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RedOrca-15483 t1_j9p8ch9 wrote

I'm looking forward to knowing what excuse will be given to not throw the fucking book at them after robbing 21 people, most of them females.


Flivver_King t1_j9qq3i9 wrote

They just needed to rob a 22nd person to pay for college.


1600hazenstreet t1_j9tn6zp wrote

Nah, they need money to pay for studio time to record their drill rap. They’re gonna be famous rappers one day.


thisfilmkid t1_j9p8vrr wrote

NYC or not, no one should be going around robbing people of anything.

Wearing expensive bright Apple headphones is no different from wearing Louis Vuitton heels, boots, or fancy Gucci glasses or wearing a $100k wedding ring.


[deleted] t1_j9pqpqw wrote



Flivver_King t1_j9qq2q5 wrote

Victim blaming.


atyppo t1_j9qqvji wrote

It's not victim blaming to use common sense. Apparently the expectation to have a bit of common sense has disappeared though. How extreme does something need to be before it isn't "victim blaming" on your arbitrary scale? Is telling someone to not leave valuables in the back of their car in Downtown SF victim blaming too when their car inevitably gets broken into? What about being white and walking through Mogadishu unaccompanied? Is that extreme enough for your scale? At what point does common sense take precedence over "victim blaming?"


HappyArtichoke7729 t1_j9quqd4 wrote

You are absolutely blaming the victim. If the criminals weren't stealing or if they were locked in a cell, there would be no problem. The victim did not cause this.


FrankBeamer_ t1_j9s8u65 wrote

If crime and criminals didn’t exist in the world, there would be no problem, but they do exist, which is why it’s up to us to exercise caution when we can and reduce our risk of getting robbed.

But I guess individual accountability is a dying art in society these days


HappyArtichoke7729 t1_j9tqon3 wrote

Individual accountability is dying. Because folks blame the victim instead of the person who caused the problem.


FrankBeamer_ t1_j9u20iu wrote

The criminal is clearly the issue here and needs to be off the streets. Crime is bad and shouldn't exist.

It's also the individual's responsibility to protect themselves and mitigate risk, since this is not a perfect fucking world, and crime exists. That includes being wary of displaying items of wealth in public spaces.

Both can be true. It's not an either/or. And it is not victim blaming to advocate exercising caution. We don't live in a fucking utopia.


No_Throat_7938 t1_j9qiofi wrote

Bet these are the same hoodlums who brag about “gETtiN’ mOnAyy” on social media


Grass8989 t1_j9ppzpy wrote

Don’t they do this in third world countries?


app4that t1_j9qt8j4 wrote

I ride NYC mass transit all the time and nobody has ever even looked twice at my corded headphones, much less ever tried to take them, but that may be partly because they cost $490 less than the Apple headphones.

Then I saw a bunch of clones of these Air Pod Max style headphones retailing the other day in lower Manhattan for around $15. Which makes me curious as to how crooks would know the difference just at a glance. But then I noticed that unlike Apple's noise-cancelling model, the clones even come in other colors besides silver.

While I am happy enough with my own corded SONY $10 cans (MDR-ZX110AP), which are reasonably comfortable, fold for slipping into a pocket or bag, work perfectly well for laptop, iPhone for handling calls and music well enough (when using the not-included lightning adapter) or work computer for Zoom, I did consider if I should upgrade to to the Max clones just to give them a shot, although perhaps in a different color than silver.

Anyone here try wearing a set of the Air Pod Max clones on the subway yet, or is that -in light of recent events- just sort of asking for crooks to rob you?


Edwunclerthe3rd t1_j9u7q3m wrote

I'm sorry, you consider that generic apple color to be silver? It is very much white


[deleted] t1_j9p0ng4 wrote



Sickpup831 t1_j9qixwk wrote

That’s exactly what victim blaming is. You’re saying it’s their fault for wanting to wear nice headphones and listen to music.


atyppo t1_j9qnyy1 wrote

Until we live in fairy land where all is perfect, yes, you do need to exercise a certain amount of caution. What's wrong with people using some common sense?


Sickpup831 t1_j9qobo3 wrote

So you’re in the same crowd that says women get raped because they dress provocatively then?


atyppo t1_j9qp9ey wrote

What a dumb and extreme example. Rape is apparently the same thing as a robbery on the street?


Sickpup831 t1_j9qrnzx wrote

What you’re essentially saying is the same thing. People shouldn’t be allowed to wear nice headphones in the street because criminals can’t control themselves.


thotgang t1_j9rub5m wrote

>What you’re essentially saying is the same thing. People shouldn’t be allowed to wear nice headphones in the street because criminals can’t control themselves.

Nah he's saying signs of wealth make you a more likely target for robbery, which isn't wrong. Airpods are extreme cause everyone has them but saying something like "don't go crazy flashing expensive watches cause u might get robbed" is valid


FrankBeamer_ t1_j9s5dda wrote

It’s common fucking sense lmao. We don’t live in a perfect world. I would call wearing a Rolex in the subway also fucking stupid. Same with walking alone on the streets of East New York at 2am. Do they deserve to be robbed? Absolutely not. But is it a stupid thing to do? Yes, because it dramatically increases your chances of getting robbed.

We don’t live in a perfect world and it’s not victim blaming to point that out.

And the fact you compared this to rape shows you completely lack nuance in your argument.


GrreggWithTwoRs t1_j9uzch2 wrote

That makes me also wonder why AirPods pros (the earbuds) aren't stolen more. They're obvious, retail for $200-250+, and have the noise cancelling as well so people wearing them are less aware. That said, maybe they do get stolen a lot and I just don't hear about it.


birthdaycakefig t1_ja313q5 wrote

The new AirPods Pro are now tied to your Apple ID and are useless once stolen. They can’t be paired. I thought the Maxs’ were too but maybe not.

I guess you’d steal them and sell them to people who wouldn’t realize they were locked until much later.


GrreggWithTwoRs t1_ja4enx4 wrote

That’s interesting. I wonder how it works if say you want to use it for a while then give it to somebody like a family member as a hand me down.

If it’s only on the new pros then it’ll take a year or two to filter. I imagine most people still have the old pros..I’ve had mine for 1.5 years and I’m hoping to get at least another year out of them


dropdeadbarbie t1_j9pr5sg wrote

same thing happened when the beats headphones first came out. people sitting on the train right by the door would get them snatched off their heads. like .. ever heard of a hoodie?


birthdaycakefig t1_ja30wdf wrote

We’re going to have to start banning 2 men on motorcycles like in South America 😂


LOVE2FUKWITHPP t1_j9ql8k4 wrote

That why I don’t try to look rich outside

U a target in these nyc streets for some one to take your Chet

Even if U beat him up He might sue u for injury’s or u get charged.


mooseillest t1_j9p07oo wrote

I mean you’re walking around New York with half a grand on your head. Not victim blaming but not surprised


JordanRulz t1_jaa2lo5 wrote

i should be able to walk around in a first world country with a stack of gold chains on my neck and not get robbed


mooseillest t1_jaa2um4 wrote

And everyone should have free healthcare in America