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TeamMisha t1_jb0bg10 wrote

It is hard for me to be grateful when for us in Queens we were fucked with bad weekend service for what seemed like literally 2 years nonstop due to replacement lol


stoopidjonny t1_jb0c58v wrote

More like 10 years. Occasionally a year with good service.


beechcraft10 OP t1_jb0pecl wrote

This is becuase they were actually upgrading the signaling system, bringing you faster, more frequent, and more reliable trains.


stoopidjonny t1_jb1x5ci wrote

Not saying that nothing good came of it. It takes a long time and many weekends of no service. By the time they fix the tracks, they will probably need to replace the signals. Then they will need to replace the tracks. ad infinitum.


TeamMisha t1_jb2qbls wrote

My original post was referring to the N/W which does not have CBTC upgrades yet AFAIK. I know the Queens Blvd line is in the process but I believe it is heavily delayed.


[deleted] t1_jb664dp wrote



TeamMisha t1_jb7fpyr wrote

> NW is trash now

Yep I mean they don't call the N the 'never' for nothing! Even during RUSH hours, I'm consistently hitting gaps where I'm waiting 7, 8, even 10 minutes for a train. Why are we still constantly getting cancelled trains? Insult to injury they cut R service too, so even if you're lucky enough to live in the parts of Astoria where you're equidistant to both lines, the R is no saving grace. Plus no M service on weekends by us, so you are STILL waiting minimum of 12-15 minutes on the weekends whether you go to something on the N or say Steinway St.


woodcider t1_jb2cta9 wrote

Because of all that work the 7 train was a beast of efficiency the last time I took it to my graduation.


Makeyoownmoney t1_jb2uvg7 wrote

Sunnyside Yard looks like another place now. Like 10 guys digging under the live tracks all day every other day to lay pipes, and another 10 on a weekend to pull a fat cable through the pipe. Must be a day or two to hook up the wires. Not sure how many times this was done - maybe 100?


bottom t1_jb0xjb4 wrote

True. V annoying.

Also harder to complain when dead.

But I hear ya


TeamMisha t1_jb2qhet wrote

> Also harder to complain when dead.

That reminds me how work on elevateds suddenly accelerated when falling wooden beams kept smashing through parked car windows underneath them lol