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casicua t1_jai9cme wrote

Conservatives obtusely conflating peaceful protests and looting is such a fundamental part of their playbook these days it’s laughable. Anyone with half a working brain cell can see right through it - but unfortunately it’s an effective tactic when courting their MAGA cult of idiots to get further in lockstep against progressives.


-SoItGoes t1_jaivnil wrote

They just equate skin color with peace.

Black people exist? Violent. Mobs of white people attacking police and attempting to kill politicians? Peaceful


casicua t1_jaix3wl wrote

To be fair, these days they oscillate between dog whistling that sentiment and just shamelessly saying it.


ifiwereaplatypus t1_jajxpyf wrote

MAGA cult of idiots, if only.

“I’m a moderate Democrat but protestors really should learn to respect the officers in blue.”

“Gosh that’s horrible, it was a really dangerous time to be outside at night anyways. Why are they provoking the police?? Let them do their jobs.”

Roll eye so they join the space x train all the way around the globe and back.