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dumberthenhelooks t1_j85yoh4 wrote

Having nothing to do with COVID it’s still a good idea. A hospital is a vector of disease


ThreepointerFTW t1_j86lduh wrote

I guarantee you there’s going to be that ignorant idiot who will walk into the hospital refusing to wear a mask and claim that they are infringing his rights


mowotlarx t1_j88l9b0 wrote

When my mom was dying in the ICU after a fall last year, the same day she passed, I remember waiting in line at check in at the hospital in front of someone like that. There was a woman in an American flag hat (of course) behind me huffing and tsk-ing and she literally started GROWLING like a lion (I am not kidding). She said "grrr" out loud. The she started yelling about how HER RIGHTS were being infringed upon, making a massive scene. All because she had to wait in line 2 minutes to be checked in with a picture ID and put on a mask rather than walk right into a hospital without anybody bothering to know who she was.

I don't know what it is, but being asked to take basic precautions in a hospital apparently turns these people feral.


ThreepointerFTW t1_j88mb26 wrote

I’m sorry to hear about your mom. But your encounter is a great example of the craziness that goes on in this country.


Papa--Mochi t1_j8bzn95 wrote

The hospital will hold out for like a month, tops.


reddit-et-circenses t1_j87507y wrote

Bellevue is still doing temperature checks so not surprised. (Although I am pro mask permanently, personally.)


ohwhatsupmang t1_j8805mi wrote

pro mask permanatly ? lol there's gatta be another reason why other than covid and an irrational fear of infectious diseases. Idk why anyone would wanna wear masks everywhere for the rest of their life.


mowotlarx t1_j88ldjd wrote

...why do you think a hospital would be concerned about people walking in sick and infectious?


ohwhatsupmang t1_j8c0akm wrote

Working at a hosptial and going into a hoppital with a mask is something i could stand by forever. i think it should be the norm. but Everywhere else in the rest of your daily life? idk.


FiascoBarbie t1_j890h0z wrote

Yeah, a fear of infectious diesease in a hospital where there are bunch of sick and immunocompromised persons with complicated problems. That is totally nuts.

It is like asking someone in food prep to wash their hands after going to the bathroom even when there is no longer a hepatitis outbreak. Like , freaking insane, am I right ?


reddit-et-circenses t1_j89cjfx wrote

In hospitals with germs, yes. Dentists didn’t wear gloves until the AIDS epidemic.


ohwhatsupmang t1_j8c0ju1 wrote

in hospitals with germs absolutely.. but everywhere else? forever?


[deleted] t1_j88mo6n wrote



FiascoBarbie t1_j890mg9 wrote

In Hospitals there should have always been mask mandates and there should still be.


mowotlarx t1_j892fr0 wrote

In a hospital setting, it shouldn't be left up to individual choice. You are surrounded by other people. Hospitals should do what's best for the entirety of their patients and staff, not bend over backwards for ignorant brats who don't care about anyone but themselves.


Papa--Mochi t1_j88f14c wrote

I understand that you mean well. Unfortunately a recent Cochrane Review of gold-standard RCTs showed no strong evidence they work, which is likely what led to state lifting the requirement.


FiascoBarbie t1_j890vzn wrote

This would be why your surgeons have never worn masks. I do hope your next health care provider assiduously reads and adheres to this tripe


Papa--Mochi t1_j896g2u wrote

I can’t believe that three years into this, there are still people like you who think surgeons wear masks too … stop the spread of airborne respiratory viruses.

This was debunked in the simplest possible terms by April 2020.


FiascoBarbie t1_j89b5us wrote

Meta-analysis (one of many)

Obviously not only airborne infections.

And just for the heck of it

Review of the efficacy of masks in general

And for kicks and giggles some of the other studies. (You can pick which of these you think have be “de bunked”, although I can pretty much bet this is the last we will hear from you)


Papa--Mochi t1_j89ywh8 wrote

>Meta-analysis (one of many)

Ouch. You fell at the first hurdle, here:

"Traditionally there are two reasons for staff to wear surgical masks in the
OR: firstly, to protect surgical sites from microorganisms transferred
from the faces and respiratory tract of scrubbed staff and, secondly, to
protect health care professionals from sprays and splashes of patients’
blood and body fluids during surgery.

>And for kicks and giggles some of the other studies. (You can pick which of these you think have be “de bunked”, although I can pretty much bet this is the last we will hear from you)

These threadbare models just don't cut it, three years into the pandemic.

The comprehensive review of gold-standard RCTs is far more compelling:

Its conclusion? The real-world evidence supporting masks is utterly threadbare.

This always seemed obvious to some. After all, we had wave after wave after wave of Covid throughout our mask mandate era.

Alas, it's good to have it finally confirmed.

The dark times of mandates, masks and lockdowns have been discredited forever. They will never return.


Gozillasbday t1_j8e7xmz wrote

Did you even read this? It's a flawed study that admits people didn't adhere to mask wearing.

"The high risk of bias in the trials, variation in outcome measurement, and relatively low adherence with the interventions during the studies hampers drawing firm conclusions. There were additional RCTs during the pandemic related to physical interventions but a relative paucity given the importance of the question of masking and its relative effectiveness and the concomitant measures of mask adherence which would be highly relevant to the measurement.

There is uncertainty about the effects of face masks. The low to moderate certainty of evidence means our confidence in the effect estimate is limited, and that the true effect may be different from the observed estimate of the effect"


Gozillasbday t1_j8ducbx wrote

This is entirely untrue. You're spreading anti science misinformation. You did this in other posts too. It's just a fuckin mask get over it.


savantdota t1_j87f2mi wrote

Before covid in the hospice setting, you were shunned and were told never to wear a mask unless the patient had an airborne/droplet precaution. Crazy how the science changes.


AceContinuum t1_j87h6at wrote

>Before covid in the hospice setting, you were shunned and were told never to wear a mask unless the patient had an airborne/droplet precaution. Crazy how the science changes.

The old "no mask" policy wasn't based on science. It was based on hospital executives' notion (not backed by any actual evidence, to my knowledge) that seeing masked staff would somehow frighten patients:

>"I'm being yelled at. I'm being told to take [the mask] off. I'm being told that I'm scaring patients and that I'm scaring other people.' We've had people who had their jobs threatened."

There has never been any scientific reason to not mask in a medical setting where, by definition, ill and immunocompromised people congregate in a dense, indoor environment.


ThreepointerFTW t1_j88n0ps wrote

Science is ever changing. Once new data or evidence comes out, it’s our job to adapt.

What we fail as a country in our response to COVID was entangle politics and hate.


Labiologie t1_j8aff08 wrote

It’s crazy how science changes, when the whole purpose of science is to change when new evidence appears.


Hrekires t1_j85yzz8 wrote

Two places where I'll probably always wear an N95 mask from here on out... the subway during flu season and any time I have to go to the hospital for an appointment.


Generoh t1_j86jfzc wrote

That’s why hospitals want you discharged as soon as possible.

  1. It’s expensive to keep someone in a hospital
  2. You might catch a multi drug resistant bug the longer you’re admitted

pixel_of_moral_decay t1_j86ktdz wrote

The number of people who die from infections caught in a medical facility is alarmingly high.

Most people don’t realize it until it happens to a family member.

But lots of people go in for one thing, then die of some infection they caught while there. It’s not the doctors fault. Humans when they are sick or just had surgery are often weakened. Ripe for an infection to set in.

The other thing that should really be instituted is hand/shoe sanitization when you enter or move to a different part of the hospital. Non invasive, takes seconds but would reduce spread of things if it were a habit.


LunchMasterFlex t1_j86q9oz wrote

It’s also that the microbes in hospitals been working out. They are stacked and eat antibiotics for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


drpvn t1_j86qx1e wrote

Even if the lace is dry and even if you don’t touch the body of the shoe, bacteria and virus migrate from the sole up.


Generoh t1_j86o0wt wrote

It’s impossible, infections spreads invisibly. Hand washing compliance isn’t 100%. More often than not, people don’t wash their hands properly (full 20 seconds with vigorous scrubbing and rinsing). We cannot stop the spread, we can only do damage control.


pixel_of_moral_decay t1_j86o906 wrote

People used to protest washing your hands before surgery too. Then gloves etc. impossible to operate like that.

Ends up it works extremely well. Childbirth alone is a perfect example. Women don’t routinely die of infection anymore. Most don’t even need antibiotics.

You sound like a priest from 1820…. All we can do is pray. You’re a backwards Luddite.


Generoh t1_j86omdw wrote

I’m an RN that works closely with the infection control department and routinely observe a break in infection control in the 20 years of working in multiple hospitals and healthcare institutions. It’s not backwards, it’s happening now.


Sure-Tie-741 t1_j87g9r3 wrote

My mother is dementiated in a home - an average nursing home in Canada. My mother is also obese.... and fell under all the co-morbidity factors for Covid. My brother, father and I were actually "happy" when Covid hit her ward.... dementia is not going to take her and she has no life. But weirdly covid has taken 2 of her roommates and 86 other patients in her ward.... covid doesn't kill everyone like we have been told it does and is obviously not as contagious as we are told ... 2 Roommates- younger and "healthier" than her. We left her un- vaccinated- hoping that would also help move her to heaven... (she has been kn this home in a vegetable state for 11 years now).... but nope ... unvaccinated, obese, previous smoker .... she lives... who knows what will take you out.... I honestly believe If I took her out for a day and we were hit buy a bus.... she would live - I wouldn't. Because that's life.


mowotlarx t1_j892nzf wrote

>My brother, father and I were actually "happy" when Covid hit her ward.... dementia is not going to take her and she has no life.

...what is wrong with you. Jesus Christ.


Sure-Tie-741 t1_j89ktwg wrote

  • she has absolutely no quality of life. She doesn't know who anyone is. She is in a diaper, can't walk, can't talk, is fed baby food. We wouldn't allow a Pet to live this way... but it's ok for the elderly.

mowotlarx t1_j89mxpa wrote

I'm sorry to hear that your mom is suffering, but wishing death en masse upon residents of a long term care facility hoping your mother will die is something you may want to keep to yourself.


Sure-Tie-741 t1_j8a6unr wrote

My apologies... I wasn't wishing death en mass to others.


MysteriousHedgehog23 t1_j86766v wrote

I can’t believe we didn’t have to wear a mask in the hospital before


zed910 t1_j86gfzo wrote

Agree. This should be a completely uncontroversial policy.


Papa--Mochi t1_j8c014o wrote

It'll hold for about a month then they'll drop it.

Replay of mask mandates being lifted in stores and a few holdouts saying "we'll keep the rule".

Yeah, for a week.


Papa--Mochi t1_j88eyml wrote

Unfortunately a recent Cochrane Review of gold-standard RCTs showed no strong evidence they work, which is likely what led to state lifting the requirement.


MysteriousHedgehog23 t1_j88lk8x wrote

You’ll note the people who deal with infection control everyday of their professional lives (doctors and nurses) haven’t removed their masks. That should tell you something. Not to mention, there are a ton of issues with that studies methodology as it relates to Covid too numerous to name here.


Papa--Mochi t1_j88ozu7 wrote

At this stage, after three years, the onus is on mask proponents to produce overwhelming evidence of their efficacy. That simply isn’t available. It’s threadbare at best.

I’m not anti-mask. They were a useful placebo to help some of the more anxious to return to society, and I’m thankful for that.


MysteriousHedgehog23 t1_j88q7e1 wrote

I don’t think so. You wear it or you don’t is something I’m fine with outside of Heath settings. Every individual gets to “live” with their own individual results


Papa--Mochi t1_j88v7yy wrote

Well, soon pretty much all health settings will be mask-free too.

There’ll be a few holdouts for a month or so, just like with stores, but by early spring it’ll be over.


jae343 t1_j8b329k wrote

> Cochrane Review

Our confidence in these results is generally low to moderate for the subjective outcomes related to respiratory illness, but moderate for the more precisely defined laboratory‐confirmed respiratory virus infection, related to masks and N95/P2 respirators. The results might change when further evidence becomes available. Relatively low numbers of people followed the guidance about wearing masks or about hand hygiene, which may have affected the results of the studies.

If all of us lived in a controlled environment with less variables and were consistent with hygiene policies sure but let me tell you that doesn't even happen in a hospital unless you're in a isolated environment such as during surgery. And also it helps that in hospitals the air change and HVAC requirements are much stricter.


brownredgreen t1_j8e03gr wrote

You are a propagandist

That review was inconclusive because of the difficulty of studying it in a non lab setting

In a lab setting the proof is incontrovertible

Your desire for the lab to be wrong for your narrative is sickening.


froggythefish t1_j86nqh2 wrote

You have to wear masks in the giant facility meant to house people with severe often contagious illnesses? That’s insane. 1984.


Papa--Mochi t1_j88eznc wrote

I know you mean well, but a recent Cochrane Review of gold-standard RCTs showed no strong evidence they work, which is likely what led to state lifting the requirement.


ScumbagMacbeth t1_j876431 wrote

I had surgery about a month ago and masks were required in the waiting room but not well enforced, some people weren't wearing one at all. My partner got covid while waiting for me and then I got it while I was still recovering from surgery. It really sucked.


beershoes767 t1_j89hmyx wrote

How do you know your partner got it there? They could have gotten it a grocery store for all you know.


ScumbagMacbeth t1_j89i32d wrote

We were entirely isolated the week before I had surgery because if I got covid they'd cancel the surgery.

LOL I'm getting down voted because I tried not to get covid before a planned surgery? Or because my partner probably picked up covid in a crowded waiting room full of coughing people during peak covid season?


Papa--Mochi t1_j8bzwwb wrote

I think you were initially downvoted because every branch Covidian always has a just-so story about how they caught it.


[deleted] t1_j87fqq1 wrote



ScumbagMacbeth t1_j87g4fw wrote

My partner was masked and I was in surgery so I didn't really have a choice as to if I was wearing one or not. I'm more diligent than most about mask wearing (15+ hour workdays, basically anywhere public, not going out to eat or indoor events when case numbers are high)


mowotlarx t1_j88kvac wrote

I mean, of course! Anyone who doesn't want to slow the spread of bacteria and viruses in a hospital among patients, staff and visitors is doing it wrong.


stonecats t1_j89aee1 wrote

glad to hear it... have someone working at Coney Island
and would rather see him inconvenienced than less safe.


jae343 t1_j87fawr wrote

This is just common sense but...what about those muh freedoms folks?


mowotlarx t1_j8931gc wrote

Giving your hospitalized relative pneumonia to OwN ThE LiBs.


Accomplished-Duck779 t1_j8auwjc wrote

I wish NYC Public hospitals would follow the science and the rest of the state and remove this silly requirement


Art_Basel_Ganglia t1_j86lk7j wrote

So if I’m reading this correctly the good private hospitals have relaxed the mask mandate but the lower-quality public hospitals have not?

Why? (Seriously)


talldrseuss t1_j86n69n wrote

I can only speak for Sinai and NYU but they still have mask requirements for patient areas. I'm actually not sure if any hospital in NYC has relaxed their masking requirements in clinical areas. I just learned about Maimonides relaxing it in this article, but haven't it about any plans to relax it elsewhere


IGOMHN2 t1_j88h4he wrote

lmao who would be stupid enough to go into healthcare now? Low pay, high stress, shitty schedule and you gotta wear a mask your whole career.


eekamuse t1_j88kkt4 wrote

Welders have to wear a heavy helmet. Dear lord, think of the poor football players! Who would be stupid enough...


IGOMHN2 t1_j88rw1u wrote

Welders have the same problem as health care workers. Football players make a shitload of money.