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talldrseuss t1_j9cixdt wrote

You might be better off asking /r/longisland


talldrseuss t1_j9cjxgk wrote

Not to sound like a dick, but this is /r/NYC, which is not Long Island. Our rental policies and what landlords tend to do here will be quite different than what goes on in Long Island. On top of that, Long Island's towns/villages will have different rules from one place to the next.

The only advice I can give is that your boyfriend is an adult, he needs to start acting like one and figure out his credit score. Something like Credit Karma will let him check for free, I believe he is entitled to one free credit score report a year. NO excuse not to know it if he's looking for a place to rent. You shouldn't be babying him and trying to figure all of this out on your own.


Flat-Mousse151 t1_j9ckcme wrote

I totally understand. Definitely not babying him as well. I originally posted it there but it got removed. That’s why I was hoping to get some feedback from here. But thank you for your insight and we’ll look into it :)


TerribleTerrier1 t1_j9clmbq wrote

Your boyfriend can find out his FICO 8 credit score by opening a free account with Experian (

That will give you a better sense of where you stand with potential landlords.


switch8000 t1_j9co2fj wrote

Most apts require proof you make 40x the rent, gross (before taxes), which puts you at needing to show you both make 96000 combined. As long as you both can show that, then there's a good chance, but if the credit is low or the history is bad, you might need a guarantor. I.e. usually a family member who has good credit that can back you both.