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according to the NY Daily News

Century 21, the discount store New Yorkers know and love, will reopen within weeks at its flagship store in Lower Manhattan in the shadow of the World Trade Center.

It was there, across the street from the shimmering towers, that faithful customers found their best bargains.

“This isn’t your average comeback story,” Marc Benitez, the store’s president, said at the time. “As we embark on this new chapter, we’ll be closely evaluating every aspect of the business — from the locations to the experience known to many as the thrill of the hunt.”

Benitez said that the plans would include opening stores outside the U.S. for the first time and opening stores in New York.

The re-opened Cortlandt Street location will span the four main floors of the original downtown space and will offer men’s, women’s and children’s designer apparel, footwear, outerwear, handbags, accessories and fragrances.



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drpvn t1_j91u2xe wrote

Send out the bat signal to the Eurotrash.


maverick4002 t1_j929fn3 wrote

I will admit this is my favorite store but yes, it's like you've gone to Europe when you would step into those doors


tankflykev t1_j91w576 wrote

Not sure Jean Paul Gaultier or Antoine De Caunes are gonna be interested TBH.


simcitymayor t1_j920taz wrote

I suspect the business model of these discount stores relied on an inefficiency in the business model of main brand stores, and that inefficiency no longer exists. Those main stores now sell excess inventory via their own websites, and that gives them away to sell the pieces that still were in demand and what remains is no longer good fodder for C21 in terms of price or desirability.

C21 may come back, but there is no secret supply of fashion that will distinguish itself from other department stores.


virtual_adam t1_j92s28k wrote

That ended more than a decade ago. Probably closer to 2 decades. Outlet stores sell stuff that’s made for outlet, many times without any connection to the original company who is licensing their logo

this article is a pretty good summary

It was always easy to identify the real leftover stuff at C21, there was usually a single rack for the entire store, stuff had extra protections on it for theft

The rest of the store was just licensed crap tourists thought was “good quality” because of the logo


onemanclic t1_j933gv5 wrote

Yes, it hurt them, but C21 still had a stash of high-fashion pieces that were unique and excess. That is what the commenter is saying the store may lack going forward.


BlankishGaze t1_j93tet8 wrote

Your right, but it wasn’t one rack at C21 downtown fidi - it was like a large corner. The $2000+ marked down to about $500 😂😂😂


LittleBlueBudgie t1_j965p2o wrote

I thought the Bay Ridge and UWS C21s had bettter selections than downtown, probably because they weren’t catering to tourists.


Luke90210 t1_j92yhfb wrote

There were stories of discount store buyers/owners going to main brand stores with wads of cash to make on the spot deals. Absolutely no way is that happening anymore.


Minelayer t1_j91q08z wrote

I can now clothe myself again!!


Guypussy t1_j92m6ac wrote

Yeah, you’ve been going out naked far too long, my friend!


iv2892 t1_j93htcg wrote

I hope they can also reopen the one in Bergen town center in Paramus


L0v3_1s_War t1_j95o9bp wrote

Kohl’s moved to that spot


iv2892 t1_j962eoy wrote

Oh nvm ,I totally forgot 😂


iv2892 t1_j962ktu wrote

Last time I went to that century 21 in 2019 just before COVID hit , I manage to buy a very nice leather jacket for only $75 😭


kinky_boots t1_j92fnar wrote

Now if they announce they’ll reopen their original Bay Ridge 86th St location that’ll be cause for celebration!


squee_bastard t1_j93731z wrote

I loved the C21 home and shoes store behind the main 86th street store. i found so many good things over the years that I still use today. I always ended those visits with a stop at Pizza Wagon for a slice and a coke.


Gimme_The_Loot t1_j95laye wrote

It wasn't until it closed that I realized how much I relied on it, even just for random stuff. No matter if you needed a jacket, dress shirt, belt, socks or literally anything else possible you could bag it there


WaitYourTern t1_j93rzfc wrote

I'm still like, where can I get towels? I loved the Century home store.


smoonyc t1_j9335vj wrote

They’re not as far I’ve heard - it’s being broken up into smaller lots to rent because the space is too big for one store.


boomzgoesthedynamite t1_j96xm45 wrote

God when they were closing I hopped over and got an $800 Vince 100% wool coat for like $150. I found such good shit there.


actionguy87 t1_j9201vu wrote

And I was wondering "what's so great about a real estate office reopening?" lol


SanguShellz t1_j93b2g9 wrote

I got some really good selections in C21 that lasted for years. I'm glad they are back. Shopping online just isn't the same because the prices are just too out of reach.


FentCheck t1_j93lxiu wrote

Shopping there used to be a back-to-school tradition. Still remember the outfit my mom bought me September 9, 2001


bklyngaucho t1_j936l45 wrote

Used to be some good sneakers finds if you spent time looking through all the stacks.


ECK-2188 t1_j91s9ha wrote

I haven’t been inside century 21 since 1999.

I wouldn’t even know what to expect. I remember they always needed to service those elevators.


BlankishGaze t1_j92s33o wrote

There was like 2 elevators for the last 10 years and everyone uses the escalators


Apprehensive_Arts t1_j97vkmb wrote

Ugh I used to work there pre-COVID and out of every job I’ve ever had it was by far the worst work environment I ever experienced. Not to mention all the sexual harassment (and assault) that female employees there experienced from management. Was hoping karma came for them lol


MoistMaker83 t1_j95dhip wrote

“This isn’t your average comeback story,” Marc Benitez, the store’s president, said at the time. “As we embark on this new chapter, we’ll be closely evaluating every aspect of the business — from the locations to the experience known to many as the thrill of the hunt.”

They weren't doing that before?!?


z0rb0r t1_j98l8y1 wrote

Coke back to Queens!


JohnQP121 t1_j9afcoy wrote

Whatever you think about the store you gotta love the architecture:

The sign between the eagles says "East River Savings Bank, 1848"


Own_Decision_4063 t1_j93wg2o wrote

The few times that I shopped there it was extremely overcrowded, full of tourists grabbibg everything, and very disorganized with the layout. Nothing there worth the time or money. Thank goodness for online clothing shopping!


DFB- t1_j9436wn wrote

Call me when they're shutting down again. Their sales were crazy. I managed to snag a Ralph Lauren suit for about $50 weeks before they closed