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offlein t1_ja99p8i wrote

> (breeders are also people who usually abuse animals in their care).



astrrisk t1_ja99zaw wrote

Yes! Check the ASPCA and AMA Animal Rescue for some stories about breeders abusing animals in their care.


offlein t1_ja9e6ha wrote

I'm not sure how to search for what you said, but I think what you said was that "breeders usually abuse animals". Maybe you meant "breeders also abuse animals"?


astrrisk t1_ja9eh5w wrote

Yeah.... I think I worded it wrong. I've never heard of a good breeding story.


offlein t1_ja9ew9l wrote

Understood. :) Thanks, interesting info.


astrrisk t1_ja9ffka wrote

You're welcome. I know AMA Animal Rescue in Brooklyn rescued a dog named Sasha as her breeder was off to sell her 7 puppies.


IIAOPSW t1_ja9yc2o wrote

Its one of those "arsonists are more often than not firemen". Vast super majority of firemen are not arsonists, but the profession attracts those with a burning desire.