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thoughtsarefalse t1_jaa5cqp wrote

This gets rougher if you are a minority or in a bad neighborhood. Still reasonable advice.


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vaultboy115 t1_jaan099 wrote

Sad but super true. I do this all the time. One time when I was younger my friends and I were hungover after an all nighter I just pulled into a holiday inn and went in and started eating the breakfast they put out. The staff didn’t say anything because I was white and dressed appropriately to be there.


travislayfear t1_jad3586 wrote

They wouldn't say anything if you inns have like 100 guests a day, the breakfast workers rarely work the front desk, and they dgaf as long as you arent being disruptive

Source: I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night


koreamax t1_jaagame wrote

It's difficult yo find a restroom in a bad neighborhood regardless of race.