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pixel_of_moral_decay t1_japu566 wrote

That only solves one destination. You still need places to load/unload to trucks along the line in Brooklyn.


signal_tower_product t1_japuamt wrote

You could probably build some new freight/distribution center in south Brooklyn somewhere where freight could be offloaded from trains to delivery (not semi) trucks to their final destination


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_jaqu0lp wrote

Real estate is hugely expensive. The only places are along Sunset Park's 1st and 2nd Avenues and the trucks would have to take the BQE to get to much of the rest of Brooklyn and/or Queens.


signal_tower_product t1_jas2ou5 wrote

I said south Brooklyn tf


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_javj9po wrote

Shouldn't it be "South Brooklyn" then? Either way...where? Real estate is too expensive. You could in Red Hook but the trucks have to get out and about, no? And they'll be....on the BQE.


signal_tower_product t1_jaw4u1z wrote

OR you could build a rail line replacing the BQE (would be underground & freight rail only). I love how you’re so BQE-Centric about freight transport in Brooklyn it’s astonishing


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_jb4k3gj wrote

There's only two roads to get from Douglaston to Red Hook. One is the BQE throughou Brooklyn Hts. The other is the Belt Parkway which is closed to trucks. That's that.


signal_tower_product t1_jb4kjyb wrote

You sure? Theoretically there’s multiple ways


Dont_mute_me_bro t1_jb4n5ni wrote

On highways, yes. GCP is off limits to trucks, too.

There's no other major roadway. Unless you're suggesting that trucks go through streets like Atlantic Avenue, Ft Hamilton Parkway, Kings Highway, the Conduit, etc. Sure there's the Van Wyk but you have to get access somehow and the last thing it needs is more trucks. Moreover, all those trucks in poorer areas with high asthma rates is "environmental racism".