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Grass8989 t1_jajau1e wrote

If you think a police officer making 45k a year is going to need to take out “malpractice insurance” and is going to pay out of their own pocket I have a bridge to sell you.


PiffityPoffity t1_jajkwis wrote

We can pay a salary that easily covers basic insurance premiums. If the premiums rise because of the officer’s record, that’s on them. That’s the whole point—make it economically harder to repeat offenders to maintain a career in law enforcement. It’s exactly how we treat doctors. If someone’s insurance premiums are significantly higher than average for the industry, they’re probably not cut out for it.


columbo928s4 t1_jajuu6r wrote

conservatives loooove the free market until anyone proposes using it to hold abusive people with power accountable lmao


Don_Gato1 t1_jak5xqb wrote

They make much more than that after a few years.


PauI_MuadDib t1_jamnnm7 wrote

Nurses pay it. EMTs pay it. Personal chefs, life guards, teachers, financial advisors, lawyers, journalists, plumbers, electricians, etc. all pay for liability insurance just like 100s of other professions.


Grass8989 t1_janaodi wrote

Almost none of those professions pay for liability insurance out of their own pocket.


GlitteringHighway t1_jajhh8i wrote

You ok bud? Overcompensating for something?


Grass8989 t1_jajisut wrote

Just having a rational take on this, unlike most people. The city would very obviously be footing the bill if this ever became a thing