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Remarkable_Landscape t1_j9tr740 wrote

I would put that money towards hiring a local photographer rather than leaving a camera unattended and hoping you get the shot. Especially since you don't live here.

I'd also recommend you post this in r/askNYC - people give some really helpful suggestions there


EagleFly_5 t1_j9tv5tm wrote

Photographer here (mostly food), and I agree, you do not want to leave your camera/phone unattended, especially for a precious moment like this. Whether it’s shot interference, or even someone wants to take the camera. Maybe consider hiring a photographer, or a trusted friend to help!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden/Wave Hill/NY Botanic Garden can be great spots, but you’ll have to most likely pay/set up a permit for the pro-style photo shoot. Jefferson Market Garden’s a bit low key (& tiny) so you can maybe get away with it.


DeaHera OP t1_j9tsvu0 wrote

Thanks for the recommendations. I have a commercial-grade camera+tripod and trust my photography skills to do something like this (I do weddings). Plus, the coordination, what if I'm having a bad day or her mood isn't in it, and I want to do it at a different time? It all comes into play.


savageo6 t1_j9tulpt wrote

It's less of your photography skills and more of leaving a directly unattended what I assume is a few thousand dollars of camera equipment is a huge target for someone to grab and run off with it all


DeaHera OP t1_j9tv2bo wrote

From this comment, I can only say I'm glad I don't live in NYC. I can't imagine having to worry about this every day.


midtownguy70 t1_j9twcjf wrote

I am a photographer and this is not a problem. Unless you are really far away from it, I guess? But even then, there is no greater chance of this happening in New York City than other major cities in the US or Western Europe.


Remarkable_Landscape t1_j9tukun wrote

Frankly it's going to be hard to find a private place with few people at that price that allows a tripod setup, and is secure enough to leave a professional camera unattended for a long stretch. But there might be other suggestions, good luck


savageo6 t1_j9tuszq wrote

As for a location if you are thinking botanical garden the Brooklyn one is a good choice