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Best_Line6674 OP t1_j8a93hi wrote

Sure it would be too expensive, but to close to existing Bronx-Queens bridges? Calverton is no where near the two only bridges, which gets a lot of traffic and takes up time for those trying to get into Queens easier. It would definitely have a big if an impact if cars can just get off I-95 before going into southern Westchester, besides taking up less time to travel since you'll have less traffic on the other two bridges now that the tunnel exists. Also won't have to go through all of that just to get to Queens, but instead just take the LIE to the other highways that would take you to the Verrazzano


Pinuzzo t1_j8aear7 wrote

Well the tunnel proposal was to extend NY135 from Oyster Bay to the I287 in Port Chester, nowhere near Calverton, NY and also not even connected to CT.

Southbound traffic from I95 from CT to NJ through Queens/Long Island is unlikely to relieve much congestion for anyone since all the LIE/BQE/Belt Pkwy is already near capacity anyway.