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Drag0nus1 t1_j96tbft wrote

Do what we did with Cruz....give him a proper NYC WELCOME


GoHuskies1984 t1_j972eu9 wrote

Fundraiser hosted by the rich gays from White Lotus?


nikkideeznutz t1_j97mi7g wrote

OOTL here... what is White Lotus?


GoHuskies1984 t1_j97on8z wrote

Show on HBO. Season 2. The character Tanya meets some high end gays.


Edit: When Cruz last came to NYC to campaign he was hosted by a wealthy gay club owner.


FourthLife t1_j97gap2 wrote

He's probably hoping to get photos of huge NYC crowds protesting him. It will give him extra republican clout for the primaries.


Drag0nus1 t1_j97h4xf wrote

Good point....just no one show up...would be so nice.


bummer_lazarus t1_j98qn6t wrote

How can any law enforcement officer support a politician who is proposing legislation allowing everyone to carry firearms without a permit?!


iRedditAlreadyyy t1_j9a3ijr wrote

Because he’s a republican conservative who uses culture war buzzwords. They don’t care about the clear double standards. Just like the “traditional family respect marriage” crowed magically didn’t care when it was revealed that trump cheated on his own wife with a known porn star.


anonyuser415 t1_j9adgbs wrote

Did y'all see the Atlanta incident where a guy was carrying 6 guns walking in a mall, and was seen loading them in a bathroom.

Prosecutors had nothing to charge him with. It's terrifying that the line between legal carry and massacre is about 5 seconds. I can't imagine officers wanting this...?


yakofnyc t1_j9ar8uv wrote

Remember when conservatives used to talk about "common sense"?


myassholealt t1_j9dynwo wrote

Support for politicians like DeSantis doesn't usually come with critical analysis of their policies. It's usually just agreement with their promotional soundbites and attitude.


seafoodgodddd t1_j96xzmd wrote

As a former Floridaman, I'm so sorry for this fucker existing


H4drienne t1_j996n0h wrote

I grew up in his fucking district as a teenager when he was a congressional rep. We all hated him. I have never seen anyone get booed off a stage with more ferocity than DeSantis at a town hall


nailgardener t1_j97phlz wrote

Was your mind blown when you found the tap water here actually drinkable?


TazeredAngel t1_j981ce7 wrote

Not who you’re replying to but as another former Floridian it was absolutely mind blowing to me how good water tastes up here straight from the tap.

Also fuck DeSantis.


BobaNYC_88 t1_j994dtr wrote

Same as a former Floridawoman. No matter how hard things get here, I will never go back home while this pseudo-dictator is in power.


ItsAll42 t1_j9993jq wrote

As a fellow former Floridawoman, I feel increasingly creeped out that the worst parts of Florida I escaped are now embodied in Ron DumbSantis, who has a shot at national power. I thought I got away from this shit. This guy would be a thousand times more dangerous than trump was.


jdapper5 t1_j97enfm wrote

What I don't understand is why these Trump-like politicians look so sloppy in their suits 🤔 I mean damn do you even check the mirror before leaving the house? After the Obama-era (& peak COVID) these politicians have a taken a real slide in the style department


Turbulent_Link1738 t1_j97ihr0 wrote

It’s part of their image. Trump looks like shit but he pays thousands of dollars to look like shit intentionally


fafalone t1_j98aqdi wrote

With DeSantis it's intentional. But remember Trump is a genuine moron, I don't doubt that delusional cheeto really thinks he looks fantastic caked in bronzer and stuffed into an ill fitting suit topped by the world's most expensive combover.


Turbulent_Link1738 t1_j98b178 wrote

nah Trump's suits are custom fitted to look missized off the rack.

in the words of Dolly Parton, 'it costs a lot to look this cheap'


fafalone t1_j9adpqm wrote

Custom fitted to his specifications, to what he thinks looks good.

Tailors will be happy to cut you an ill fitting suit if you insist that's what you want.


grandzu t1_j98z1ie wrote

They get suits a size bigger cause they think it imposes size and fitted is woke, probably.


jdapper5 t1_j9956x8 wrote

Woke? Yea you're probably right 😂


bobby0949 t1_j9eyoe8 wrote

Republican s have NO style….


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9heu4t wrote

Maybe. But I'll take that over Rachel Levine or Sam Brinton any day. Just sayin'.


HombreDeMoleculos t1_j98d8u0 wrote

Throw his ass on a bus and ship him to Saskatchewan. It's no less than he'd do for his fellow man.


watupmynameisx t1_j9a33go wrote

People in Florida are pretty happy with him, I don't know about that


Darrackodrama t1_j9a68ue wrote

Because a lot of Floridians are nyc refugees from south bk who never loved their fellow mek all that much. The type who fears gang violence in a safe Miami neighborhood.


watupmynameisx t1_j9a8o03 wrote

Yeah those weird people who don't like gang violence. Would hate a governor who focused on eliminating that...


OG_RyRyNYC t1_j9al2nu wrote

How did DeSantis eliminate that? And quickly!


HombreDeMoleculos t1_j9b2e4w wrote

Probably the same way Greg Abbott eliminated rape in Texas. These rubes will believe anything.


watupmynameisx t1_j9bpukn wrote

It's weird everyone seems to be moving to Texas too. Abbott must suck even more than Desantis!


glazor t1_j9cglnw wrote

Per capita FL has 2.5 homicide rate of NY. Miami and Jacksonville have homicide rates of over 3 times that of NYC, but numbers mean nothing to some people.


Darrackodrama t1_j9bk22a wrote

Big cities in florida are on average far less safe. Lets take jacksonville and compare the gangviolence problem to NYC, its not even close Jacksonville is a far worse place in terms of violent crime. Its your perception and the big city nature of NYC that gets the wrap


watupmynameisx t1_j9bqary wrote

And yet Jacksonville has 4x population growth as NYC, meaning people took a look at both cities and were 4x as likely to choose Jacksonville. Seems like they're doing something right there!


Darrackodrama t1_j9br0wc wrote

What are you saying? its momentary regional growth that happens in under developed cities, new york has 8 million plus residents its never going to have anything higher than single digit growth. Its like yea of course botswana has a 20% growth rate and the us is lucky to have 4% the US is fully developed as is NYC compared to jacksonville.


And part of what you are saying is the public perception of NYC not the reality of actual violent crime statistics.


And the only thing they are doing right is poaching New Yorkers by failing to tax people to provide basic healthcare, transit, and educational services, all while clamping down on academic freedom in their schools. For a certain type of selfish new yorker who has the money to hide themselves away in a planned suburban town it works, but its not a sustainable means of living. Let florida have all those people though. The midterms showed that republicans are concentrating themselves into like Florida and texas.


I have lived in both and I felt far safer in NYC than Jacksonville.


watupmynameisx t1_j9ce556 wrote

So people are leaving NYC because of an unbearable tax climate and now Florida is experiencing a GDP and pop boom relative to NYC because of its more business-friendly climate. What a dumb Florida policy! Those selfish people who want to take their wealth and spend it away from NYC. So is it momentary or not?

And don't get me started how academic freedom - a concept that had zero to do with elementary schools - is being impinged! It's as if parents want more oversight over teachers teaching their kids far left sexual ideology!


Darrackodrama t1_j9fcdby wrote

I’m not talking about trans people at all I’m talking about banning books from the library, arresting protestors for certain speech, and banning AP African American history just because.

Let’s be real if Hochul did that you’d be concerned


watupmynameisx t1_j9fcqqr wrote

Banning them from school libraries where there are 2nd graders, yes. That isn't academic freedom. And he didn't ban AA history, that's propaganda. He banned rhe existing format with incorporates gender and queer theory which have zero to do AA history. And when did he arrest protesters for certain speech?


Darrackodrama t1_j9jttjf wrote

And he arrested people who were felons that voted when the state told them to vote in a phony crackdown on voter fraud.

As to the African studies thing, you are just wrong the commission made the determination and he backed it. Let’s say Hochul banned us history because it delves to far into nationalism? Would you honestly be sitting here making excuses for it? I wouldn’t because it’s wrong.

What is happening in Florida is unprecedented and scary, just because you support those things doesn’t mean the precedent isn’t unnerving. Imagine someone you didn’t like started doing the same shit to you?

It also shows you all don’t value diverse ideas in the public education realm, you want an echo chamber and you are willing to hack someone who is slowly dictating a certain nationalist view of the us to kids instead of giving kids a broad overview of thoughts and ideals.

It’s not gonna work anyways, younger kids are increasingly radical and see through it all anyways and gen z and alpha are the most diverse, and sexually divergent generations yet by the numbers so good luck.


Black-n-GoldBleeder t1_j9drdjx wrote

How dare they block my 9 year old from learning that his friend Tommy thinks he’s a Tammy and that’s ok.


watupmynameisx t1_j9ds8s7 wrote

When they have a teacher who tells them they're Tammy and not to tell Tammy's parents about his new identity, yeah that's not ok. Especially when Tommy's parents do not believe that someone can unilaterally declare themselves a different gender.


Black-n-GoldBleeder t1_j9duq2a wrote

The twist is that Tommy was once a Tammy that wanted to be a Bob. Spin the Bottle gets a little more complicated for today’s teens. Meeting a mate is now like picking out of a box of chocolates.


HombreDeMoleculos t1_j9b2i92 wrote

People in Florida are also pretty happy running around Wal-Mart naked and high on bath salts. Not sure Florida Man is the gold standard for having good judgement.


watupmynameisx t1_j9b311g wrote

Actually, I'd say having the highest population growth rate and 5th highest gdp growth rate by state are indications he's got pretty good judgment


HombreDeMoleculos t1_j9cvhkp wrote

I'm going to go out on a limb and say people move to Florida for the weather and not the fulminating bigot running the state.


watupmynameisx t1_j9dsr6p wrote

And yet all of this population growth happened immediately after Covid. I guess Florida's climate changed mysteriously in 3 years


HombreDeMoleculos t1_j9duxrv wrote

"All this" population growth? So you're positing that no one moved to Florida before Covid? Just so, so dumb. Especially considering Florida's population growth has been trending downwards for 60 years.


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9hf86v wrote

They're not losing Congressional seats. New York State is. It resulted in the hochul-mander if your memory news a jolt.


petroleumnasby t1_j97b5hv wrote

Totally a Katz's matzoh ball soup guy with a frankfurter & kraut.


mikey-likes_it t1_j97fope wrote

Took him for more of a meatball guy


petroleumnasby t1_j97ldng wrote

It’s true. Everyone thinks that until they think, “I’ll have what she’s havin.” And she’s usually havin the soup.


Swoah t1_j98ee59 wrote

The Trump-DeSantis debates and social media wars are gonna be so funny


mrchumblie t1_j9d67zl wrote

It’s genuinely funny but also will be awful once the belly laugh ends and we realize these two clowns are competing for the presidency


Silvery_Silence t1_j98ycmu wrote

Why doesn’t he have a neck? He looks like a wax figure.


BobaNYC_88 t1_j994j7q wrote

He's way overweight and always hides it in the suits. That's why you'll see him in a suit in 100F weather


stork38 t1_j9aj0tv wrote

Since when did body shaming become ok?


BobaNYC_88 t1_j9akeyj wrote

I'm not trying to body shame. I was literally just answering the question


IrishRogue3 t1_j9ay22f wrote

I agree- there is a lot of body shaming of public officials. I don’t care whether you like an official- dem or repub- it’s gross. And the joke is that most who are doing it are sitting on their couch with fat- laden asses and faces you could scare a baby with. Oh how anonymity brings out the inner ugliness of people.


muderphudder t1_j98fyys wrote

I sympathize with him. I too am ashamed to buy a new suit to replace the ones I got 10 years ago when I was 20+ pounds lighter.


murbike t1_j982qu7 wrote

FL resident here - DeSantis is poison.

Right now, he's running a state with a legislature that marches in lockstep with his fascist policies.

If we didn't recently go through the Trump fiasco, I would love to see Meatball Ronnie get the nom, but with the Dem machine still choosing Old White Men as their candidates, Ronnie D may have a chance with the Repubs. He speaks the same simple language that his constituents understand, and can get his point across with 5 words or less. Just like Trump.

DeSantis is Trump's Mini Me, right down to the poor grammar, ill fitting suits, weird mannerisms and tiny hands.


Evening_Presence_927 t1_j985zwh wrote

Dems are never going to give up incumbent advantage, especially with republicans in the house making him look like the sane one in the room.


fafalone t1_j98a96i wrote

With the whole "white men bad" schtick being absolute poison to everyone but a small fringe of progressives, it's hard to blame them.

Old white man Bernie Sanders should have been president, but go on keep carrying water for the same people who buried him: Those amplifying divisive racist views like yours on the left to keep anyone with progressive economic views from getting anywhere near power. Nothing like racial resentment to make sure class consciousness doesn't gain a foothold.


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9hfrr9 wrote

I've been saying that for so long that I've given up.

Between the racists and the Reds I only care about getting, keeping, and passing along my piece of the pie to my family.


k1lk1 t1_j9896ef wrote

> with the Dem machine still choosing Old White Men as their candidates

It's crazy how casually racist people are and everyone nods along like, yeah, he's got a point


occasional_cynic t1_j98a7mh wrote

Start assaulting the wacky things he says and point out why his policies will suck. Stop calling everyone who disagrees with you "fascist" because it does little besides promote ignorance.


murbike t1_j98f1am wrote

He says 'wacky things' all day long, and twice on Tuesdays.

I'm not calling him 'fascist' because I disagree with him. I'm calling him Fascist because he's copying the policies of Hitler and Musollini.

Do some research. He's promoting book banning, discussion of racial relations in schools. He fired a DA because the guy disagreed with him.

DeSantis is a fascist. He has no interest in promoting Democracy.


-UncleFarty- t1_j9732pt wrote

We don't want you here, Meatball Ron.


Mechanical_Nightmare t1_j97fi09 wrote

why are we even letting this clown enter the city


ChrisFromLongIsland t1_j9aaxax wrote

We should sue him like Dominion sued Fox News. Everyone in Florida is petrified to visit NYC because they have been brainwashed by Desantis's lies. NY state is way safer than FL.


Rottimer t1_j9cglcn wrote

He's just like every other snowbird that has to occasionally crawl back to NYC when he needs money to fund his lifestyle in FL.


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9hg0sw wrote

In America, people are free to go where they want, say what they want and do what they want (as long as it isn't illegal). He can go any place he wants and say whatever he wants. You can protest if you want. God Bless America!


ketzal7 t1_j99rh46 wrote

They’re not sending their best


invertiren t1_j97elxe wrote



bustedbuddha t1_j97l42b wrote

If they didn't want protestors they wouldn't announce this. I'm on this fence if that means people who want to shouldn't.

If you still want to protest this guy your signs should be book covers.


hchn27 t1_j98cpwz wrote

Not the Desantis supporters downvoting comments …


thebatman924 t1_j9aq94i wrote

This event will be filled with NYPD officers from Long Island, DeSantis is Long Island if it was a person


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9hfhq6 wrote

Almost half of the NYPD lives in the 5 bores. The other half in NY suburbs.

Where do you expect them to live on a cops salary? UWS? Park Slope? Astoria?


thebatman924 t1_j9hmhkb wrote

Why are you acting like Long Island is a cheap place to live? It’s literally one of the most expensive places to live in the world, and NYPD has forced OT whether you like it or not and doing doubles in transit will give you $130,000 where the average salary in NYC is $51,000, please go on Indeed and find the requirements for a job that pays $130,000 with a pension and full health benefits that doesn’t require a PhD, no matter how much people complain it’s still one of the best jobs in the city, and lastly the NYPD isn’t the military, you can leave anytime without consequences if you hate it that much.


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9homgj wrote

Not all of LI is the Hamptons. Go to East Rockaway, Babylon, Amitville, Levittown, Hicksville, Melville etc and there's some very middle class areas- waay cheaper than Astoria. And since SALT taxes get washed out, the tax burden isn't a crusher.


Zohin t1_j98kqgt wrote

How to trigger an entire sub with 1 post


Sea_Consequence_7699 t1_j9ao5ca wrote

Law enforcement supports the very people who create the violence and unsafe conditions with their bad laws.


ChrisFromLongIsland t1_j9aanhj wrote

He should be having the event in Miami. NYC is way safer than Miami.


peter-doubt t1_j9eilzi wrote

Some "friend" .... Those lame brained cops on SI forgot... It was DeSantis who delayed hurricane Sandy aid for more than a month.


bobby0949 t1_j9eyibz wrote

Staten island is not New York!


[deleted] t1_j96td5l wrote

Will he be repatriating all of that crypto that fled to Miami?


DawgsWorld t1_j978zfu wrote

But he'll be confined to the bowels of Staten Island.


Mikey_meatballz t1_j97dtsh wrote

Yes, and they’ll welcome him with open arms unfortunately.


Mechanical_Nightmare t1_j97i0p8 wrote

i don’t even know why we keep staten island lol


ItsAll42 t1_j999uqh wrote

Fuck DumbSantis, but it's not cool to make fun of SI. Half that island literally keeps this city running. Yes, I politically disagree with a large portion of that bloc, but, even still, that isn't very nice. They do have a suspicious amount of turkeys on that island though wtf.


Backseat_boss t1_j97stup wrote

Sad thing is I really see him winning 😕


Amphiscian t1_j97xe6j wrote

hey, we may get lucky. I haven't seen any evidence so far that the GOP has learned any lessons from fumbling the midterms. Meanwhile, there does seem to be a civil war quickly escalating between him and the Trumpers


Space_Cowboy10859 t1_j96p0iq wrote

Ron DeRacist needs to know NYC will welcome that piece of 💩 with open arms.


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9hgq19 wrote

Shame on you! Diversity is our strength! Celebrate diversity!


Space_Cowboy10859 t1_j9iqmwi wrote

You're seriously supporting this racist scumbag? Shame on you!


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9jgd7k wrote

Where do I say that I support anyone or anything other than Diversity?


Space_Cowboy10859 t1_j9jug0t wrote

That's the point! DeRacist isn't about DIVERSITY!


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9o9dyc wrote

Oh! I though that "diversity" included religious, philosophical, ideological and political diversity? Does it not?


Space_Cowboy10859 t1_j9radf4 wrote

Obviously but this 🤡 wants none of it. And your point? 🤔


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9taoah wrote

You don't want diversity. You advocate making him unwelcome. That's intolerance. Intolerance is the opposite of celebrating diversity.


Space_Cowboy10859 t1_j9ui89l wrote

You're gaslighting badly. So would you welcome the Proud Boys, KKK and anti Semitic scum along with DeRacist? 🤔


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_j9uxg10 wrote

I never said anything about welcoming anyone. You shouldn't talk about gaslighting, Comrade.

I said that in a multicultural society, there's people from all races, ethnicities, social classes, religions and political persuasions. I also celebrate diversity. So should you!