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Jnunez7660 t1_ja8rv31 wrote

As an animal lover, I do what I can to help the animals in my community/society. I've seen some unique injuries to some kittens and cats, but this looks specific. . . I've once had to treat a car with a degloved tail. It was brutal, but it was caught on a fence.

So some people, granted, they do this on their time, but there are a group who tend to the cats in the neighborhood. I would say maybe do some rounds with a friend or something to kind of survey the scene and if you see something. I'm not saying feed the cats or make it a job, but just be aware of the regular cats of the hood and people too. You'll get an idea of what and who. Sorry this is happening to those little kitties. . . Evil is always amongst good, but most times it's the undeserving who are often belted with the disgust of man. . .