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Silvery_Silence t1_japelhk wrote

This is only one incident and involved hundreds of protestors lol. But yeah tell me again how this isn’t a systemic police problem.


WickhamAkimbo t1_japl404 wrote

Happy to give it a watch and give a more detailed response tomorrow. Off the bat, not super impressed with HRW's language covering the incident, which is just excessively biased in favor of protestors with apparently no interest in covering the events dispassionately and accurately. Maybe that's to be expected from a group that probably considers itself pretty anti-cop.

Yes, I don't think the NYPD have a systemic problem with excessive use of force. I interacted with them too many times in too many contexts for your claim to be statistically possible. I saw consistent use restraint in their actions and justifiable force when it was deployed. The abuse from dozen-plus protests I saw was coming solely from protestors (in the form of verbal abuse). That's an actually accurate accounting coming from someone that doesn't really prefer one group over the other.


Silvery_Silence t1_jawirq8 wrote

Haha, it’s the good old “my anecdotal experience is definitely more relevant and true than literally multiple investigations finding widespread abuse of power during the BLM protests of 2020.” You don’t want actual sources. You just want to pretend you’re right.

The HRW source was one source only. How about the gigantic payout/settlement? Pretty sure they wouldn’t settle a case they were confident about winning. I also posted a link to dozens of videos of cops bearing people up, sometimes the person being assaulted is merely standing there doing nothing before.

Police brutality apologists aren’t my thing.