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PauI_MuadDib t1_jamlk6a wrote

I'd like to remind everyone that the NYPD cost NYC taxpayers over 121 million in lawsuit settlements last year, breaking a 5 year record. That 121 million does not include the cost of the lawsuits, only the settlements.

If you're sick of your tax dollars being flushed by the NYPD then email/call your senator and ask them to support NY Senate Bill 182, which would repeal Qualified Immunity throughout NYS.

Take 5-10 minutes out of your day and contact your senator. The bill's sponsor, Sen. Robert Jackson, has said Dems are prepared to use their supermajority to override Hochul's veto if it comes to that. So every vote will count.

Call, email, tweet, whatever. Just let them know to look into supporting NY SB 182.

Let's hope the NYPD doesn't break this same record in 2023.