possibly, that their business model relies on exploitation, monopolization, and manipulation?


Neoliberalism2024 t1_j9bouei wrote

You can literally look at their finance statements, they made a profit the quarter I referenced.


nycdataviz t1_j9br3rh wrote

On one specific quarter? Do you even know why they were profitable that ONE specific quarter? If you knew as much as you’re acting you do you wouldn’t have cited this as proof they are profitable 😂


Neoliberalism2024 t1_j9bsotr wrote

Do you know why they aren’t profitable? It’s because they are investing heavily in Capex, and could be very profitable the second they weren’t chasing growth.

Look at how late in the game Amazon chose to become profitable.


mikere t1_j9f8y23 wrote

capex isn't expensed on the income statement for SEC reporting purposes, and even if they were, Uber only spent $300 million in capex last year vs a loss from operations of $1.8 billion

The only reason they realized a profit in Q4 2021 is because they sold off multiple businesses. They lost $550 million in Q4 2021 from operations


Neoliberalism2024 t1_j9f9cxn wrote

What are you talking about? Capex absolutely is deducted from net profits. Are you mixing up net margin or EBITDA from net income?


mikere t1_j9f9kvq wrote

no capex is not expensed on the income statement for SEC reporting purposes. It might be deducted from the income statement for IRS purposes if they elect bonus depreciation or section 179

The journal entries for capex goes:

Debit PP&E

Credit Cash (or accounts payable)

Nothing gets put on the income statement


Neoliberalism2024 t1_j9f9qa8 wrote

Capex is deducted through depreciation of the Capex each year.


mikere t1_j9fasaq wrote

Quote of the year for /r/accounting

up there with grocery stores taking tax deductions from those charity donations at the register


mikere t1_j9fo0sq wrote

> Money spent on CAPEX purchases is not immediately reported on an income statement

literally in the second paragraph


Neoliberalism2024 t1_j9fts0w wrote

Cool now keep reading where they explain how Capex flows through to depreciation and impacts the income statement, like I said three posts ago.


mikere t1_j9fvcog wrote

Uber’s capex of 300 million last year results in a whopping $30-40m of annual depreciation assuming a 7-10 year average lifespan and straight line method

Is there any quarter in recent history in which Uber had positive operating income excluding depreciation? I think that would answer the question on whether capex/depreciation is the driver in keeping Uber’s net income negative


oledirtycrustard t1_j9asss5 wrote

exactly... they are free to pony up for the medallion, but the golden era of subsidized ride sharing is over for both drivers and riders


Jimmy_kong253 t1_j9cx5j8 wrote

Problem is there are too many driver's so Uber and Lyft doesn't have to give them more like they had to when Uber/ Lyft first started and needed driver's


Civil-Broccoli-4588 t1_j9dp2zh wrote

As a former uber driver, this strike is completely justified. First off to drive in NyC you need special licenses, plates and pay exorbitant amounts of fees to the TLC which just whittles the driver’s income to nothing almost. Not to mention the cops and traffic people unfairly target drivers for tickets. This takes a toll on these drivers, and then you have uber taking a 35% cut from the total fare, which has went hp from 10% when they started, to slowly 35% which is insane! Alot of drivers are now in debt, barely making it and most are immigrants with families to support and no real way of making money. Back in the day, the cab business in Ny had immigrants making good enough money to send their kids to school, buy a low income house and live off in the lower middle class, now they all are living below the poverty line.


damnatio_memoriae t1_j9ed8nr wrote

surprised how quickly uber turned into literally just yellow cabs with an app. all the same problems, except i dont have to stand on the corner to get one.


shemp33 t1_j9f32lx wrote

Welp, you're in luck, because you can use an app for Yellow cabs too... Download Arro...


fork_yuu t1_j9fik5b wrote

1.9 star review on the play store.

Does this take care of my fear of getting scammed by cabs? I'd gladly pay extra for Uber/Lyft knowing ahead of time what I'm paying and their customer support.


shemp33 t1_j9fmcba wrote

You gotta figure, the definition of "scammed" varies quite a lot.

My personal experience using Arro: it works as expected. You use it to request a cab, the cab comes. You use it to pay when you're done, it takes the payment. Basically, it worked like Uber, but for regular taxis.


sirzoop t1_j9brynr wrote

They are independent contractors good luck telling everyone to not take advantage of surge pricing


dirtyhypebeast t1_j9biagw wrote

Blocking off an airport might not end well for these guys


shemp33 t1_j9f3if6 wrote

I'm not a driver, but I get where they're coming from. The Ubers/Lyfts are squeezing them because they went in skinny on rates (both sides - rider fares and driver commission), but now they're trying to raise that. Riders aren't in a position to complain other then by not using the services, and the drivers - well, this is the only way to have their voices heard.

From a rider perspective, I want them to stop gouging. Everything has gone up in price enough, so please don't add to it, because guess what, my wages and income aren't keeping pace with this shit. It's why I use the Q70 to Roosevelt Ave instead of Uber/Lyft/Taxi when I come into LGA now. $2.75 (bus/train transfer) is a shit ton cheaper than $40-50-60 for a car service.


midtownguy70 t1_j9gv1yv wrote

Screw uber and lyft. Train or taxi every time.


[deleted] t1_j9c8oa4 wrote

Yet there stock is up 40% from its lows. They are gaining market share


Honest_Ice_7239 t1_j9c0qnx wrote

U never seen the workers who make less than 30k complaining. What's going on?


azspeedbullet t1_j9athvb wrote

this is what causes the uber/lyft fares to increase where it can be cheaper to use a local cab company instead


BigBridge788 t1_j9d4shg wrote

Should only be medallions allowed at the airports anyway