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ChurchPicnicFlareGun t1_jaur7o9 wrote

But if you say “send them back” which is the actual solution you’re called a nazi, so when you think about it, is $4 billion a year that could obviously be better spent elsewhere such a big deal? Totally worth not being called an asshole, right?? That’s like the worst thing in the world.


retiredfromfire t1_jaxdjlv wrote

One of the longest borders on earth. Insufficient resources from both the left and the right of the isle, because they're too busy making political hay and not actually solving any problems. Violence and poverty in their home countries are driving this. The flood of people isnt going to stop because your head lives in the 1950's


Evening_Presence_927 t1_jaxk5rk wrote

Bullshit. Democrats have had a plan for decades to reform the immigration system through expansion of courts and eliminating bureaucratic cruft in order to allow us to process more people faster. It’s Republicans who are the ones who are stonewalling that outright and then turning around and saying they’re “for open borders” and “weak on immigration.”


retiredfromfire t1_jb1feum wrote

If Democrats are so F'ing ready, why then are they having so much trouble dealing with a surge of immigrants when they're bussed in?


Evening_Presence_927 t1_jb1fwxj wrote

Lmao Adams is not a democrat. He just parades as one cuz he knows he’d never win in New York otherwise.


throwaway7891236j t1_javdsem wrote

there are other solutions besides send them back like maybe if the federal government wasn't putting them in cages or nyc city gov wasnt various grifts for the mayors closest associates (not shitting on adam's obviously this has been true for every mayor)


Live-Election9413 t1_jawehre wrote

The harsh reality is this is going to affect New Yorkers in the long run because if they don’t send them back. A policy will be needed that will affect low wage New Yorkers already struggling to get and maybe even threaten their job . Who knows .