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sidewaysrebel14 t1_jatvlgs wrote

For context that is $4 billion dollars on an annualized basis or $132,500 per migrant. Feels unsustainable - should either lower the cost to something manageable (read shelter housing not paid for hotel rooms in Manhattan, the most expensive place on earth) or move them upstate or better yet to the interior of the country where there’s a combination of labor shortages and cheaper cost of living


bittoxic00 t1_jatxcer wrote

You or I would need to earn, what, $170k per year on the books to realize the benefit of $132k. Whatever your views are there are people realizing much less and surviving in this city. Where is it all going


sidewaysrebel14 t1_jatxruq wrote

Hotel rooms mostly - same places that were used during the pandemic as homeless shelters. The hotels found out they can rent a room to the city for let’s say 400 a night with no need to turn it around or market or have empty rooms. Pretty much a bonanza for hotel owners in a down season for tourism


bittoxic00 t1_jau05rw wrote

That’s true, I would say give them low cost apartments in city housing but I feel that would just be a slap in the face for anyone already on those lists


fppencollector t1_jawj3wd wrote

Are these hotel owners planning to replace all the mattresses and bedding, and deep clean all the carpets and upholstery? Otherwise, I don't know how many tourists would visit NYC instead of another destination.

Despite the enormous monetary, logistical, and staffing burden on the city's government and ultimately the taxpayers, there is no appreciation for these provided resources from the beneficiaries.

At a recent city council meeting, Julie Won and Gale Brewer were pressing the HERRC staff on the quality of the food. Breakfast with milk and fresh fruit, prepared sandwiches for lunch and a hot dinner that is calorically and nutritionally sufficient is very reasonable. Religious and medical adjustments are accomodated.

Demands for meals that are culturally familiar, when there are people from multiple regions of the world is not a reasonable requirement. Specific meal Demands for chicken and rice is not reasonable.

My takeaway from the article:

Yet despite the city’s pleas for help from the Biden and Hochul administrations, it has gotten a drop in the bucket when it comes to financial help — even as the Big Apple barrels toward a projected $4.2 billion two-year total bill to handle the influx.


ifiwereaplatypus t1_jax82mk wrote

>Are these hotel owners planning to replace all the mattresses and bedding, and deep clean all the carpets and upholstery? Otherwise, I don't know how many tourists would visit NYC instead of another destination.

This statement assumes that migrants are "dirtier" than tourists. On the cartoonishly evil range, I rate this statement 9/10 on the CE scale.


fppencollector t1_jaxmarm wrote

That's why there are outbreaks occurring in NYC public schools stemming from children allowed to attend classes without vaccination records or titer tests.


ifiwereaplatypus t1_jaxt3gu wrote

The asylum seekers who are vaccinated at the border and then bussed to New York in a tax-payer funded political campaign by a sitting Republican governor are the cause of outbreaks of… what, exactly? Gonorrhea?


fppencollector t1_jaxupqc wrote

The Simon Baruch Middle School in Gramercy Park had a chickenpox case, according to a Jan. 25 notice from the principal which said students not vaccinated for the illness could not attend school.

A parent at the school said after the announcement, five migrant children were absent for a few days from the class in question.


supermechace t1_jaz8t66 wrote

Also for real estate companies and owners who charge the city for housing the homeless and migrants. Take from the middle class and give to the wealthy


[deleted] t1_jawgibv wrote



Therealdirtyburdie t1_jay152j wrote

That would be crazy idea! Lol. Like Chuck Schumer said we need these migrants because Americans are not procreating Enough so we need migrants plus they all promised to become Democrats


Hrekires t1_jawjml2 wrote

Is that not what happens if they're not granted asylum?


[deleted] t1_jawp84j wrote



spicytoastaficionado t1_jay3uj6 wrote

Not necessarily.

It isn't like you are denied asylum and then immediately taken it into custody and deported.


supremeMilo t1_jay5p31 wrote

How about allowing them to legally work and giving them a plane ticket anywhere in the country to fill one of the 10,000,000 open jobs.


jonsconspiracy t1_jaz94wv wrote

Exactly this. They're already here and we need workers. I don't really understand the issue here. Let them all get jobs and start buying their own food and paying their own rent.


supremeMilo t1_jaz9c9g wrote

If they are legal, then they can’t be exploited for illegally low wages. (Republicans mad)

If they aren’t fed and housed grifters aren’t getting paid. (Democrats mad)


gsbound t1_jauty0a wrote

It doesn’t matter, taxes wouldn’t be any lower, and the city never spends money on anything useful anyways. De blasio slush fund, police lawsuits, cronies in city hall, spending 20x the normal price on a subway line. To me, it doesn’t matter whose pocket this money ends up in, hotel owners, Union bosses, Eric Adams, fuck you could even hand out 130k in cash to each migrant and my life wouldn’t change at all


Alert_Engineering_70 t1_jaun55d wrote

NYC shouldn't be doing this at all. It's not sustainable or wise to send people from some poorest nations to super expensive NYC. Just another scam where connected friends are getting paid and over charging in the process. $300 a night for a crappy unoccupied hotel room?. Which makes 2 rooms 18k a month (no kitchen or common living area) Anyone in this sub want to lease out their 2 bedroom to the city for 18k a month ?


ChurchPicnicFlareGun t1_jaur7o9 wrote

But if you say “send them back” which is the actual solution you’re called a nazi, so when you think about it, is $4 billion a year that could obviously be better spent elsewhere such a big deal? Totally worth not being called an asshole, right?? That’s like the worst thing in the world.


retiredfromfire t1_jaxdjlv wrote

One of the longest borders on earth. Insufficient resources from both the left and the right of the isle, because they're too busy making political hay and not actually solving any problems. Violence and poverty in their home countries are driving this. The flood of people isnt going to stop because your head lives in the 1950's


Evening_Presence_927 t1_jaxk5rk wrote

Bullshit. Democrats have had a plan for decades to reform the immigration system through expansion of courts and eliminating bureaucratic cruft in order to allow us to process more people faster. It’s Republicans who are the ones who are stonewalling that outright and then turning around and saying they’re “for open borders” and “weak on immigration.”


retiredfromfire t1_jb1feum wrote

If Democrats are so F'ing ready, why then are they having so much trouble dealing with a surge of immigrants when they're bussed in?


Evening_Presence_927 t1_jb1fwxj wrote

Lmao Adams is not a democrat. He just parades as one cuz he knows he’d never win in New York otherwise.


throwaway7891236j t1_javdsem wrote

there are other solutions besides send them back like maybe if the federal government wasn't putting them in cages or nyc city gov wasnt various grifts for the mayors closest associates (not shitting on adam's obviously this has been true for every mayor)


Live-Election9413 t1_jawehre wrote

The harsh reality is this is going to affect New Yorkers in the long run because if they don’t send them back. A policy will be needed that will affect low wage New Yorkers already struggling to get and maybe even threaten their job . Who knows .


thisMatrix_isReal t1_jax0ssx wrote

have a look at Peter Santenello videos about his trips at the border.
No city should be doing this, not only NYC.


djdjddhdhdh t1_jax7r8c wrote

His stuff is really good, haven’t seen the new border ones tho


thisMatrix_isReal t1_jaxcqco wrote

latest one just published today .


djdjddhdhdh t1_jb3es7p wrote

Just saw the last 2, crazy stuff. Although really interesting about the lettuce farmers, I’ve often wondered why in the last few years they’ve been all these infection outbreaks from lettuce. Quite literally I haven’t eaten romaine in like 2 years, which isn’t a big deal cuz I like arugula more lol


mrfudface t1_jb4fc8v wrote


Tastes like Water & is nutrition wise on a lower scale anyway


dproma t1_jau0w2y wrote

“Gotham’s Department of Homeless Services and Health & Hospitals each spend an average of $363 daily to provide food and shelter for just a single migrant.”

That comes out to $10,890 / month for living expenses.

To visualize:

You can live in a luxury high rise 1 Bdr at 555TEN for $4995/month. And spend $12 for breakfast, $92.50 for lunch and $92.50 for dinner.

Life is good as an immigrant.


wefarrell t1_javzb5g wrote

Life is good as someone getting paid to feed and house migrants. They're not living that well, the money is going to corruption.


dproma t1_jawk5wz wrote

Yes I was being sarcastic. You know their living conditions are bad and the meals are shit. Gotta maximize those profits from government funds


SirJoeffer t1_jaufk5v wrote

Life probably isn’t great for the people who got bussed to a new city in a foreign land to become wards of the state but I am sure that whatever bureaucrats are in charge of these programs have a lot of friends in hotels and food service that suddenly got a lot richer


iv2892 t1_javwxj7 wrote

This is the federal government responsibility , where the hell is Biden ?


Lookup_John_Money t1_jawq5rh wrote

Last I saw he was on-stage brambling on about the nurse at the hospital that whispered in his ear and made him horny.


drpvn t1_jaubo5m wrote

I’ve noticed the usual hardcore progressives don’t show up on threads on this topic to scold about how it’s a made-up problem.


myassholealt t1_jawic7t wrote

Would you try to put out a 4 alarm fire with a cup of water? This sub is a cesspool and some threads are a waste of time to even open cause you will be -100 within 30 minutes of posting a comment.


drpvn t1_jawkjl2 wrote

Doesn’t stop the hardcore progs from doing that on crime threads.

It’s almost like everyone realizes that the migrant situation is an actual crisis that can’t be dismissed as right-wing hysteria.


Ok-Entrepreneur4365 t1_jc0rc5g wrote

Imagine worrying about karma instead of trying to present an actual solid argument from your political views


[deleted] t1_jaxdvmy wrote



drpvn t1_jaxdyl9 wrote

“We”? Who else you got down there in the basement?


[deleted] t1_jaxeaz1 wrote



drpvn t1_jaxeg5w wrote

You like to argue with the basement Reddit people whose opinions you purport not to care about?


wefarrell t1_jax3mr8 wrote

That’s a strawman argument, few would acknowledge it isn’t a problem. Progressives take issue with a restriction in immigration being the only solution. Building more housing would be a good start.

Meanwhile those on the right will simultaneously complain about immigration and inflation without realizing that a drop in immigration is one of the leading causes for rising prices right now.


drpvn t1_jax4o2y wrote

More housing would be good but “build more housing” is not a useful or thoughtful response to an acute and immediate immigration crisis.


wefarrell t1_jax7eht wrote

The rate of illegal immigration has been declining since 2007 (not counting 2020 for obvious reasons) so I’m not sure what the scope of the “immediate problem” you refer to.

Are you referring to certain presidential hopefuls choosing to send migrants by the bus load to NYC?


drpvn t1_jax7s2m wrote

The immediate problem of “asylum seekers” flooding the city at immense and unsustainable cost. Yes, that’s what I’m referring to. Perhaps you’ve heard about it.


wefarrell t1_jaz28zx wrote

They’re not choosing to come here, they’re being bussed in.


drpvn t1_jaz2c4d wrote

Oh well I guess it’s not a problem at all, then!


wefarrell t1_jaz2ko8 wrote

It’s a problem that’s been engineered by republican governors.


drpvn t1_jaz2o48 wrote

Only took you four comments to get around to acknowledging there’s a problem.


wefarrell t1_jaz3gtg wrote

I acknowledged it right away but you weren’t clear on scope. I wasn’t sure if it was the one we’ve been hearing about for the last 20 years plus or the one created by Republican governors but you’ve made it clear it’s the latter.


drpvn t1_jaz6s59 wrote

The question is what should be done about the problem. Whining about how Republican governors are mean isn’t working.


wefarrell t1_jaz774y wrote

Nobody’s whining. If you want to deal with the problem you need to deal with the cause.


drpvn t1_jaz78jr wrote

What does that mean?


wefarrell t1_jaz7oyk wrote

For one, prevent people from being bussed against their will or under false pretenses.


drpvn t1_jaz7pqk wrote



wefarrell t1_jaz7upe wrote

Consequences for those who are sending them here.


drpvn t1_jaz7vzn wrote

What does that mean?


wefarrell t1_jaz855k wrote

You asking what kind of consequences?


drpvn t1_jaz88ms wrote

I’ve had enough for the night. You have approximately zero ideas. Good night!


wefarrell t1_jaz8h4q wrote

I just gave you an idea which is more than you can do.


drpvn t1_jaz8rpp wrote

Your idea was gibberish.

I would recommend lawsuits against every state sending them here, and also full-throated appeals to the Biden administration for billions to pay for this shit, with nonstop pressure and condemnation of the administration until the assistance is in hand. The legal issues aren’t clean and may not be a winner but it beats doing nothing.


wefarrell t1_jaz9c75 wrote

Only took you 11 threads to stop complaining and offer a solution. Good job and goodnight.


LL5566 t1_jaw4px9 wrote

Please, they are illegal immigrants. Stop using the wrong Terminology legal migrants are legal. These are illegals, as a New Yorker who busts his but every day working, my taxes and my fellow coworkers taxes are paying for it. And many of them are legal immigrants and they are livid!!! This is not sustainable and so absurd. And if anybody feels the need to deflect focus of my statement and criticize inclusion of the proper term “illegal”. Please don’t waste your breath.


kinovelo t1_jawhwxj wrote

No, people waiting their asylum hearings are in legal limbo. People in jail or out on bail aren’t convicted criminals; they’re alleged criminals.


ripstep1 t1_jawr6r8 wrote

They are only in legal limbo because blue voters want immigrants to sit in NYC while they await a lengthy trial process.


mrpeeng t1_jawl5q7 wrote

Do they want to rent out my apartment for 400 a night? I'll give the city a discount of $350 a night. I'll gladly go live somewhere else if the city is willing to pay me 12k+ a month instead of a hotel.


djdjddhdhdh t1_jax81k7 wrote

Go make a 5k donation to the adams reelection campaign it might just happen lol


chillwellcfc1900 t1_jaxxdmv wrote

My dad has two apartments combined in LES that he rents for $500 a month. I'll gladly rent his place out even for just a week


Brokeliner t1_jaz99ll wrote

Must be nice to have a landlord that doesn’t know what inflation is. I bet he still gives his grandkids a $5 bill in their birthday cards tho


Exxcommunicado t1_javvhu1 wrote

And we can’t even get a pothole fixed 🤷🏻‍♂️


mrpeeng t1_jawkspx wrote

I think those are 2 different city departments working off different budgets.


1600hazenstreet t1_jatw6hl wrote

Just raise more taxes. Whats the problem. /s


exbethelelder t1_javunyy wrote

Why are they doing this when NYC has like 100,000 homeless people they don't even care for? Should we send our homeless to Guatemala where they will receive better care? The system is broken.


3Dingo t1_jattoc6 wrote

Small price to pay to proudly be a sanctuary city. Well done New York!


NihFin t1_jatucsz wrote

I’d prefer not to be a sanctuary city


Zodiac5964 t1_jauv2yi wrote

sanctuary city is fine, the problem here is they are getting the costs very wrong. $363 daily/$10,890 monthly per immigrant doesn't sound reasonable at all, and it's significantly higher than the living expenses for the majority of us NYC residents.

Anyone saying "small price to pay" is not looking at the details enough or asking enough questions. There is absolutely no reason to believe these ridiculously high costs are just what they are, and that there's no inefficiency/waste/recklessness/corruption.


Doctor_Zaius13 t1_jaxdgb2 wrote

I thought the lady from the commercials said we could feed the poor for like 20 cents a week.

We should be taking care of our own homeless and poor before everyone else's.


GettingPhysicl t1_javlgvc wrote

you and i had a different view of sanctuary. I just meant 'feel free to come here and do your thing, documented or not'


iv2892 t1_javx64a wrote

The federal government is responsible for this


ripstep1 t1_jawqmcc wrote

Blue voters asked for this.


Complete_Choice_3536 t1_jaxavvj wrote

That is not the solution . Nor is bad mouthing people . It is a situation for people to live freely. Help with the solution or be quiet


ripstep1 t1_jaxg4kh wrote

The solution is everyone should wait in Mexico because their asylum hearing.


Throwawayacc_i983b t1_jaxgusm wrote

Regardless of how you feel about migrants, this is still obviously a money laundering scheme or at the very least, pure incompetence.

This is not to mention all the donations pouring in. These people don’t need luxury brand hotels in Manhattan, they need a decent shelter and good enough food at the very least if you’re going to help them the right way.


tearsana t1_jb4x6uk wrote

Trying to build shelters in UES just get the liberals there fired up and come out and oppose shelters.


thisisntmineIfoundit t1_jau85ky wrote

Get any indie film producer on the horn they will feed a hundred people with just as many dollars. These amounts are so insulting.


kinovelo t1_jawig9n wrote

They need to hire more judges and make their asylum decisions in days rather than months. If granted asylum, they could start working and contributing to society, and if denied, they’d be deported. Either way, it’d help everybody, as nobody benefits from being in this limbo situation.

Also, aren’t there lower cost of living areas to house people who aren’t able to work? It doesn’t benefit them being close commuting distance to office buildings with high-paying white-collar jobs, and as a result, the market value is super-high.


Suspicious_Error_722 t1_jawnqy8 wrote

Those low cost living areas in the city have a waiting list of New Yorkers that need it. The shelters are full, they would have to move them out of the city to get low cost housing. It would be unfair to give a migrant the housing that was promised to our own citizens. That would just provide a huge divide between the people in the city. The cost of living in NY for housing keeps increasing, so much so that some of the “affordable housing” units being built apparently need a required salary of $75+. We have corruption all over the city when it comes to housing too. I saw a building labeled adoptable housing on the lottery that require $100,000 income in Queens. I question how someone that makes that much requires a building built by a program meant for needy NYers.


kinovelo t1_jawrlo1 wrote

There’s a 300,000 square foot former university on 400 acres about 100 miles north in Dutchess county on the market for $16 million. There are hundreds of rooms there that could house migrants for a fraction of the cost of housing them on some of the most expensive land in the planet earth.

If they were able to work, there are also plenty of farms that could benefit from migrant labor up there.

Also, the more money you make, the more money you pay for “affordable housing.” Somebody who makes $100k would pay $2,500 in rent, whereas someone who makes $30k would pay $750. Let’s say market rate is $3k, so it’s losing $500 vs. losing $2,250.


Suspicious_Error_722 t1_jax34vc wrote

As I said before, the housing would have to outside of the city. Considering most NYers need actual affordable housing. Someone making $100,000 can get normal housing. You don’t need to construct a building dedicated to that, it would have made sense as an actual “affordable housing” building that had units for multiple incomes like they did when the program started. Having a building that starts at $100,000 doesn’t make sense, someone with that income can afford housing.


kinovelo t1_jax56xh wrote

Nobody would construct a building where they’d lose money because all of the tenants are low-income and only pay 25% of market rate. Getting $2,500 for a $3K apartment is likely sustainable (they’d more than break even on that); getting $750 likely is not. The developer would likely go bankrupt if all units cost that little.

Ultimately, we need to reduce market rates across the board, where profit margins for developers are lower, but the idea that people are entitled to “free stuff” just because of their income isn’t going to fix anything on a macro-level other than for a select few people that win a lottery.


Suspicious_Error_722 t1_jax7a4a wrote

It is my understanding that the developers are benefiting from the program through a contract from the city. Not all of the apartments in these housing lotteries are the same price or are at decreased value. The apartments range from $36 - $75 or more. The point of the program is to provide affordable housing to people that need it. It has been sustainable because only a percentage are required to be affordable. However, making a building under the program that benefits from what should have been for people within the 45-80 bracket doesn’t make sense if it isn’t accessible to those people. People with those brackets aren’t considered low income and cannot benefit from any other program in the city. It is just corrupt for someone to use funds for a program meant for the sole purpose of providing housing options to people in the city that need it with rising costs of living. Especially when you consider rent is the larger bill anyone has on a monthly basis. Someone making $100,000 isn’t someone with a need. No one is saying they can’t make the building, just don’t use the affordable housing program to do it.

You won’t be able to control the market price, that’s why the affordable program exists. That was the entire purpose of it. Money is set aside for the program and why is it we can offer tax breaks to the rich or forgive banks but we can’t have a program that benefits the working class. You know the people that still pay taxes but struggle. It doesn’t make sense to me.


proudbakunkinman t1_jawxjfp wrote

I think this requires more federal intervention or at least state help, it's too complicated to handle at a city level. The city is just going to do what is the fastest and easiest, which means the most expensive and not sustainable for long without making things worse. I'm not sure how much Biden can do without help from congress (with the House being run by Republicans) though. But maybe there's at least more that can be done at the state level, like splitting up the migrants into several cities and not putting most of the burden on NYC.


ExcuseGreat6989 t1_jaxm88h wrote

Great way to get a lot of Republicans elected.


sctp1999 t1_jatvlbz wrote

That's $3,650,000,000 three billion six hundred fifty million a year ...and what is the deficit?


spicytoastaficionado t1_jaybn54 wrote

This is the epitome of r/leopardsatemyface but if you post this story there it'll get deleted because that sub has sadly become a partisan political circle jerk


myassholealt t1_jawhz24 wrote

And if you audited that $10 mill I'll bet you'll find a good percentage of that money is being cashed by various consultants and "non profits" that aren't actually achieving anything and if you removed them from the equation, the migrants wouldn't be affected at all.


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CanaKitty t1_jax7y95 wrote

Why can’t we bus/fly them back to Texas?


spicytoastaficionado t1_jay4hu8 wrote

How many migrants would be willing to go back to Texas, which doesn't have nearly the amount of benefits and protections that New York does?


Therealdirtyburdie t1_jay0lok wrote

I’ll give you one better! a Chinese businessman named jubao Xie owns the biggest holiday inn in Manhattan 492 rooms he was going into bankruptcy and in front of the judge he offered to pay his creditors $.10 on the dollar the judge turned around and said I have a better idea New York State is gonna give you $190per room To house migrants. That hotel has 492 rooms that works out to be $34,200,000 a year!!!! that’s coming out of our tax dollars that does not include food, healthcare, medical cell phones, and whatever else New York State is giving away with all our tax dollars.


KidAstoria t1_jauatwj wrote

Better than spending it on bike lanes.


jeffsayno t1_jawakzn wrote

don't blame the migrants.... its the bureaucracy's fault. I'm sure migrants think it's ridiculous too.... we need an independent party to handle this


squall571 t1_jawazyh wrote

The migrants don’t think it’s ridiculous, they want even more.