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3DPrintedCloneOfMyse t1_jaczaml wrote

If the assumption is about whether I've been vegan longer - it's statistically almost certain, but I did qualify myself. If the assumption is that the behavior is off-putting, we can look at our respective up/downvotes.

> And thats 27 years of no exceptions?

Define "exceptions". I don't have a personal purity test. I'd eat meat every day if it meant ten omnivores went vegan in my place. So if my order is screwed up in a minor way - e.g. I forget to specify no egg in my bibimbap - I'll pull out the big pieces, but it's not helping animals to throw away the food instead of eating the tiny egg bits.

Perhaps more importantly - I don't ask everyone who baked cookies whether their sugar was made with bone char, and I don't avoid beers/wine who might have been fined with isinglass. But: I used to. Until a vegan friend mentioned that they didn't, because it makes veganism look impossible. I'd rather be 99.5% vegan if it causes someone else to become 99.5% vegan instead of being 100% vegan and someone else 0% vegan.

This approach works. I can say with certainty that multiple people became vegan with me as the primary influencer, and far more folks who will eat vegan food who previously didn't.

You want some vegan propaganda that actually works? Learn to cook vegan food that doesn't use ingredients they're not comfortable with (even tofu) that tastes amazing. Back in the 90s commercially available vegan cookies sucked because the market was filled with health nuts. I changed a lot of minds about vegan food being "too healthy-tasting" by making unhealthy vegan foods.