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Jmk1981 t1_ja952bp wrote

I love cats so I care what's on the video but don't want to traumatize myself. Can you tell me what's on it?


[deleted] t1_ja959bv wrote



Jmk1981 t1_ja95htv wrote

Ugh. I really appreciate you describing it for me.


rarosko t1_ja9qugf wrote

That link is staying blue. Ugh my heart :(


jtweezy t1_jaapnsn wrote

Yeah, I’m not clicking that either, but if it’s as bad as you say it is and it’s caused by someone intentionally hurting these cats, there is nothing bad enough in human existence that can happen to this person/these people.


circa1337 t1_jab2gy3 wrote

Jesus fucking christ. Please if you’re reading this and can think of any clues to help police find this person, please say something. The police will investigate this, or rather, detectives will. We have known for a LONG time that this type of behavior is indisputably the mark of a future serial killer, if the behavior is allowed to escalate that far. What a sick fuck, it’s so infuriating