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This is not an exclusively right-leaning issue.


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provide an example


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Under Trump, unlike during the Obama reign, the US stopped rebuking Israel for its settlements in the West Bank and quit condemning Israel for simply defending itself from terrorist attacks targeting civilians.

The Trump administration was a strong opponent of the shamelessly anti-Semitic BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement, supported by three out of four House Democrats known as “the Squad”, which seeks to isolate Israel and destroy its economy.

Trump also signed an executive order giving Jews greater legal protections against persecution.

Democrats routinely smeared Trump as “Hitler” and “anti-Semitic.” It was a false and disgusting trope, even as the Democratic Party drifted further from bipartisan support against anti-Semitism and for Israel. Reports suggested that Trump was responsible for a rise in hate crimes, ignoring the fact that for the previous eight years under Obama-Biden, attacks on Jews were among the top three hate crimes (although they rarely made headlines).

Biden, meanwhile, has largely followed his fellow Democrats in moving away from strong, steadfast support for Israel. Many in the party openly embrace anti-Semitic rhetoric and policies, and the failure of Democratic leaders to condemn both is disturbing.

Worse, Biden is trying desperately to reanimate the dangerous Iran nuclear deal, which would facilitate Tehran’s nuclear ambitions and undercut our Arab allies while endangering Israel’s very existence.

Most Jewish voters chose Biden and vote Democrat for various reasons, but they should seriously consider joining other traditional Democrat voting blocs in abandoning the party. It’s long past time for Jewish voters to end their longstanding, but unrequited, loyalty to the Democrats, who clearly no longer care about their concerns.


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I could, that’s an arguably easier point to prove. Black people for far too too long have been ignored and manipulated by the Demogorgon party.


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and the republican party? and trump?


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A Republican President may be our last hope. May God bless these United States of America.


biggreencat t1_j9wheba wrote

no i mean, what good have Republicans and Trump done for black Americans?


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Under Republican presidencies, like President Trump, black Americans experience more opportunities, prosperity, security, and fairness than under any other democratic president ever.


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any specific programs, policy changes, etc you can cite?


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>The President’s [Trump's] proposal calls for the elimination of the Minority Business Development Agency

that's one of the programs Trump's flyer says he wants to make permanent, and to elevate, under the "access to capital for black owned businesses" heading


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Yup, he’s streamlining black-owned businesses!


biggreencat t1_j9x3v0g wrote

what does that mean? you mean that MBDA stands in the way of black-owned business? his flyer claims he wants to lionize the MBDA, but he sought to close it.


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would you explain the point you were making, please?


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aight bro, you should know that for all your writing here, you looked bad and ended up flat on your face.