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ChornWork2 t1_jaklwgt wrote

> with how little the government wants the function of the police to change

Public unions have too much power, and no worse case than the NYPD. Offended that people are fed up wtih police misconduct/unaccountability, they pullback on doing their jobs. Overall crime doesn't even increase, but with pandemic consequences get rise in violent crime and fearmongering. Public backlash gets cop-friendly 'tough on crime' turd of a mayor. Crime gets significantly worse... well done?


ccai t1_jakxw4g wrote

The issue is the people in charge don't give a shit because one call to one of their many connections and even the worst fucking cops will back the fuck away unless they're the dumbest of the dumb even by police standards.

The rest of us don't have that privilege - the unions are doing exactly what the bulk of politicians want that's why they have constantly grown stronger despite how vile and corrupt they are. Their main objective is protecting the people with power and money and keeping everyone else at bay regardless of how many innocent get hurt or killed as long as THEY'RE PROTECTED AND SAFE. How else do you think the rich get away with so much shit, they play by different rules - good cops won't let anyone get away with breaking the law, the ones we have now will...

It's a massive systemic problem from the top down.