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OverlordXenu t1_jajhm79 wrote

yeah my guy, the cops have their own law department. my friend literally worked there. they are treated by cops and others as if they are part of the nypd, even if there is nominal structural separation. they are de facto part of the nypd. which is why my friend didn't continue working there. he felt that even the IA lawyers went easy on the cops, which was ironic because they were also despised by the cops as if they were inteneral affairs cops.

but, notably, the lawyers that handle the cases for the cops are not the same ones that handle lawsuits against the city or other departments. that was more the point i was trying to make. the same lawyers do not handle tripping on the sidewalk and police brutality cases.


Arleare13 t1_jajs898 wrote

The NYPD is represented in big defensive civil rights cases like this by the NYC Law Department, which is a city agency that (among other things) acts as outside counsel for other city agencies and employees. Basically the city equivalent of the state Attorney General.

The NYPD does also have its own internal law department, but they don't handle big litigations like this one.