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kibbliebear t1_j89tuen wrote

I see Dr. Aloke Chakravarti at Mount Sinai, W 14th st. He got me in after an ER visit, next day, with no wait. He’s been super responsive to my questions and seemed to want to get to the bottom of my condition.


elephants22 t1_j89x1yl wrote

Dr. Francis Adams at NYU is phenomenal.


philmatu t1_j8a5ypb wrote

I was going to say Dr. Miranda on 26st/7av is great except he usually has an hour wait. Good luck finding one that's a bit faster and still good.


Desperate-Tea-6295 t1_j8aidd5 wrote

Dr Dana Zappetti at NY Presbyterian, her office is at 61st Street. She's the best of the best - one of the most goes the extra mile when needed. She takes all kinds of insurance

(646) 962-2333 425 E 61St., 4th Fl New York NY 10065-8722


Zack_212 t1_j8b18a3 wrote

Dr Teller at NYU is phenomenal. A little rough around the edges personality wise but I LOVE him as my pulmonologist.


braininjury5000 t1_j89uxze wrote

/r/AskNYC and whoever takes your insurance