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GlitteringHighway t1_jai0kyw wrote

It’s time to tie malpractice insurance to policing.


SanguisFluens t1_jaitmn9 wrote

If high ranking government officials could be held personally accountable for breaking the law, the world would be a different place. Don't forget this op was commanded by the department cheif.


dadxreligion t1_jak5isp wrote

no way. that’s just another excuse to increase their budget. it’s time to make these settlements come out of their pension fund.


ccai t1_jak9rme wrote

Neither of them have a real possibility of being instated into practice with how little the government wants the function of the police to change. But the possibility of settlements coming from their pension fund would NEVER happen, it would be tied up in court for the next few centuries even if it would instantaneously SHATTER their blue wall of silence.


ChornWork2 t1_jaklwgt wrote

> with how little the government wants the function of the police to change

Public unions have too much power, and no worse case than the NYPD. Offended that people are fed up wtih police misconduct/unaccountability, they pullback on doing their jobs. Overall crime doesn't even increase, but with pandemic consequences get rise in violent crime and fearmongering. Public backlash gets cop-friendly 'tough on crime' turd of a mayor. Crime gets significantly worse... well done?


ccai t1_jakxw4g wrote

The issue is the people in charge don't give a shit because one call to one of their many connections and even the worst fucking cops will back the fuck away unless they're the dumbest of the dumb even by police standards.

The rest of us don't have that privilege - the unions are doing exactly what the bulk of politicians want that's why they have constantly grown stronger despite how vile and corrupt they are. Their main objective is protecting the people with power and money and keeping everyone else at bay regardless of how many innocent get hurt or killed as long as THEY'RE PROTECTED AND SAFE. How else do you think the rich get away with so much shit, they play by different rules - good cops won't let anyone get away with breaking the law, the ones we have now will...

It's a massive systemic problem from the top down.


markyymark13 t1_jairvr3 wrote

Why? So we can funnel even more money to the police to offset the absolutely absurd insurance premiums cops would have to pay? No thanks. Let's not add a market-tested, for-profit middleman as some kind of 'solution' to a deeply rotten and systemic problem.


GlitteringHighway t1_jaj912y wrote

The individual officer pays for the insurance. The officer creates an issue where they are at fault. Insurance pays out, the officer's premium goes up. Eventually it's not financially worth it to be a bad cop. It's not a perfect solution. At the moment the citizen is on the hook for bad conduct. This would solve that.


Grass8989 t1_jajau1e wrote

If you think a police officer making 45k a year is going to need to take out “malpractice insurance” and is going to pay out of their own pocket I have a bridge to sell you.


PiffityPoffity t1_jajkwis wrote

We can pay a salary that easily covers basic insurance premiums. If the premiums rise because of the officer’s record, that’s on them. That’s the whole point—make it economically harder to repeat offenders to maintain a career in law enforcement. It’s exactly how we treat doctors. If someone’s insurance premiums are significantly higher than average for the industry, they’re probably not cut out for it.


columbo928s4 t1_jajuu6r wrote

conservatives loooove the free market until anyone proposes using it to hold abusive people with power accountable lmao


Don_Gato1 t1_jak5xqb wrote

They make much more than that after a few years.


PauI_MuadDib t1_jamnnm7 wrote

Nurses pay it. EMTs pay it. Personal chefs, life guards, teachers, financial advisors, lawyers, journalists, plumbers, electricians, etc. all pay for liability insurance just like 100s of other professions.


Grass8989 t1_janaodi wrote

Almost none of those professions pay for liability insurance out of their own pocket.


GlitteringHighway t1_jajhh8i wrote

You ok bud? Overcompensating for something?


Grass8989 t1_jajisut wrote

Just having a rational take on this, unlike most people. The city would very obviously be footing the bill if this ever became a thing