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AlarmedCoffee7422 t1_j88fsxb wrote

The fact that we could even get a new rail service plan for Brooklyn and Queens in general is a miracle. I’m all for expansion to the Bronx, but having that provision from the beginning will absolutely distract and derail the MTA from the whole project bc the Bronx part of the IBX involves complications that the rest of the IBX doesn’t. It sucks, and I think the MTA can be useless, but at this point I’m just happy they’re pursuing the IBX at all. Better start with the current plan and then attempt to expand to the Bronx


UpperLowerEastSide t1_j89fy8c wrote

If we’re building new rail in the Bronx first priority should be along Fordham Rd and Pelham Pkwy since the Bx12 is one of The City’s busiest bus routes and the Bronx lacks crosstown subway lines.


Best_Line6674 OP t1_j88niwb wrote

The problem is, the IBX is literally useless now that they're using Light rail. It's going to be on surface level roads, with traffic that can get in the way. Besides that, there's a lot of people that will be taking this. That should distract and derail the MTA from working on a Light rail system that no one cares about. Why Light rail? We've already have the tracks. Just do a subway or commuter train line, that's fast and efficient. Light rails, aren't that fast, at all. How do we know if they'll ever give us a line from Bronx to Queens, if they' re not using trains?


AlarmedCoffee7422 t1_j88w486 wrote

Your post was about IBX not being extended into the Bronx. Why are you arguing with me about the light rail vs heavy rail debate?


Best_Line6674 OP t1_j8a9hz1 wrote

Who said I was arguing? I'm just stating that it's not a rail line. How does one connect train rails, to a light rail? Say that we can hypothetically use the Hell Gate Bridge for trains, now how would we connect tracks over to a light rail? Bronx and Queens connection wouldn't even be possible now.


signal_tower_product t1_j88sbjj wrote

They’re going to have 1 tiny section that will involve street running lmfao


dust1990 t1_j88ykte wrote

Yes it’s one section. But it’s in the middle of the line. It will slow down the service crippling it’s usefulness.


signal_tower_product t1_j88yukm wrote

Lol ok, it’s only on a small section of Metropolitan Ave, 69th St & 69th Pl


WorthPrudent3028 t1_j894d3a wrote

He's not wrong though. Metropolitan Ave traffic is a shitshow on a good day.


dust1990 t1_j88ztet wrote

It’s a bottleneck plain and simple.


WagwanDeezNutz t1_j88rhzm wrote

>Why Light rail?

You really don't know?


Best_Line6674 OP t1_j88rzt2 wrote

Yes, I do know. They're definitely not up there with commuter trains, and do you think that a light rail car has enough capacity to deal with an entire line, filled with people?'


WagwanDeezNutz t1_j88tgql wrote

Light rail is significantly cheaper than heavy rail to implement and maintain, can use existing above ground roadways, transfers road space designated for cars to mass transit, is built to complement existing heavy rail, and is a fuckton more pleasant experience than heading down into the subterranean terrarium of steam and atmospheric rat shit know as the West 4th Station


Best_Line6674 OP t1_j8aa9ge wrote

Heavy rail tracks already exist on the IBX, do they not? Now you have to pay more to remove said tracks, or to build new infrastructure around it. So then what happens when there's more traffic on said roads, because of light rail taking up space? Explain the capacity light rails have, compared to a commuter train? Again, this isn't one city, this is two boroughs with a lot of people. Will light rail get them where they need to go in a timely manner? I was hoping we would get a subway line as well in the future, but I don't know if they would ever do that.