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biggreencat t1_j9wz9fg wrote

>The President’s [Trump's] proposal calls for the elimination of the Minority Business Development Agency

that's one of the programs Trump's flyer says he wants to make permanent, and to elevate, under the "access to capital for black owned businesses" heading


systemization t1_j9x2cb1 wrote

Yup, he’s streamlining black-owned businesses!


biggreencat t1_j9x3v0g wrote

what does that mean? you mean that MBDA stands in the way of black-owned business? his flyer claims he wants to lionize the MBDA, but he sought to close it.


biggreencat t1_ja1d67c wrote

would you explain the point you were making, please?


biggreencat t1_ja4dfmk wrote

aight bro, you should know that for all your writing here, you looked bad and ended up flat on your face.