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astrrisk t1_ja8zaa2 wrote

Are these cats being treated for health wise at a vet/emergency vet? Was the suspected person a breeder (breeders are also people who usually abuse animals in their care).


astrrisk t1_ja9056r wrote

I just looked at the post - someone definitely abused those fur babies. Woodhaven is near Richmond Hill, and there's a lot of cats in Woodhaven too who are supposed to be "taken care of" by some people in a basement, but when I went to said basement last year, I didn't see a litter box in sight and it was super cramped with a ton of cats right on top of each other. Maybe some of the cats ran from the basement over to Richmond Hill, but that's just a guess of mine.


offlein t1_ja99p8i wrote

> (breeders are also people who usually abuse animals in their care).



astrrisk t1_ja99zaw wrote

Yes! Check the ASPCA and AMA Animal Rescue for some stories about breeders abusing animals in their care.


offlein t1_ja9e6ha wrote

I'm not sure how to search for what you said, but I think what you said was that "breeders usually abuse animals". Maybe you meant "breeders also abuse animals"?


astrrisk t1_ja9eh5w wrote

Yeah.... I think I worded it wrong. I've never heard of a good breeding story.


offlein t1_ja9ew9l wrote

Understood. :) Thanks, interesting info.


astrrisk t1_ja9ffka wrote

You're welcome. I know AMA Animal Rescue in Brooklyn rescued a dog named Sasha as her breeder was off to sell her 7 puppies.


IIAOPSW t1_ja9yc2o wrote

Its one of those "arsonists are more often than not firemen". Vast super majority of firemen are not arsonists, but the profession attracts those with a burning desire.


ChawwwningButter t1_jaab4r5 wrote

Breeders do not usually abuse cats… otherwise the animals would not be able to successfully carry kittens, which is the whole point of breeding. Also, unusual for breeders to focus on domestic shorthairs rather some popular expensive breeds like ragdolls, British shorthairs, or Maine coons