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san_serifs t1_j9aay16 wrote

β€œIt’s your Civic duty..” to make sure these commercial landlords make huge profits on rents while they pay little to nothing back in taxes.


snowdrone t1_j9anite wrote

Hilarious.. people often fall for fake patriotism, but this is just too much


kiklion t1_j9f2ond wrote

If it was a different context, I'd argue that the 'Civic Duty' was to work and provide value to your community, not to work 'in the office'. Which I can understand the first part, a society won't work where everyone stays at home all day and the government pays you not to work (as it was said in Sept 2020.)

But 'the market' had a solution to covid infection concerns, which was to enable work from home. So we all got back to contributing to our society while limiting our exposure to each other.