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LarryDavidsGlasses t1_j8tbyds wrote

You said your hobbies include video games. Are you meaning to tell me you spend $0 on your setup initially? And bought 0 new games, accessories, etc?


ThrowRAanyways2 OP t1_j8tgxy8 wrote

Free online games of Steam and the App Store. I also downloaded DS and PS2 emulators.


myassholealt t1_j8tk2pj wrote

You can rent games from the library. And if they're on a play station 4, it could be one they've had for a very long time. Plus they said they allocate $75/month in misc. It may very well be one game they play all the time, so they only needed to buy it the one time. Or for a game like Destiny 2 that has new DLC type releases every ~3-4 or so months, it's easy to squirrel away money to cover any new purchases.


MasterDave t1_j8tl36r wrote

The best/worst thing is world of warcraft where if you know what you're doing you can essentially play for free.

or something else that has a long dynamically generated campaign type experience. I could probably buy one Football Manager game and play for 5-6 years without needing to buy anything else if it came to it, same as I can pay for my WoW subscription for zero dollars through WoW tokens.

And presumably you can play games on the laptop you have for school if you got something decent before moving to NY for school. It's not like you consider the things you own to be part of your monthly expenses unless you just live life on credit.