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Sickpup831 t1_j9ul55e wrote

This is not NYPD. Also, this whole video is staged.


F_T_N_32 t1_j9ui640 wrote

No NYPD officers are in the video.


jay5627 t1_j9u9sid wrote

This looks like it was set up beforehand


oreosfly t1_j9v28bo wrote

Nah, the cameraman just so happened to record at the exact moment some stranger decided to fare beat in front of the cops.



Bertie_Woo t1_j9ys1yd wrote

IDK if this is real, but seems pretty plausible. Those MTA police hang around like that in groups all the time. Just find them and then wait around until someone goes through without paying.


NetQuarterLatte t1_j9ub2q5 wrote

That doesn’t seem like a regular fare evasion.

With the camera person right there, the framing and the movement of the camera, music editing etc, this actually strikes as a premeditated violation.

Violations committed for the sake of TikTok income should receive a lot less sympathy.


Black_Hipster t1_ja96jz8 wrote

Sure, but I also don't really care about random tiktokers not paying $2.75.


bklyn1977 t1_j9ujh5e wrote

those transit cops won't do shit while on camera because it would be another outrage if they stopped him.


thebatman924 t1_j9xrg66 wrote

That’s the MTA police, their job duties literally are nothing, they work 3 days a week and make more than NYPD, they don’t call it hitting the lottery for nothing when you become a MTA Police officer or the jackpot when becoming a Port Authority cop. Imagine just chilling and talking with a group of friends without a worry to make an arrest or meet an “activity”goal while making a base salary of $110,000 for MTA Police and $125,000 for PAPD


meshflesh40 t1_j9xts3j wrote

Terrorist attack is when they will be tested. (Mta police, port authority)


thebatman924 t1_j9xuuj0 wrote

In the event of a terrorist attack in NYC, the NYPD and literally all federal agencies will be there in minutes


templekev t1_j9x10sv wrote

r/nyc usually gets mad when the NYPD tickets fare evaders and now they’re mad the NYPD won’t ticket fare evaders?


Sams_Butter_Sock t1_j9w95wm wrote

I’ve literally seen a cop opening the door for people at Jackson heights


Zay93 t1_j9wyeek wrote

Nothing gone happen it’s literally no point he’ll get a ticket & it’ll be dismissed this ain’t 15 years ago nomore


RGE27 t1_j9x7ojl wrote

Rip on them for doing their job… until they do their job … lol


Bertie_Woo t1_j9ysb8c wrote

Why do they hang around in groups like this? Wouldn't it be more effective for them to individually patrol a larger area?


RGE27 t1_j9yu0of wrote

Idk man. They’re waiting for something to go down or an insane schizo to be jerking off in front of a 7 year old. The comments “nypd doing there thing” when if they stopped a black guy for this would get ridiculed as well. Just leave them alone lol


Bertie_Woo t1_j9ywjqk wrote

I see that argument, but I think the rule of law is important. If the fare evader has a job he should pay, if he doesn't we should fund programs to get him reduced price tickets. Inaction makes the police look bad and rewards unlawful behavior.


RGE27 t1_j9z8giw wrote

I’m with you. Personally I think that guy needs to be written a ticket or whatever the consequences are. Just pointing out the sad world we live in. Cops don’t do anything they are ridiculed, they do their jobs writing a ticket to a black guy and they’re deemed evil.


srpokemon t1_j9zoh2j wrote

problems with the city should not be left alone


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9y7bx4 wrote

Yeah..and..? If they went for the farebeater they'd be accused of "over policing".


Ooogaleee t1_j9vn022 wrote

Is that Allen Iverson?


smallint t1_j9wspqq wrote

No, that’s Theft.


_hello_____ t1_ja14n2v wrote

Theft is the billions of MTA dollars that can’t be accounted for


smallint t1_j9wsnfz wrote

Lol “NYPD”. Mofo can’t read.


hortence1234 t1_j9zljyf wrote

Look at the patch.. it's not NYPD.


Black_Hipster t1_ja96pgs wrote

No clue why this was filmed.

Shut the fuck up and go about your way. Don't fix what ain't broken.


DiNovi t1_j9w6qv3 wrote



Diamonds4ever222 t1_j9xksew wrote

Welcome to “new” New York City. Where 85% of subway users skip the fare, and Officers do not care. You can get away with anything here. They’re going to raise the fare for the 15% who actually pay the fare.