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kinky_boots t1_ja8qvaf wrote

If you haven’t already done so, post to local FB groups and reach out to the NYPD. Those poor kitties, this is how serial killers start before moving onto torturing and killing people.


Informal_Bus_4077 t1_ja95ngz wrote

I'm sure the nypd will get right on it


angryve t1_ja96t4z wrote

Then, they’ll solve the whole police brutality thing.


Aviri t1_ja9qn14 wrote

To the police that’s already solved


IIAOPSW t1_ja9xtyu wrote

this might be an instance of two birds, one stone (several cats).


jtet93 t1_jaapwe6 wrote

We had a similar case in Boston last year and they actually did investigate and catch the guy. Freaky stuff


DonQuixoteReference t1_jab8681 wrote

Just tell them you think it was an unarmed black man, they'll investigate the shit out of it