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app4that t1_j9qt8j4 wrote

I ride NYC mass transit all the time and nobody has ever even looked twice at my corded headphones, much less ever tried to take them, but that may be partly because they cost $490 less than the Apple headphones.

Then I saw a bunch of clones of these Air Pod Max style headphones retailing the other day in lower Manhattan for around $15. Which makes me curious as to how crooks would know the difference just at a glance. But then I noticed that unlike Apple's noise-cancelling model, the clones even come in other colors besides silver.

While I am happy enough with my own corded SONY $10 cans (MDR-ZX110AP), which are reasonably comfortable, fold for slipping into a pocket or bag, work perfectly well for laptop, iPhone for handling calls and music well enough (when using the not-included lightning adapter) or work computer for Zoom, I did consider if I should upgrade to to the Max clones just to give them a shot, although perhaps in a different color than silver.

Anyone here try wearing a set of the Air Pod Max clones on the subway yet, or is that -in light of recent events- just sort of asking for crooks to rob you?


Edwunclerthe3rd t1_j9u7q3m wrote

I'm sorry, you consider that generic apple color to be silver? It is very much white