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Sickpup831 t1_j9dokw2 wrote

“I have a suspicion that he converted to Judaism purely for the jokes.”

“And this offends you as a Jewish person?”

“No, it offends me as a comedian!”


iv2892 t1_j9f3h0q wrote

Is he an anti dentite? Lol


calebnf t1_j9ftnoi wrote

Chrissy, give me a schtickle of flouride.


iv2892 t1_j9ggyzw wrote

Did you hear that joke about the rabbi and that farmers daughter ? “ These aren’t matzo balls” 😂


mac117 t1_j9fv3wy wrote

Oh did he ever tell you the one about the pope, a rabbi, and Raquel Welch? “Those aren’t buoys…”


sanjsrik t1_j9d74ym wrote

>In December, Reuters reported that the Republican Jewish Coalition said Santos would not be welcome at the group's events in the future after he "misrepresented his heritage."

What the repuglicans are mad about is that they picked a liar (again) and a cheat (again) and have to look like fools (again).

Maybe, just maybe, if their entire worldview wasn't based around making sure to "own the libs" and actually GOT an education, this would stop happening.

Oh, and they're fucking morons any way so they deserve what they get.


IRequirePants t1_j9duvki wrote

> What the repuglicans are mad about is that they picked a liar (again) and a cheat (again) and have to look like fools (again).

I get that it's fun to own the Republicans, but on this issue (faking Jewish heritage), we literally have a Democratic state senator that did the same. And she is still in office.

So again, ya Republicans are fucking morons and Santos goes above and beyond even Salazar. But on this specific issue (faking heritage for political gain) perhaps some introspection is required.

Also, calling them "Repuglicans" unironically is moronic and makes you look like a fool.


ineedafakename t1_j9ez3qz wrote

You aren't allowed to mention her or you get attacked by her stans


IRequirePants t1_j9frxfb wrote

Apparently she had someone ardently defend her wikipedia page. Doesn't even mention her arrest for identity and bank fraud.


LouisSeize t1_j9flmug wrote

> but on this issue (faking Jewish heritage), we literally have a Democratic state senator that did the same.

Who is that?


Backseat_boss t1_j9evocc wrote

Can this guy just go away already


survive_los_angeles t1_j9ki1bm wrote

nope. he reps long island and part of queens in the 3rd congressional district, and reflects the values of his constituency.. even if they say he doesnt.. he does. thats why they voted for him



This is a pretty shitty attitude to have. First, the district has been a safe democratic seat for many years. Second, he mainly rode the wave of high Republican turnout which happened across the entire state, coupled with an unknown Democratic contender who seemingly stopped campaigning once he got the nomination and an underwhelming nominee for Governor. Santos didn’t win overwhelmingly. Third, the district was redrawn this year to make it slightly more competitive than it had been.

All this to say, the 3rd district isn’t some hillbilly district. It’s highly likely to turn back to blue in 2024, and something like 80% of the district disapproves of Santos. People keep writing it off like, ‘Well, they got what was coming to them’ like it’s a reliably red district, and it’s just incredibly ignorant.


survive_los_angeles t1_j9tcced wrote

thats a pretty impassioned write up.

nobody thinks that district is a hillbilly district. There is a strong voting block for trump style conservatism visible all thru queens long island all the way out to the hamptons.

Its not about wether that district is red or blue or shifting the district lines.

Someone there showed up to vote for Santos this time - they loved him. and they got what they voted for -- someone that reflects who they are. The people who didnt vote for him that doesnt apply to.



By saying he represents his constituents, that lumps people who voted for him and didn’t vote for him into the same camp.

Queens actually went Democrat, but since they make up a relatively small size of the district, the Long Island-side went more Republican. Parts of Long Island are solidly blue. Long Island is not a monolith.

A constituency is everybody, not just a politicians voters.


FortyFriedRice t1_j9fepul wrote

He won’t because the media wants to keep talking about him. He’s not the villain, the news media is. It’s no way in hell he should be spoken about in the news, that shit has no importance to our everyday lives whatsoever.


bjorn2bwild t1_j9gdtfz wrote

He's a congressman who represents NY. So it's completely wrong to say he doesn't have an impact on your life.

He's ridiculous but that doesn't make him scary. He's at best mentally ill at worst u hinged.

There should absolutely be a spotlight on him because it's clear he has no shame or qualms about being unethical.


Benjamack t1_j9kirfj wrote

Are we going to blame mental illness at every wrong decision a person makes? How about the focus be on the many genuine Veterans who have served this beautiful nation and they are left without the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, and, more importantly, their area of mental stability? This man manipulated the system, and those who should have known better allowed him to reach that far. I am just tired of seeing our children working hard and following the law while those in leadership continue to cheat their way. PLUS, the media covers all sorts of rubbish.


FortyFriedRice t1_j9gei3f wrote

Yeah you’re right, he has a negative impact on our everyday life. No politician is in office to help people, they are there for their own good. Why should it be a spotlight on that when everyone knows it’s all bullshit in that arena. In my 39 years I haven’t seen one congressman, assemblyman, any kind of political figure do anything that helped people where I come from so please, be careful before you start telling people what they should do or say. You could’ve said that one to yourself in your head buddy.


bjorn2bwild t1_j9h59cc wrote

So just to make sure I'm understanding this correctly. Are you saying that since all politicians are shady we should NOT bring any public attention to their shady actions?


mrchumblie t1_j9ho3wh wrote

The media is the villain for reporting on a Congress person who fictionalized essentially their entire life in order to get elected?

Santos is a piece of shit and deserves to be grilled as hard as he is being grilled in the spotlight. He brought it on himself.

Some of the lies he told in regard to 911 and his supposed Jewish heritage are just gross and honestly alarming.

I’ll enjoy my popcorn as the media continues to grill him, as they should. He’s proof that we’re not vetting our politicians in any significant way.


Benjamack t1_j9f9831 wrote

George Santos is a sick man who continues on this spiral of lies and still continues to hold offices. What does this say to our children and their children and generations to come, because children live what they see.. It is sad that one can cheat his/her ways to get what whatever and whenever he/she wants it. Our children are working hard to achieve their goals. Some of our children are going to school and working part-time and with very little pay, yet they are faithful. George Santos has no integrity, no discipline, no sense of responsibility and accountability. He is just a full-time joker, along with the many who are still rallying around him.


TheGabagoolKid t1_j9dk7zf wrote

I honestly love this guy and hope he sticks around.

The whole operation is a massive joke and he’s the satirical epitome of what they can send our way to really stick it up our asses.


survive_los_angeles t1_j9kid4x wrote

agreed. i love him. he reps the 3rd congressional district - he's their guy! they should just live with him as a full reminder of what they value. its a mirror to what they believe.. and now they dont like what they see -- but they are really looking at themselves.


LouisSeize t1_j9fmv74 wrote

The /r/Judaism sub has an interesting post on "who is Jewish?") It points out that no denominations accept DNA test results as proof.


tinydancer_inurhand t1_j9fqgt4 wrote

Thanks for this going to save it next time someone tries to prove they are Jewish with DNA. Same way people do with Indigenous DNA. So frustrating.


Unlucky_Lawfulness51 t1_j9dt0yb wrote

How does a DNA prove you are of Jewish decent other than prove you have heritage from a certain region?


Dragon_Fisting t1_j9e4hov wrote

Jewish communities have been largely insular for hundreds of years due to both their own religious practices and discrimination against them, especially in Europe. An Ashkenazi Jew and a German or a Pole may both be able to trace 500 years of ancestry in the same region, the same village even, but still be genetically distinct.


tinydancer_inurhand t1_j9fpu81 wrote

The murky part though is many Iberian descending people like Latinos have some very distant Jewish ancestry because persecuted Jews fled to the new world. Now this is mostly Spanish ancestry but Portuguese ancestry can have the tiniest amount of Ashkenazi DNA too. Almost 1/4 of Latinos have Jewish DNA.

I totally see him pulling a Warren and finding 0.5% and using that as a told you so. Meanwhile I’m 1.4% and I would never in my life claim to be Jewish cause I actually know what it means to be Jewish. Same reason I’m 59% indigenous by DNA but also wouldn’t claim to be Native American.


[deleted] t1_j9e3i5u wrote

Unlike most other religions , Judaism is almost exclusively passed down by birth and is viewed as an ethnicity in and of itself. So yes it would be possible for a DNA test to pick up Jewish genetics (ex mitochondrial haplogroup K is a good indicator).


Unlucky_Lawfulness51 t1_j9ennx8 wrote

Aren't Muslims and Jewish from the same region?


Moogle02 t1_j9ep6zd wrote

Most Jews (especially in NYC) are Ashkenazi, and likely haven't had ancestors in the Middle East since shortly after the fall of the Roman Empire. Granted, there are some communities that are from the Middle East/North African area, but even they usually did not share the same communities as Muslims.


Unlucky_Lawfulness51 t1_j9eq6no wrote

So it's not genetic. No specific common ancestor is what you are saying.


patsboston t1_j9etn8w wrote

It’s an ethnoreligion which is different than a religion.


PatrickMaloney1 t1_j9f3knn wrote

The answer is yes for some aspects and no for others. It’s a complicated topic. You have gotten good answers so far


harlemtechie t1_j9dufmf wrote

I'm mad, bc I visit the ancestry sub, and people have it in their results.


mowotlarx t1_j9eoscx wrote

You're mad because people's genetics indicate that they have Ashkenazi or Sephardic Jewish heritage? Ever wonder why it's so easy to pinpoint that on DNA results? It's almost as if these were smaller insular ethnic groups who have been systematically banished from multiple countries and murdered because of their faith and background. Do a second of research before commenting, it would have answered your question.


harlemtechie t1_j9g0qi4 wrote

Calm down. Anyways, it apparently is gonna help Santos so I guess you're happy af.


mowotlarx t1_j9gdp84 wrote

You seem really defensive and irrationally angry about this very niche Jewish issue. But, sure, I'm the one who needs to "calm down."


harlemtechie t1_j9gdw33 wrote

I'm still mad off the downvotes on the posts of the people telling the subs what Elizabeth Warren did to my people. Apparently, people think cultural genocide is cute.... like I'm mad at you and mad other people in here rn. You're pro genocide imo.


mowotlarx t1_j9geyox wrote

>You're pro genocide imo.

...Excuse me? I am commenting on a comment chain of you being antisemitic, I have no idea what Elizabeth Warren comment you're talking about (this isn't the one), and you're here suggesting I am the one supporting genocide?


harlemtechie t1_j9ggnl3 wrote

so you skipped over mad comments just to get to this one? Why?



To be honest, I really do not believe thats what did you ignore it?


Anyways, if youre telling me that he can prove it on Ancestry, then I'll take back what he said. I guess he is Jewish if it shows on Ancestry and by your reaction to it all, then we all must say he's Jewish. I just thought that giving him that would alleviate him on his lies, so I was mad, but I guess its ok now. Damn... Just stop posting him bc it throws so much hypocrisy about what happened to my people in my appears, according to this info, the People V Santos case is over now...good


mowotlarx t1_j9hgnsf wrote

I never said he was Jewish culturally, ethnically or by religion. I was explaining to you why someone could have "Jewish" DNA. Pay attention.


harlemtechie t1_j9hlqcy wrote

Then we both agree. Then move on. I brought my comment from another comment I had in this whole post.


snoberto77 t1_j9fa2ci wrote

This guy needs to go away


FarmSuch5021 t1_j9exbcn wrote

When is this clown is going to stop


ike_tyson t1_j9f166w wrote

The 5th test will refute all doubt !


seafoodgodddd t1_j9ewe7w wrote

Honest question; if I ever saw this human turd in public, can I call him a house elf lookin douchebag to his face? Like that’s legal to do? Idk how much you can say to elected officials and not get tackled lol


tinydancer_inurhand t1_j9fq2rh wrote

I think so as long as you are very distant and not at all approaching him as a threat. At the AOC town halls protesters come calling her things all the time and don’t get thrown out unless there is an immediate threat.


seafoodgodddd t1_j9fqkmw wrote

Ah gotcha, yeah I definitely don’t want to physically hurt the guy, but I’d love to ruin his fuckin day with words ya know


tinydancer_inurhand t1_j9frky7 wrote

I will say Republicans tend to react worse than Democrats. If what I’ve seen by protestors at AOC town halls happened in a Trump rally they would have been thrown out.


seafoodgodddd t1_j9fsgby wrote

I’ve noticed the same even among friends and colleagues, why is that do ya think? I’m genuinely curious


[deleted] t1_j9djkca wrote



harlemtechie t1_j9dtfu5 wrote

To be fair, Elizabeth Warren did it to my people and nothing happened.


Lovis_Iovis t1_j9ev0oh wrote

Didn’t she just say that her parents always told her that one of her ancestors was Cherokee, and she just believed them without checking?


Chimera-0ne t1_j9ewrmb wrote

People say a lot of things. Warren identified herself as Native American, contributed to Native American literature as if she practiced the culture, and was listed as Native American on official documents with both her employers and educators. She’s a piece of shit. There’s plenty of room for both her and Santos to be shitbag excuses for humans.


Lovis_Iovis t1_j9ex0gj wrote

Ah, I see. I knew about her checking a box on a college application, but didn’t know about her contributing to any literature or claiming to practice culture. Do you know of any examples?


Chimera-0ne t1_j9eyrxk wrote

Off the top of my head I remember there was a thing about her contributing to Native American cookbooks or something. I believe there was more, but I can’t look it up right this second.


mojogogo123 t1_j9f0we6 wrote

I believe the book was called "Pow Wow Chow"


harlemtechie t1_j9g2mvc wrote

I don't know why acknowledging this is being downvoted, unless no one really cares about cultural appropriation and the outrage is just political.... what Warren did was wrong AF. It's cool bc other Natives read my comments when I'm in other subs and they'll see the actual character of people and a lot don't like what she did....bc I feel many need to see it to see how people stay on their bs..


Chimera-0ne t1_j9f1hk4 wrote

Thought you were fucking with me, but yeah that’s the one.


harlemtechie t1_j9g0awl wrote

You should FKin check.


Lovis_Iovis t1_j9g6319 wrote

Should you? Maybe if it is important to you and you have the interest, but otherwise the family’s word is all a lot of people have.


harlemtechie t1_j9g76jj wrote

Pretendians are a big problem in our communities. We have many that do not know their culture and they come in and destroy it even more, we are allowed to be selfish about this or we'll have some fake made up ish that has nothing to do with the real thing. This is about cultural genocide.


Lovis_Iovis t1_j9ga9fu wrote

I see what you’re saying. There definitely would be a problem with speaking as an authority on a culture (like contributing a recipe to a cookbook, for example) without an authentic connection to that culture. But it is another thing to just say that you have the ancestry, and a superficial connection, based on your family’s word.


harlemtechie t1_j9gb8rb wrote

What was more damaging was that d*mn book she wrote. That's moreso what I'm getting at.


Tripdoctor t1_j9efq5h wrote

Who’s gonna tell him that Judaism is only vaguely rooted in an ethnicity/how it’s irrelevant to modern Jews?

No DNA test is gonna say “Jewish”. And just because you have ancestry from the Middle East isn’t enough evidence.

Just because you’re Jewish doesn’t mean you’re not white.


patsboston t1_j9etkof wrote

That’s not true. If you get a DNA test and you are Jewish, it would say Ashkenazi or Sephardic Jew.


tinydancer_inurhand t1_j9fq8ou wrote

But someone like me with 1.4% Ashkenazi isn’t going to claim being Jewish if raised Catholic and has no real connection to the ethnicity/religion.


mymindisgoo t1_j9farjl wrote

Depends on which company. I get Ashkenazi from my dad. My mom's sephardic but it's a whole smorgasbord of s Italy, north Africa, Levant, Cyprus etc.


Tripdoctor t1_j9ev172 wrote

Which also shows up in DNA tests for non-Jews/anyone living in those regions.

A couple thousand years ago, Judaism would have been absolutely tied to an ethnicity (more accurately, a nationality). But It’s so heterogeneous now that being Jewish does not equate to one’s race. You can be Jewish and be white. Or black.

I guess the important thing is to separate the ethnicity from the ideology. But that ethnicity has been so absorbed by literally every region they’ve inhabited that it’s not very accurate to say there’s a Jewish race. They’re of all races.


patsboston t1_j9ev80x wrote

That’s not true though. If you are simply Eastern European, it will say that you are Eastern European. If you are of Ashkenazi or Sephardic descent, it says that. When Jewish people moved to those regions, they were insular.


Tripdoctor t1_j9ezykt wrote

My main point is that being Jewish doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not white, or vice versa. As they are not mutually exclusive.

It’s one of the most heterogeneous groups there is.


mowotlarx t1_j9f4vue wrote

>It’s one of the most heterogeneous groups there is.

It's not. And if you think that you haven't met many Jewish people. You seem to be unaware that Ashkenazi Jews are not the only ethnic Jewish people that exist on the planet. Sephardic Jews were the first Jewish people to immigrate to New York City as a matter of fact. Mizrahi is also a distinctive group. They come from different regions of the globe and have different languages, often variations of Hebrew.


mymindisgoo t1_j9fav5n wrote

Then there's Indian jews, mountain jews, Chinese jews et al.


PatrickMaloney1 t1_j9f4qa5 wrote

Not in the same quantities though. You’re right that the makeup of Jewish people worldwide is changing, but broadly speaking, due to endogamy, our DNA results are still going to look different than the overall population, even in a hypothetical case like Santos where he is claiming to have two Jewish grandparents.


mowotlarx t1_j9f4otx wrote

>Which also shows up in DNA tests for non-Jews/anyone living in those regions.

No, it doesn't.

Being Ashkenazi or Sephardic or Mizrahi Jewish is a genetically distinctive ethnicity. We'd call it an ethno-religion. These are very distinct groups of people who are able to trace their DNA so easily because they were forced to migrate and were systematically killed keeping the community relatively small. It's not just a cute little DNA marker that will show up on anyone from Europe. The ethnicity hasn't been absorbed in every region. Jewish people aren't homogeneous.


LouisSeize t1_j9fnurh wrote

>He also claimed on Monday that he's taken four DNA tests to prove his Jewish ancestry, but that the results haven't come back yet.

Eagerly awaiting a press conference to announce he's a liar.


NatLawson t1_j9frhwe wrote

Ahem, no. Does not everyone see through this guy? A serial liar. George Santos is incapable of truth telling. George Santos is a spy for someone. Who?


wdomeika t1_j9g2twe wrote

As if this was his biggest lie.

He lied about being a volleyball player...


Shera939 t1_j9go3ib wrote

That one cracked me up. with "2 knee replacements" because of his dedication! lmao.


NatLawson t1_j9g4dck wrote

George Santos will lie until he can make a deal which completely exonerates him and allows him to keep his ill gotten gains.


no_nao t1_j9hnhzu wrote

This says a lot more about Americans political environment than about this guy as a person. We need a reform.



Need to be able to recall politicians when something like this comes to light, for a start.


no_nao t1_j9tpbr7 wrote

And have consequences when they blatantly lie on their campaigns