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TeamMisha t1_j88niy7 wrote

PSA (Penn Station Access) and IBX are indeed nice but missing some long neglected links. The alignment of the Hell Gate line is just so bad I guess (LONG curve and elevated sections) it is no wonder we never activated it fully with stations, though it should be possible.. It is a good opportunity to activate MNR and even LIRR if there was 1 more station passed Woodside for city commuters for example. IBX I read made Hell Gate incompatible due to the alleged 6 minute target headways, meaning the bridge doesn't have enough capacity for all service (Amtrak, freight, MNR). I don't recall if a full feasibility study for adding capacity was done. A Queens to Bronx connection would certainly be historic, and I think worth studying.


Accurate-Wish-8674 t1_j8b0e4f wrote

If they care about the Bronx extended the 6 Pelham line to co op city and bring the Thrid Avenue Elevated line back in south Bronx Clearmount Avenue Webster Ave Bronx between Gun hill road Clearmount Avenue and Queens plaza connecting to the 7 N W trains. Lee cornwell