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NetQuarterLatte t1_jawov1q wrote

> Last February, the NYPD assigned 1,000 more cops to the subway system and promised a renewed focus on quality-of-life offenses, with services provided for the homeless and mentally ill. > > A month later, it established the Neighborhood Safety Unit, tasking its officers with getting guns off the street, and announced a renewed focus on quality-of-life infractions. > > Police have said the unit has helped tamp down gun violence in various neighborhoods, though the crime rate is still up significantly compared to 2019.

Policing measures reducing crimes. That must be surprising to the far-left ideologues in this sub.


marketingguy420 t1_jawvkmy wrote

Why did crime continue to go down under Communist Dictator Bill DeBozio's Pro-Crime regime of ending stop and frisk and curbing police goonery


NetQuarterLatte t1_jawy19j wrote

When exactly did De Blasio end stop and frisk?

De Blasio, he wanted to pose as progressive, but at core he wasn't. Just like many other "progressive" politicians in NYC, so much so that progressiveness in NYC has lost its historical meaning at this point.

Why else do you think De Blasio would wait 7 years to:


ChrisFromLongIsland t1_jay1jfv wrote

Anyone who thinks Deblasio was not soft on crime and quality of life issues is delusional. Maybe you did not live and work in NYC during his tenure.


NetQuarterLatte t1_jay96li wrote

De Blasio was a disaster, but he reserved the very worst measures for his departure. NYPD, mass release from Riker's, school changes...


marketingguy420 t1_jawzi8l wrote

Noooo you mean Debumblio was also just another mayor who did whatever financial interests wanted him to nooooooo

Anyway, lol "defund the police" still running with this shit years later. He moved money from one cop department to another cop department. Bad faith horseshit as always.

The amount of Terry Stops plummeted and crime went down.

I have no idea what your problem with wanting to make Riker's not a hellscape where kids kill themselves waiting years for a stolen back-pack trial, but I guess that's your kinda thing!


NetQuarterLatte t1_jax053q wrote

>Noooo you mean Debumblio was also just another mayor who did whatever financial interests wanted him to nooooooo

Earlier you cited De Blasio as some sort of example or model mayor. Now he is not? A little more coherence doesn't hurt.

By the way, I have no problem with making Riker's a better place. I have issues with the notion that De Blasio was some sort of hero or that he represented anything whatsoever consistently. All those things, he could've started on year 1, rather than on year 7.


marketingguy420 t1_jaxwqnh wrote

I literally never stated he was a good or model mayor in anyway. I asked a simple question you cannot answer: why did crime go down when he stopped doing the cop shit you are claiming makes crime go down.

To which you deflected to a bunch of horseshit about him as a mayor and not the specific policy and how it related to crime.


NetQuarterLatte t1_jaxyql6 wrote

Your question included this assumption:

>regime of ending stop and frisk and curbing police goonery

My response showed your assumption was misguided. So you don't really have a question now.

Besides, terry stops have nothing to do with posting police in the subway, which is mentioned in the article. Talk about deflection, huh?


marketingguy420 t1_jaydl7k wrote

You response did nothing of the kind because they stopped and crime went down you didn't and can't address it.

And Wow look at that keep deflecting the basic question you cannot answer. One day you'll realize your personal politics don't translate to convenient outcomes whenever you want. Bye sweet cheeks.


jakeuznslao t1_jawgx6y wrote

Nyc is one of the safest cities in the world. The lower quality of life comes from the high levels of homelessness and mentally ill wandering the streets.


TizonaBlu t1_jaxe462 wrote

> Nyc is one of the safest cities in the world.

In AMERICA. AMERICA. I think New Yorkers like to tout the safest city in the US stat, but now inflate it to the world.

NYC is highly dangerous compared to any other major city in a developed country.

Like I literally can walk around in Taipei, in any neighborhood, and I will not be robbed, have my stuff stolen, beat up, or be victim of a violent crime, or any crime period.


iv2892 t1_jaz140m wrote

NyC is just as safe as London or Paris. Taipei maybe not


WickhamAkimbo t1_jb0nj26 wrote

London and Paris aren't particularly safe either. Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Sydney are the ones you'd want to compare to.


EdgeOrnery6679 t1_jb0r1wg wrote

London and Paris are actually very dangerous,not Detroit or Baltimore dangerous, but compared to the rest of France and the UK they are, not a very good comparison


iv2892 t1_jb0ute2 wrote

Agree , I only had a mild disagreement with the one who was saying that all or most other cities in developed countries are “much” safer than nyc and US cities in general.


babywutwutwut99 t1_jb0cuir wrote

You must be in crack. NYC is not safe at all.


iv2892 t1_jaxa4p5 wrote

Nyc is war zone according to some random dude from Ohio


WickhamAkimbo t1_jb0nnpf wrote

"Everyone that complains about crime in NYC is a bit of a troll." - guy from New Jersey


wazzzzah t1_jb8f1o0 wrote

I think at least the 8 of the neighborhoods here (not Midtown or Bushwick) could reasonably described as battle zones, not necessarily war zones:


iv2892 t1_jb8kqix wrote

Yeah , I don’t think anybody would consider midtown dangerous . Some parts around Hell’s Kitchen could be considered a little sketchy at night , but overall I find it safer than most places . Fordham is also not that bad , I guess in certain areas at least. The most surprising part of that article is that somehow East NY is not mentioned lol


WickhamAkimbo t1_jb0nu17 wrote

The city generally feels safer recently vs last year. Last January and February were awful.


Rottimer t1_jb1zz30 wrote

That tends to happen once the election year is over and the papers aren't highlighting every other crime to ask potential candidates exactly what they're going to do about it.


WickhamAkimbo t1_jb24eh5 wrote

Garbage logic in line with the MAGA morons that said the coronavirus would disappear after the 2020 election and only existed as a political ruse. Crime in NYC provably jumped a huge amount as the pandemic started and has yet to recover to prepandemic levels, even though it has improved.

You're incapable of viewing the issue through a non-political lens or giving two shits about victims of crime.


Rottimer t1_jb254hj wrote

It's exactly because I'm looking through a non-political lens that I can say that. Crime in the entire country provably jumped a huge amount during the pandemic and has yet to recover to pre-pandemic levels. But the same bullshit arguments used against progressives to blame them for crime in NYC are not used or even brought up against Republicans in far redder states where crime remains higher than in NY or in their cities.

So please, go on and tell me how political I'm being when this shit only ever matters to your ilk when you can point a finger at someone that leans to the left.


wazzzzah t1_jb8epy7 wrote

Regarding the red-vs.-blue divide, I think it's always relevant to note the cities in red and even very red states are often blue; for instance, while Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee all voted by a large margin for Trump in 2016, Atlanta, New Orleans, Louisville, Memphis, and Nashville each voted overwhelmingly for Hillary. That's why trying to split the country in some way is an impossibility, as there'd be dozens of blue islands surrounded by hundreds of square miles of red territory, and that certainly goes for New York State.


Embarrassed_Big372 t1_jawogd5 wrote

Let’s see if this lasts after the funding to keep 10 cops in each station dries up.


LadyBernVictim t1_jaxcun9 wrote

and after the weather gets warmer.


iv2892 t1_jaxe156 wrote

Is down compared to February of last year and so far for the year overall .


Darrkman OP t1_jat1e7p wrote

But but this sub keeps telling me that NYC is a war zone and if you go outside bad things will happen.



lupuscapabilis t1_jawog1a wrote

When murders can drop 26% and make news, that usually means there was a problem before.


[deleted] t1_jawrcrj wrote



NetQuarterLatte t1_jaxmhf4 wrote

If you're a black resident in NYC, that's 15.3 homicides per 100,000.

But if you're white, that's 0.8 homicides per 100,000.

If Oklahoma is unsafe at 9 homicides per 100,000, can you articulate why NYC can be considered a safe place for everyone?


SakanaToDoubutsu t1_jb0mndz wrote

Criminal activity is very "social", most people won't commit crimes spontaneously but if you're associated with people who do then people can be encouraged to do so. Essentially if you don't know anyone who's been shot, the probability you'll be shot yourself starts to approach zero.


NetQuarterLatte t1_jb0n2z4 wrote

That’s the thing about density.

If a bodega a worker gets shot (like the one who was shot a couple days ago in the UES), there will be a lot more people who know that person, compared to when someone in Oklahoma City gets shot.

The population density in NYC is like 20x bigger.


SakanaToDoubutsu t1_jb0r14c wrote

Eh that's not really what I mean, the vast majority of murder is the result of interpersonal violence (i.e. you've wronged me therefore I'm going to use violence to punish you), rather than resource violence or mass violence. If you're in a social circle where violence is an acceptable means of solving conflicts, then the probability of having violence used against you goes up exponentially, if you don't associate with people that use violence, then you'll basically never see it.

Population density really only affects resource violence, which is fairly minimal & consistent to begin with.


NetQuarterLatte t1_jb0tx18 wrote

>If you're in a social circle where violence is an acceptable means of solving conflicts, then the probability of having violence used against you goes up exponentially, if you don't associate with people that use violence, then you'll basically never see it.

That's true, but that's not the natural human behavior. In particular, children and teens won't follow that unless their are consistently educated on it.

>Population density really only affects resource violence, which is fairly minimal & consistent to begin with.

Population density influences so many things, such that it'd be a really strong claim to say that its impact is limited to resource violence.

To give you a counter-example, exposure-to-violence (e.g. witnessing a violent crime) is a stronger factor than poverty (4.7x stronger) on teenagers becoming first-time violent offenders themselves.

A high density environment amplifies the opportunities of a single violent incident to be exposed to more teens.

So a single violent crime in NYC would have 20x potency on exposing a teen compared to a single violent crime in Oklahoma City. Or another way to look at it: violence can spiral out of control in a higher density environment much faster than in a lower density environment. Not very different than a respiratory virus, right?

>the present study conceptualizes ETV as both the violence that a youth has experienced and the violence that a youth has witnessed.,33


pddkr1 t1_jaww78i wrote

Density element?*


iv2892 t1_jax8dxc wrote

Fact is nyc is much much safer than Oklahoma


pddkr1 t1_jaxda8m wrote

How did you conclude that?


iv2892 t1_jaxdwff wrote

Based on stats


pddkr1 t1_jaxe2ht wrote

I’m still unclear, which stats and how are you making a conclusion?


[deleted] t1_jaxg8x1 wrote



pddkr1 t1_jaxgtgx wrote

Thank you! So this was for the specific area of OKC rather than Oklahoma? I was a bit confused from other comments. I suspect by area size it’s also more dangerous than NYC. I’d need to look at heat maps on my own to see spread. Thanks for the info!


[deleted] t1_jaxiz1d wrote



pddkr1 t1_jaxjhb2 wrote

No I suppose I’m not being clear. I just had a concept of crime concentration. Oklahoma City might be more spaced out than New York, inadvertently driving down crime, but your stats would suggest the opposite.

Apparently OKC is 2.1 times larger than New York. I was curious to see if NYC/OKC had a way to show concentrations of murder and other violent crime as well. Thanks for talking through it, sorry to aggravate.


[deleted] t1_jaxkpf0 wrote



pddkr1 t1_jaxmbvp wrote

I genuinely appreciated this exchange! Thanks for the illumination!

One of my best friends is an actuary so it’s amusing to me that you approached it in a similar, good faith basis. Thanks for entertaining the convo and sharing so much food for thought*!


iv2892 t1_jayikv0 wrote

Crime per density is such an stupid metric , you cannot have crime in empty areas


PandaJ108 t1_jb3o904 wrote

Crime has dropped compared to pandemic highs. The article you posted also clearly states crime is still “significantly higher” than pre-pandemic levels.

Your free to gloat but realize your gloating over crime simply being lower than pandemic highs. Seems like a low bar to be happy about.


wazzzzah t1_jb8fhyu wrote

It IS an absurd comment to people like you and me who define NYC as Fifth Avenue in the East 60s.


iv2892 t1_jax8bya wrote

The are ny posts readers , give them a break


PandaJ108 t1_jb1cnw9 wrote

November 2021 thru Sumer 2022 was the peak of pandemic crime. The year to year comparisons are going to be very favorable for 2023. Assuming the rate of decline stays consistent I will say we are about 2-3 years away from reaching pre-pandemic levels of crime (under 100k index crimes reported, under 300 murders and under 1000 shootings).


Mammoth_Sprinkles705 t1_jb6ug7c wrote

It's easy for crime to go down when the NYPD doesn't even bother to show up.

No paperwork no crime in this city.


SmoothTalk t1_jaw9szm wrote

Tell that to that Bodega worker who was executed last night.


JaredSeth t1_jawd56j wrote

A single tragic anecdote trumps measurable data. You win.

/s for the sarcasm-impaired.


Evening_Presence_927 t1_jawylf2 wrote

You say that, but anecdotes like that carry a lot more water in this sub than you think, especially among a large section of a certain kind of commenter.


JaredSeth t1_jax3sq6 wrote

Oh, I'm well aware. If r/nyc was anything like representative of the city at large, I'd probably be commenting on the latest post about Mayor Sliwa.


brownredgreen t1_jaxh21n wrote

Dupes and rubes will always get duped.

Cant change that.


Turbulent_Link1738 t1_jay9osb wrote

You realize the data is 1000s of anecdotes brought together to create meaningful measurements right? The “data” isn’t just arbitrary numbers. It’s still 100s of people getting shot and murdered and robbed and raped.


iv2892 t1_jax8p52 wrote

Crime is down , doesn’t mean that nothing bad ever happens . Dumb comment


JaredSeth t1_jaxehmg wrote

It's a city of almost 9 million people. Of course crimes happen. The point of the article is that they're happening less often than last year.


smallint t1_jawvev1 wrote

Rent is still TOO DAMN HIGH