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eekamuse t1_jamn6xv wrote

Speaking of crime posts, this sub has been a whole lot better without them. Thanks everyone.


ThreeLittlePuigs t1_jcyajmf wrote

So why are y’all still burying the crime thread results? Is it because the top mod doesn’t personally like the results of the vote, or want to admit they messed up running the vote? We were told 3+ months ago results would be released and acted on and you’re yet to publicly even admit (oh right you responded to one comment and got chewed out for misrepresenting the truth in it) that you need to redo the vote….. who cares about the actual thread at this point but leaderships inability to actually follow up with anything they claim they’ll do is embarrassing. That and the utter lack of accountability.


deansprings t1_jd07ixs wrote

Hey man, can you stop asking about this? Unfortunately I think the results weren't exactly helpful for our community so it's best to not show it at all. Let's try to forget about it.


ThreeLittlePuigs t1_jd0a84l wrote

The results were that the survey was done wrong and capped answers after a day and not 7. And that the vote was relatively inconclusive with the majority of folks voting for some sort of crime thread. I’m just not sure why they can’t admit this happened and move on like they said they would.


ThreeLittlePuigs t1_jb0pbm4 wrote

I was muted just for asking a question in modmail. Is it the new policy that mods don’t have to be tolerant of others opinions that they don’t like? Should you update the seeking mods post to say “just don’t question leadership and you can be a mod / allowed to post here”?


I-Sleep-At-Work t1_jb6ce2s wrote

what the heck, you no longer mod? when that change...


ThreeLittlePuigs t1_jb6e85u wrote

Couple weeks ago. A few mods were booted.


funforyourlife t1_jb9vfcd wrote

Huh, weird. I was going to ask the same thing. I don't always agree with your viewpoints on issues but you are clearly active and local so it seems odd to be de-modded.


ThreeLittlePuigs t1_jb9xuyi wrote

Yeah appreciate that, I'm definitely vocal of opinions, but tried to never let that effect my decisions and appreciated the folks of the sub, like yourself, for giving me grace to do that.

Couple mods (u/paratactical and u/majorfogtime, sorry for pinging you guys but I am talking about ya so felt the thing to do) were demodded, I thought they were good mods and asked the team to vote if we could bring them back, everyone who weighed in voted that they should be mods again(this represented the overwhelming majority of the mod team), within a few hours of bringing the old folks back I was demodded. To be fair I'd been relatively active in questioning some decisions in modmail recently without getting any response, so likely someone became tired of me being a thorn in their side as well.


Darth_Monkey t1_jbc3ukt wrote

Guess I left at the wrong time. Missed all this drama! Looks like no new mods were added, I wonder if this round of applications were unfruitful


ThreeLittlePuigs t1_jbconw4 wrote

I mean at some point if things don’t get fixed I’d be surprised if the top mod could find anyone. They got rid of some of the most active mods because they didn’t want to share power and they want to treat folks like employees. It’s an incredibly untenable position and one that I doubt anyone would want to be involved in for too long.

But yeah you missed all the fun!!!


NetQuarterLatte t1_jb6pr09 wrote

Would they allow the question (that got you muted) to be asked here? Since a mute is less than a temporary ban, I infer that it didn't violate rule 15.


ThreeLittlePuigs t1_jb6u3qw wrote

I’d rather not, no disrespect. It’s a pretty specific question for a specific user involving a decent amount of backstory.


[deleted] t1_jam8flf wrote



Al_Touchdown_Bundy t1_javpns0 wrote

He was too busy killing off the official Discord to do any of that.


ThreeLittlePuigs t1_javv7bp wrote

Heard a little bit of that from Tara but her comments were removed. No clue why someone would want to be such a dictator over a space they don’t even use….


I_AM_TARA t1_jb7222j wrote

Yup, I got banned from the discord for I guess bullying? Idk I was never told why.

And then I was muted in modmail for pointing out that all the weird claims being made were straight up false or unverifiable by anyone else.


nybx4life t1_jb6x6o4 wrote

There's an official Discord?


I_AM_TARA t1_jb72dll wrote

There was an official discord. But from what others tell me it’s now a ghost town with spambots.


Darth_Monkey t1_japnn9n wrote

Who’s even keeping track at this point?


ThreeLittlePuigs t1_japohjm wrote

No comment lest someone accuse me of “harassment” for shedding light on the situation. But pretty much everything that’s been said about the polling ended up either not being true or not happening sooooo pretty sure there will never be resolution here.


solidious t1_jawrji1 wrote

>I am disappointed by your actions today.


ThreeLittlePuigs t1_jax5jzv wrote

Sorry you gotta unpack that for me but I know there’s something funny in it


manormortal t1_jauq15d wrote

This kind of wind should be illegal with this much rain coming down. What has happened to my umbrella is a crime and I am seeking justice and retributions.


washlaundrynow t1_jd130jc wrote

For the longest I have heard music (think it’s jazz of sorts?) playing in the Nolita area during midday. I don’t know which building it’s coming from, but I hope this reaches the right person/people because you are brilliant, makes my day every time!!! If you’re ever looking for audience, would love the opportunity


kolt54321 t1_jcsgint wrote

Someone threatened our lives today on the UWS (again).

Man, I thought the neighborhood was safe. But apparently if you look like a specific religion you'll get people yell slurs at you and threaten to hurt you.

It just sucks. Why does this happen in 2023... question - any good places to buy legal mace in case one of these guys actually get physical? I understand it's legal to carry but not to order.


TwoCats_OneMan t1_je29kzu wrote

Can we please move these paintings to /r/nycpics?


fleeingflying t1_jarwdj9 wrote

If you've registered for Brooklyn Museum's free "First Saturdays" event tomorrow, but can't go anymore, I'd love to take the QR code entry ticket off of you!


PatronPM t1_jas5ytg wrote

Does anyone know of a game development class in NYC?

Ideally it would be introductory or intermediate with the goal of having you build a proof of concept or simple game by the end of the class.

I've tried online tutorials and videos and they just don't get my brain to latch on, I'd love a class with a tangible goal and an instructor.


nybx4life t1_jb6x1kq wrote

I saw Pace University had a game development class when I looked for such things in the past. There was also game jams as well.

Dunno if there's an independent organization running anything.


iv2892 t1_jb13d1b wrote

Is crazy , but March so far has been colder than January.


JohnTheMod t1_je7secg wrote

It was warmer when I was there St. Patrick’s Day weekend than it was at home.


nybx4life t1_jb6xrnz wrote

For all the criticism about the Post, I don't ever really see balance when it comes to the Times or even the Daily News.

Do you guys check out those papers?


twopoint71eight t1_jb74clm wrote

Best place to see a rabbit/bunny in a non-sad environment? Some of the organizations around the city have opportunities to foster, but tbh I just want to pet/hang out with some for a bit.


iv2892 t1_jbepwna wrote

Do you guys remember when the Post was trying to scare monger people saying that the reason that the new scream movie was filmed in NYC is because of the supposed “scary lawlessness and crime in the city” 🤣😂😂😂😂. Yeah , like there are not enough horror or disaster movies set in nyc


nybx4life t1_jboh1oy wrote

Disaster movies in NYC I can recall (Cloverfield and The Day After Tomorrow), but I can't think of too many horror films.

Scream is the latest, and I can think of one Friday the 13th.

I don't think Candyman or Tales from the Hood were in NYC.


Klaxonwang t1_jch823q wrote

Yup, unless they're counting where NYC has an attack on them, nuke, aliens, etc.. but in lots of those its just collateral damage , not focused only on NYC.


ezyfocus t1_jcvtec9 wrote

Has rent been going down due to the recent bank crises? Anyone have any luck negotiating their lease renewals? Mine is coming up and they were trying to raise it another 10%..


nybx4life t1_jcy96ch wrote


Yeesh. Is it under Section 8? City doesn't allow rent to be raised that high for existing tenants.


ezyfocus t1_jdr1a8c wrote

They raised it by 40% in 2021 so pretty sure there’s no restrictions


elizabeth-cooper t1_jdi1oay wrote

The guy who caused that horrible crash in Bensonhurst was given Bond $1,000,000 Cash $250,000, so far not paid.


BalanceRich5067 t1_jaskw2c wrote

I don’t know if it was just me for some reason but are the security guards at 590 Madison on some rent-a-cop power trip???

Was told that I “wasn’t allowed” to put my feet on a chair while I was sitting at a table minding my own. Asked the guard why to which he responded “I work here” as if that was justification.

Obviously with Privately Owned Public Spaces the owners are allowed to set some rules but that seemed excessive even to me. I asked where that rule was posted and the security guard pointed to a sign on the wall. The closest rule that seemed relevant said that you couldn’t place personal belongings on chairs or benches, but that’s a stretch.

I’m not gonna waste time on it and the folks across the street at 550 Madison in the other POPS literally next door were much nicer anyways. Just wondering if anyone else has had any weird experiences


Schmeep01 t1_jaxqdgt wrote

Unless you changed your shoes when you came in from the street, please don’t put your feces feet on the chair.


NetQuarterLatte t1_jaugwrw wrote

At least in spirit, the NYC laws require the private business to establish rules for the privately owned public spaces that ensures the space can be equally enjoyed by everyone.

If occupying one chair with your feet meant it was one less chair for someone else to use it, or one soiled chair or something, the enforcement/rules appears to be aligned with the spirit.

That being said, none of it excuses a security guard going on an ego power trip.


30roadwarrior t1_jcf8ee3 wrote

The guy told him he’s not allowed to put his feet on a chair. Basic manners actually and not an ego trip. Our poster is displaying typical toddler complaining and seeking sympathy.


Geeekus t1_jb06o36 wrote

This Thursday I’m planning on taking my girlfriend down to NYC and going to the top of the One World Trade Center. It’s about a 4 hour drive for us.

For anyone that’s done this before, do I need to buy tickets in advanced, and what will the parking situation look like?

Also do you guys think the Trade Center is the right building to do this? I know NYC has lots of rooftop views and idk which is the best, but I feel being that the Trade Center is the tallest building it would be the best. Although what’s concerning me and maybe I’m crazy is that there doesn’t seem to be any open like deck, it seems you can only look through windows?


iv2892 t1_jb13kot wrote

The parking situation is tough in downtown , you can go to a garage but is expensive. Sometimes what most people do is park in a certain area where is easier to find parking and then just move using the subway


Bangkok_Dangeresque t1_jb1frrh wrote

>Also do you guys think the Trade Center is the right building to do this? I know NYC has lots of rooftop views and idk which is the best, but I feel being that the Trade Center is the tallest building it would be the best

The Edge at 30 Hudson Yards, and Top of the Rock, are the usual recommended observatories. Mostly because you can't see One WTC when you're inside it (same for Empire State Building).


>For anyone that’s done this before, do I need to buy tickets in advanced, and what will the parking situation look like?

Early March isn't exactly tourist high season, but you never know. No reason to leave it to chance.

As for parking, the situation will be bad. Don't count on nearby street parking. Garages will be expensive, but are likely your only option. The better plan is to park wherever, and then use transit the rest of the way. Depending on the direction you're driving in from, parking near a Metronorth or NJ Transit station, or other park and ride, could be less of a hassle.


Geeekus t1_jb2sjei wrote

Just looked up the Edge, definitely will be going there instead, thank you so much for the tip! As far as parking I’m coming from New England, I’ll look up some spots and see what I can figure out. If you have any good out of the city parking spots that are connected to the subway you could recommend I’d be so grateful. Thanks!


Bangkok_Dangeresque t1_jb67b8w wrote

There's loads of spots depending on how much time you want to spend on transit. You could park as far out as New Haven CT or Brewster NY and take the regional rail (MTA) in to Grand Central. Though that's a 2 hour trip.

I guess it depends on what tradeoffs you'd prefer to make.

  • You can drive all the way, pay the tolls, and put your car in a garage all day for $60-80 (or more).
  • Chance it with street parking and figuring out when/which meters you have to feed, and whether you have to move your car every two hours or whatever
  • Pick your favorite station that looks like it has parking nearby on google maps, and decide how much time on the train is too much that you'd have preferred to just pay for the garage anyway

witheredartery t1_jb84ajk wrote

My friend (21 F, consultant) is looking to make more friends in the city, can you all suggest some ways?


Stunning_Newt_9768 t1_jbbtat9 wrote

Join a social sports team like volo. Kickball, dodgeball, and skeeball seem to be the most social.


dq689 t1_jb9mu2n wrote

Is New York City Subway more crowded in weekends or weekdays?


doodle77 t1_jba67l3 wrote

During the mid-day and late evening, it is more crowded on weekends than on weekdays. During rush hour it is more crowded than on weekends.

Overall ridership is higher on weekend days than on weekdays, but much more spread out throughout the day rather than just rush hour. This has been the case since COVID and also from ~2000 to 2015, but not from 2015-2019.


iv2892 t1_jbeq9g4 wrote

Yeah, I mostly go to the city on the weekends and I’ve noticed there are a lot more people on the subways . Particularly the ACE and 123 lines . Oh and the 7 train as well


unknownsender2 t1_jbc2ma8 wrote

How many miles do you walk per day on average?


iv2892 t1_jbeq4qg wrote

I don’t live in Manhattan but I go there often and I walk at least 3 miles. I guess it depends on what you are doing , but in the city and specially Manhattan you walk a lot lol


studmuffffffin t1_jbo31l9 wrote

My health app is saying 2.3 mi per day, but I don't know if that includes biking. Don't feel like I walk that much.


nybx4life t1_jboh8j2 wrote

Step counter says my average is a bit over 3.5.

Considering how I run around a lot at work, makes sense.


iv2892 t1_jbw1yu4 wrote

Do you guys remember that Twitter post from Andrew Yang riding the A train saying it was a Bronx bound train , even though the A never touches the Bronx ?


rm79 t1_jcqy78e wrote

Sounds like he was saying that HE'S Bronx-bound, not necessarily the A train. Could just be the first train in his trip before he transfers.


EagleFly_5 t1_jc32zfz wrote

Glad the subreddit finally has 700K subscribers as of today (13 March 2023)! 🎉

Onto 750000 subscribers, which shouldn’t be too far off.


akibaranger t1_jc4e85s wrote

the brown rubbery edge of some sidewalks is so slippery. I’ve slipped and fell twice this year. be careful out there.


manormortal t1_jc6legp wrote

And some people want more nasty to snow to make it even more dangerous.


I_AM_TARA t1_jcc35i8 wrote

Do you mean those bumpy panels at the sidewalk crossings? If it’s what I’m thinking you”re talking about- those aren’t actually anti-slip surfaces but rather texture signals for blind people to ID sidewalk crossings.


HugoNext t1_jcgb578 wrote

Where can I buy glass in Manhattan? Cannot find anything online or google maps. I dropped a small frame and need a rectangular sheet of glass to replace the broken one.


Amesly t1_jcxz2c8 wrote

Google "Glass custom cut". I found a good number of places. Problem is they'll be expensive in Manhattan (unless it's Chinatown). There's a great place in Brooklyn that got me 2 pieces custom cut for $60 total: Bernie's Glass and Mirror.

Bernie's Glass & Mirror (718) 467-0649


Petielo t1_jcmni56 wrote

Recommend Me a Good Brick Contractor Please

I need a brick contractor that will work in Queens. Things I need are brick pointing, lentil replacement, porch remodel, exterior waterproofing, etc. If there’s a better sub to post this in please let me know. Thanks.


problemheresir6 t1_jd0icdq wrote

Are there bagel shops out there that don’t actually bake their own bagels, but they buy them from the store/elsewhere? I’m pretty sure my local bagel place doesn’t bake theirs.


Outrageous-Door8924 t1_jd9wlfz wrote

Was there ever a whole wall of stone on Wall Street?

I'm obviously daft, because I just finished reading the final part of this 5-part article on the history of the wall on Wall Street, and I'm still not sure. The author makes it clear that the final wall had bastions of stone, but what about the rest of the wall? (Originally, the wall was wooden, but it underwent many changes, as mentioned in earlier parts of the article.)


Lace-and-Limbs t1_jde9yzh wrote

Hello! I am curious if anyone trans/gender non conforming/non binary can personally recommend a spa they have attended and felt safe at? This would be within a 2 hour drive, ideally, and a Korean style spa.

I have heard positive things about Island Spa in Edison, but have trouble finding personal testimonials.

Thank you!


manormortal t1_je1v45i wrote

This 70 degree on Saturday is just some April fool's nonsense right?


snowdrone t1_je72vua wrote

I'm in Union Square to meet a friend for lunch. I arrive to find that the restaurant has been shut down by the DOH: A few weeks ago I just received a food handler's license, and along with that respect for the DOH inspectors and the science behind the rules. Anyway, outside the restaurant there is guy complaining that he can't eat at this restaurant today, that if he were in another country he could be having lunch right now.. I just couldn't believe it. So a shoutout to the DOH for protecting fools like this from Ciguatera, Scombroid, Anisakiasis and other fun diseases!


manormortal t1_jalpaj9 wrote

Dead ass cant believe American Auto called us out about dead ass b.


PatronPM t1_jas63l6 wrote

felt like they tried to make it a generational thing when it's such a new york thing :-D


justan0therhumanbean t1_jdud75k wrote

Used to be.
Kids from all over say it now which really trips me up tbh. It’s still a New York thing, but not exclusively no more.


demogorgon_main t1_janfsfr wrote

Going to NYC as a Dutch tourist tomorrow. Since it’s not the usual tourist time I was wondering if there’s anything special I should be aware of? I’ve been there before in 2017 but that was in the summer. Im wondering if the city feels any different now since I’m assuming there aren’t many tourists to visit gift shops and hotdog stands.


lickedTators t1_jaousm3 wrote


There's always something special going on, depends what you're into.


EdgarSpayce t1_jauxif3 wrote

Hi, I just watched the movie Sharper, where during a scene (where oddly a Disasterpeace song from It Follows plays), they go into this building. Any idea which building it is? blob:


[deleted] t1_jb6z82l wrote



iv2892 t1_jbeqk2t wrote

It depends on the neighborhood, I’m in nyc often and I feel safe most of the time. The worst I usually see is maybe some homeless mumbling to himself or New Yorkers being New Yorkers. No big deal. The drivers , specially cab and Uber drivers are dangerous though , they have no regard for people crossing the streets . You’re not exaggerating on that part , is almost the same in Jersey, but since there are not that many pedestrians it doesn’t seem as bad . But we have bad drivers all over the tri state area and other cities in the US as well


KingCheerio t1_jbslzo2 wrote

Hey guys! Could someone help me idenitfy what the street in this photo is? Something i'm trying to find out for a uni project- Photo credit goes to alen Palender, Thanks!


boopthesn0op t1_jbv2w0x wrote

My sister has a housing court case and it’s under the “Intake” part. Anyone know what that entails or how is it different from a normal part? Haven’t been there since 2014 so idk what’s changed since


manormortal t1_jbwjvny wrote

I'm the only dumbass that completely forgot about daylight savings time?


python_noob_001 t1_jd6adt7 wrote

Yeah I didn't notice it was daylight savings time until a week after. I just thought i was super tired for no reason


marlowe_rl t1_jc2rzci wrote

Quite a broad one here

I’m visiting NYC in October for the third time and want some good stuff to do. Obviously food is a priority so give me the local gems for tacos, fried chicken etc. (flavourful food). I love vintage clothing stores and also good museums like the Natural History. Finally and gems for music lovers. I’m a sucker for the NYC 70s Punk Scene so if anyone’s got any locations for that it’s be great xx


Whatsername868 t1_jcb2xu2 wrote

Am I good to board a flight from NYC -> FL with a glass pipe?


7x7fog t1_jcfvw5z wrote

I have a question about renewing the lease at my apt. Any suggestions on where to ask?


EagleFly_5 t1_jcfwg0r wrote

Consider asking on r/NYCApartments, flair/start your post with something like [advice] so it wouldn’t be automatically removed by their AutoMod. Good luck!

Also consider asking on r/AskNYC


marmeeweasley t1_jcgmdc6 wrote

Best place to watch NCAAM basketball games tonight???


[deleted] t1_jcj1f9l wrote



manormortal t1_jckdzod wrote

/r/asknyc might have more help.


abuudabuu t1_jckieht wrote

Try working with your grandpa's insurer or the original doctor's office to get recommendations on providers that should be accepting new patients? Member services should be a pretty good place to start.


MollyInanna t1_jcminru wrote

Hi. This woman obviously has a New York accent, but it seems to be ... different in some way. Does anyone recognize if it is a variation of the New York accent, specific to some borough or specific area of NYC? Thanks in advance.


childishgames t1_jcscyi4 wrote

I'm living in Bushwick in a 2k/month studio and just got a new job that will pay me double my current salary. I'm 31 and I like a lot about the neighborhood but wouldn't mind moving up to a slightly nicer area when my lease expires in the fall.

Any suggestions for where I could find a 2.5k/month studio/1BR (something along those lines) that isn't a shit-hole and is in a fun area with cool people, parks, etc. ? It feels like every other neighborhood I check there aren't many options below 3.5k/month, and I don't want to spend all the extra money i'm making on rent.


infectedbrowser2020 t1_jctzli5 wrote

Can anyone recommend some volunteer work I can participate in? I am in the Williamsburg area, looking for something nearby that I can commit to regularly. I love animals, science/nature, also wouldn't mind a soup kitchen or homeless outreach. Thank you !


nybx4life t1_jcy9r7x wrote

Can't speak particularly for Williamsburg, but you can try with New York Cares:


illusoryphoenix t1_jd1bwc0 wrote

How has the pandemic affected NYC's night life the past few years? And What's the best neighborhood/borough for night owls such as myself?


guccigenshin t1_jd2vg7s wrote

a few great places closed but other than that it's back to normal. LES & east village for manhattan and williamsburg/bushwick for bk


writeacomment t1_jd2v3ye wrote

Depends on what you are into, Manhattan still has most of the larger clubs but Brooklyn has spots that are more fun and up and coming. The nightlife scene is alive and well, but everything is a bit less safe after around 10 or 11PM, from the subway to the streets.


guccigenshin t1_jd2vu1g wrote

all of my favorite dim sum places in flushing and chinatown stopped pushing carts ever since COVID. i have family who are asking for the "traditional cart experience in flushing" but everywhere I know doesn't do it. any help is appreciated


drecklia t1_jd67lla wrote

Gas has been crazy expensive the past couple of months. I've compared it to my bills from last year and this year I'm actually using less yet costing me more.


manormortal t1_jdibbwo wrote

Cash app MTA boost locked in for 10 weeks?


prettyflyforawifie t1_je2pyts wrote

Anyone know what’s going on in LIC near Vernon Blvd? Lot of ambulances, cops, and people.


Im-From-Canada t1_je60rj6 wrote

Are there any rules/regulations/violations against using resin in commercial spaces? Our neighbors have been using a lot of resin over the past few months and it's gotten really noxious in our art studio. We've contacted the landlords and they're waiting to see if the new fan these guys installed will help... but it's pretty terrible and I'm wonder what the other options are.


I-Sleep-At-Work t1_jeh5fek wrote

anyone know of good galbitang(beef short rib soup) near wtc?


johng_g t1_je2nh7b wrote

Hi! I'm driving to NYC in early May (arriving on Saturday). Staying in Manhattan near Times Square. Can anyone recommend a parking garage near by? I know its expensive, and accepted that; just looking for the best possible parking situation. I'd rather park in Manhattan then outside NYC. Thanks :)


ncljdm t1_jeam74f wrote

Anyone know where is a good place to view the NYC firework show?


EagleFly_5 t1_jeec86e wrote

You mean the one Macy’s hosts in the Fourth of July? Usually you line up along the East River in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens, but that’s ~3 months away & the actual spots, talent, and other things haven’t been formally announced yet.


elizabeth-cooper t1_jefbo7h wrote

Yo, Webcrims updater, where's Vitaliy Konoplyov's case? Stop deleting things, it's very uncool. I'm surprised nobody's sued yet.


janxher t1_jbte2pg wrote

Are those small gates around trees in sidewalks legal? Ones that seem setup by homeowners