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TerribleTerrier1 t1_j9clmbq wrote

Your boyfriend can find out his FICO 8 credit score by opening a free account with Experian (

That will give you a better sense of where you stand with potential landlords.


Flat-Mousse151 t1_j9clse1 wrote

Thank you!! :)


switch8000 t1_j9co2fj wrote

Most apts require proof you make 40x the rent, gross (before taxes), which puts you at needing to show you both make 96000 combined. As long as you both can show that, then there's a good chance, but if the credit is low or the history is bad, you might need a guarantor. I.e. usually a family member who has good credit that can back you both.


Flat-Mousse151 t1_j9d3a0w wrote

Our income combined is in $100s (for now, until I start working on my new job then it will bump up even more) so I think weโ€™re good on that. Just hate this waiting period ๐Ÿ™ƒ