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The pet rescue Puppy Kitty NYCity has rescued a number of cats in the last few days with gruesome injuries to their feet. It doesn't look possible that these happened by accident, some of the injuries look like they may have taken a while to inflict. Even if you don't care about cats, people who do this often move on to humans. Someone must know something.



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kinky_boots t1_ja8qvaf wrote

If you haven’t already done so, post to local FB groups and reach out to the NYPD. Those poor kitties, this is how serial killers start before moving onto torturing and killing people.


Jnunez7660 t1_ja8rv31 wrote

As an animal lover, I do what I can to help the animals in my community/society. I've seen some unique injuries to some kittens and cats, but this looks specific. . . I've once had to treat a car with a degloved tail. It was brutal, but it was caught on a fence.

So some people, granted, they do this on their time, but there are a group who tend to the cats in the neighborhood. I would say maybe do some rounds with a friend or something to kind of survey the scene and if you see something. I'm not saying feed the cats or make it a job, but just be aware of the regular cats of the hood and people too. You'll get an idea of what and who. Sorry this is happening to those little kitties. . . Evil is always amongst good, but most times it's the undeserving who are often belted with the disgust of man. . .


masahawk t1_ja8s46x wrote

When u use to live in that neighborhood i found one time since birds hanged upside down by their feet. On was still alive and freed but man it suck to see it.


Stefan_Harper t1_ja8ymmr wrote

It's moments like this that really test my commitment to opposing the death penalty.


astrrisk t1_ja8zaa2 wrote

Are these cats being treated for health wise at a vet/emergency vet? Was the suspected person a breeder (breeders are also people who usually abuse animals in their care).


TurbulentArea69 t1_ja8zbzb wrote

Along with being on the lookout for anyone committing abuse, please also consider donating to the organization. It takes thousands of dollars to treat each of these animals.

I’m involved with the organization and can promise you they are reputable and extremely caring.


astrrisk t1_ja9056r wrote

I just looked at the post - someone definitely abused those fur babies. Woodhaven is near Richmond Hill, and there's a lot of cats in Woodhaven too who are supposed to be "taken care of" by some people in a basement, but when I went to said basement last year, I didn't see a litter box in sight and it was super cramped with a ton of cats right on top of each other. Maybe some of the cats ran from the basement over to Richmond Hill, but that's just a guess of mine.


lawdletmein t1_ja93p0g wrote

Stuff like this is never ok & like OP said, it’s often a precursor for humans. Flashbacks to don’t f*ck with cats


ChawwwningButter t1_ja94cvv wrote

I felt so sad when I saw the cat with all four of its feet completely destroyed. Evil and cruelty know no bounds.


RobinsonDickinson t1_ja96g13 wrote

Richmond Hill is a shithole, when I used to live there more than a decade ago, it was actually a decent place. Now it is riddled with crime and garbage everywhere, and ofcourse animal cruelty! - Help by donating, or putting up flyers about this abuse.


Saladcitypig t1_ja97bkk wrote

You should put up fliers so people keep an eye out. I hope this demon is found.


Bad_Skater t1_ja97j2q wrote

Yeah I remeber when I was 16 me and my best friend beat some dude on angle dust or something with our skateboards cause he was whipping his dog with a chain. Some people are sick but from my experience the community and or authorities root out these fuckers


lexstar828 t1_ja986nt wrote

Puppy Kitty NYC do hell of a job with all the rescuing !


CercleRouge t1_ja99q58 wrote

Just sent $50 for these poor kitties. I urge everyone who can to do the same.


Teller8 t1_ja9ae8a wrote

This shit happened in Boston like a year ago. The cat killer posted on Facebook that he found a missing cat and was praised as a hero when it was returned. He eventually got caught when a repairman found cat treats leading into his garage and then the guy killed himself.


offlein t1_ja9e6ha wrote

I'm not sure how to search for what you said, but I think what you said was that "breeders usually abuse animals". Maybe you meant "breeders also abuse animals"?


jsteele2793 t1_ja9f685 wrote

You can contact the rescue! Their IG is puppykittynycity. They’re looking for people to distribute flyers in the area. You can also donate to them directly because the care of these cats is insanely expensive. One has already cost 7k in vet bills. Another had to be euthanized today :(


jsteele2793 t1_ja9fg2p wrote

Thank you for bringing awareness to this. I volunteer for them and this is truly devastating. Someone is definitely harming these babies and it’s going to keep happening unless we catch them or hopefully scare them into hiding.


astrrisk t1_ja9jke8 wrote

I know they've teamed up with AMA Animal Rescue before. Maybe they can get AMA to help? Although, I know AMA is mostly focused on the animals in their care, but I know AMA is always willing to spend a ton of money on animals in these situations. AMA spent over $30,000 on one dog who got mauled by two other dogs and ended up losing his left ear. ASPCA Animal Hospital might be able to help too.


astrrisk t1_ja9jzv9 wrote

Tell them to maybe collaborate with AMA Animal Rescue on this. I know they've both teamed up with one another when the entire ordeal with Ukraine got worse. If PuppyKitty needs the ASPCA Animal Hospital within the next few days but has issues getting an appointment, let me know and I can tell the vet staff at the ASPCA (I'm a volunteer at the ASPCA and often have to deal with the vet staff there).


astrrisk t1_ja9khbh wrote

Also - for the first two cats shown in the post, Hibiclens will do wonders in their recovery - and clavamox (vets sometimes give it in bags with a scrub/pad type of thing, but you can also buy it over the counter at a drugstore/Target).


H4drienne t1_ja9lv1e wrote

One of the cats in this video has since been euthanized and their injuries were so severe I actually felt relieved for them. This is absolutely heartbreaking. I'm just glad the word is getting out and there's a legit organization caring for these animals. Not usually one for macho internet talk, but seriously fuck whatever sick piece of shit did this. I don't have much to offer, but if you'll excuse me, I need to go rage donate to puppykittynycity.


Jimmy_kong253 t1_ja9qjls wrote

Usually the torturing of animals is how serial killers begin


Excuse_my_GRAMMER t1_ja9rimf wrote

311 , NYPD and fill a report or something idk

animal abuse is kinda a serious thing especially if it kids doing it


operajunkie t1_ja9ushc wrote

If I find this person first they won’t make it to the police.


superglower t1_ja9x8h8 wrote

Flatbush cats posted about an abused + mutilated cat was found recently as well.


IIAOPSW t1_ja9yc2o wrote

Its one of those "arsonists are more often than not firemen". Vast super majority of firemen are not arsonists, but the profession attracts those with a burning desire.


SpiritedForm3068 t1_jaa0t9m wrote

Hopefully there are enough surveillance cameras that can track the injured cats up to the time they were last with the evil excuse of a person


Puzzleheaded_Cut3103 t1_jaa3c0z wrote

This is fucking me up because I live in South Richmond Hill. So I guess we're gonna have a serial killer soon.


The_Infinite_Cool t1_jaa4ra9 wrote

This is gonna sound awful, but the chances of anyone finding this person is minimal unless someone catches them in the act. People kept finding mutilated cats in Forest Park (all around the old train tracks) like 10 years back and no one ever caught anyone.


DJMuSaFiR t1_jaa55fi wrote

There has been a massive increase of raccoons in the neighborhood. If it's not people, it might be the raccoons. They are huge!


emergesurge t1_jaa8a8r wrote

Maybe this was mentioned but what part of Richmond hill have the kitties been found?


SouthDriver3003 t1_jaa8wp8 wrote

Hope we take care of these crooks. Those kitty abusers need to go to jail for a very long time, along with those who ran that puppy mill a while back…



MedusaMyReflection t1_jaaa4hi wrote

How horrible! I haven't read anything in any local FB groups. I went to PKNYC ig to read more about it so I could post in some groups... The footage they have is so tragic, those poor kitties!

Edit- I tried to post about it in a Richmond Hill FB group and my post was declined. :(


ChawwwningButter t1_jaab4r5 wrote

Breeders do not usually abuse cats… otherwise the animals would not be able to successfully carry kittens, which is the whole point of breeding. Also, unusual for breeders to focus on domestic shorthairs rather some popular expensive breeds like ragdolls, British shorthairs, or Maine coons


maomao05 t1_jaaofs8 wrote

Holy crap I legit thought this was a Toronto/GTA news but plz someone catch whomever is doing this! I hate ppl who does this to cats!!!


jtweezy t1_jaapnsn wrote

Yeah, I’m not clicking that either, but if it’s as bad as you say it is and it’s caused by someone intentionally hurting these cats, there is nothing bad enough in human existence that can happen to this person/these people.


DropNationalism t1_jaaq0r1 wrote

If I found someone torturing cats they would never been seen again.


sikandarnirmalsingh t1_jaazg03 wrote

I really hope the sacred precious cottons AREN’T being abused. If someone is, may they suffer the same fate, and may I never come across them when I’m in the area.


circa1337 t1_jab2gy3 wrote

Jesus fucking christ. Please if you’re reading this and can think of any clues to help police find this person, please say something. The police will investigate this, or rather, detectives will. We have known for a LONG time that this type of behavior is indisputably the mark of a future serial killer, if the behavior is allowed to escalate that far. What a sick fuck, it’s so infuriating


exdrbob t1_jab2obo wrote

Hope they can find this menace soon. This is a close knit neighborhood and they can put an end to his actions


Astoria321 t1_jab3gpb wrote

Do you have a more specific area of where the cats were found?


PlNG t1_jab49z6 wrote

Is it salt damage? I think the early heavy salting for tonight's storm might've taken its toll on the poor cats.


zo3foxx t1_jab7dph wrote

A sicko is born every minute. Once read a story in the UK where someone was torturing hedgehogs and duct taping their bruised corpses to light posts. Some really sick assholes out here


3DPrintedCloneOfMyse t1_jabi9qy wrote

I've almost certainly been vegan way longer* than you and I'm downvoting this.

It's off-topic but that's almost secondary.

This behavior doesn't win people over, because it's annoying. If anything it reinforces the "annoying vegan" trope.

I appreciate the effort you're putting in, but I think it's best directed elsewhere.

*a bit over 27 years.


_hello_____ t1_jaboclb wrote

If I find out who this is, I will do what the useless NYPD will not.


givemeacoff33 t1_jaby6o1 wrote

I saw a post recently in the Astoria subreddit about some lunatic putting thumb tacks / push pins in the dirt, pointy side up, for animals or people to step on. Absolutely psychotic.


throwaway7891236j t1_jac1vq8 wrote

i live too far to do anything but community effort in these cases can mean a lot. there's some people in the neighborhood i live in that organize feeding spaying and counting of the neighborhood cats. takes care of them and probably deters crime like this --

just seeing ppl suggest nypd and i think...that's not a great option unless you already have a lead.


UsedAd3788 t1_jac73id wrote

I know people hate calling the cops but just call the cops (NYPD). If you feel weird calling then go to the local police station and report it. I’d do it but I’m not local to Brooklyn. Thank you for caring about this!


manticorpse t1_jac7uu1 wrote

>Stuff like this is never ok

It's kinda fucking me up that you felt the need to say this. It's like saying "rape and murder is never ok", yeah no shit... but you're right. There ARE people out there who need to hear it, and that is seriously messed up.


TheSixpencer t1_jac8skc wrote

Contact the news. It's the only way to shame the NYPD into actually maybe potentially caring. (I'm serious about the news)


Grk_WarrioR____ t1_jacdhkd wrote

I really hope for this not to be true. You should definitely call the local police department and have them open an investigation. If there is a cruel person abusing these cats they should be charged the same as if it was done to humans and spend the rest of their lives in prison. I feel like you need to be on a different level of evilness to commit these crimes to kittens that are helpless.


manticorpse t1_jack1im wrote

From the video that the rescue posted on Instagram... pretty damn sure it's not salt damage. Unless salt has developed the ability to aggressively maim things, I guess.

(Do not recommend watching the video, it's very hard to watch.)


astrrisk t1_jacmqur wrote

VEG in Carle Place is closer to Queens if they ever need a backup for a 24/7 emergency vet. I've personally used VEG for one of my two cats nowadays and two of them when I was growing up and have only had good experiences - only issue is they overcharge for medicine, but that's to be expected.


Effective_Scale7650 t1_jaco192 wrote

Ya I'm figuring out if they "most certainly has been a vegan way longer than i"

He makes a good point but in a condescending way and preaches to not reinforce the vegan trope.

I'll propose the same question to you as well: what have you found does help the cause?


manticorpse t1_jacsmyx wrote

Honestly... giving people breaks. Obviously being completely vegan "no exceptions" is more impactful than occasionally slipping up, or by being vegetarian, or by being a "Tuesday vegan" or whatever. But people get very, very defensive about their dietary preferences, and a person doing something is better than doing nothing, so you gotta give people breaks sometimes. When you hop into conversations preaching veganism with (I'll be frank) an air of superiority, you will make some contrarians reading the conversation shift their mindsets from "maybe it's okay to eat vegan once or twice a week" to "fuck vegans, I'm eating a steak at every meal".

So you gotta be careful. You need to praise people for doing what they can, and you can't shame them for "not being vegan enough". Because the purity-testing BS will turn people against you.

(This is a level of tact that extends beyond online discussions on diet, and if it's a skill you haven't learned yet then it might serve you well to practice it. Catch more bees with honey than with vinegar, etc.)

As for proactive things you can do... honestly, learn to cook delicious vegan food that appeals to omnivores, and then serve it to them. Bonus points if they don't know it's vegan until you tell them. There's this thing in teaching called a discrepant event, which is when you shock someone out of their preconceptions by presenting them suddenly with a surprising situation which challenges their assumptions. In this case, the assumption would be "vegan food is boring and gross" or "a meal doesn't feel complete without animal products in it". So don't give them a salad. Learn to make an awesome, delicious curry with some vegan naan, something hearty and filling... serve it to them, let them give you accolades about how great your cooking is... and then tell them casually that it's vegan. Surprise them into learning that eating vegan doesn't have to be a sacrifice.


Muppet-King t1_jacw2es wrote

When I was growing up there, people used to cut their tails off for Santeria stuff. You’ll also find headless chickens l, pig heads etc


3DPrintedCloneOfMyse t1_jaczaml wrote

If the assumption is about whether I've been vegan longer - it's statistically almost certain, but I did qualify myself. If the assumption is that the behavior is off-putting, we can look at our respective up/downvotes.

> And thats 27 years of no exceptions?

Define "exceptions". I don't have a personal purity test. I'd eat meat every day if it meant ten omnivores went vegan in my place. So if my order is screwed up in a minor way - e.g. I forget to specify no egg in my bibimbap - I'll pull out the big pieces, but it's not helping animals to throw away the food instead of eating the tiny egg bits.

Perhaps more importantly - I don't ask everyone who baked cookies whether their sugar was made with bone char, and I don't avoid beers/wine who might have been fined with isinglass. But: I used to. Until a vegan friend mentioned that they didn't, because it makes veganism look impossible. I'd rather be 99.5% vegan if it causes someone else to become 99.5% vegan instead of being 100% vegan and someone else 0% vegan.

This approach works. I can say with certainty that multiple people became vegan with me as the primary influencer, and far more folks who will eat vegan food who previously didn't.

You want some vegan propaganda that actually works? Learn to cook vegan food that doesn't use ingredients they're not comfortable with (even tofu) that tastes amazing. Back in the 90s commercially available vegan cookies sucked because the market was filled with health nuts. I changed a lot of minds about vegan food being "too healthy-tasting" by making unhealthy vegan foods.


jaydoubleuw t1_jad2jy4 wrote

I adopted my two cats from this organization. They had a great team that was extremely helpful and professional. Hate to hear that this is happening to them. Please consider donating if you have the means


Ok_Yogurtcloset8915 t1_jaeo36c wrote

I'm saying this in total seriousness, so I hope it doesn't come off as a joke: have you guys considered reaching out to curtis sliwa about this? he's... extremely morally questionable but he is famous for starting a vigilante group and he is really into cat rescue. I can understand if that's not someone you'd want to get involved with though.