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team_suba t1_j88tds5 wrote

Staten Island to Bronx :

first time?


Best_Line6674 OP t1_j8aat1g wrote

Why? What happened to them? I do wish that they had a subway or some sort of train line that connected them to Brooklyn and/or Manhattan


fuchsdh t1_j8bmzrc wrote

There was at one point going to be a train that ran from Bay Ridge across the narrows. They even started on the tunnel before the Second World War and funding cuts killed it, and we got the Verrazano Narrows Bridge instead.

Staten Island really needs a northern rail line, and a rail connection into Brooklyn would be good too, but it's still a very remote place. Few people are going to want to commute two hours by train through Brooklyn into Manhattan.


OGPants t1_j8938zo wrote

To be fair, nobody likes Staten Island. And ppl generally don't care about the Bronx (speaking as someone raised in the Bx)


team_suba t1_j893q20 wrote

To be fair, the Bronx is a third world country compared to Staten Island.


OGPants t1_j8944tt wrote

Doesn't change the fact nobody likes Staten Island