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TheJoseph97 t1_jb0d37t wrote

I’m sure you have relevant work background to make a statement like that

I’m sure you’ve toiled in construction and you’re totally not some thin gangly redditor who works from home and never leaves the house. Definitely not.


DonConnection t1_jb0xilb wrote

I never worked with MTA but I do work in construction (non-union pipefitter) and sometimes we work alongside union crews. It's a long running joke that those mfs have it easy compared to us. The same job we do in a day they'll take a week. Their crews are also a lot larger than ours.

The thing is, that's more how it should be. Non-union construction in the city pays shit and treats us like shit. There is a tinge of jealousy and bitterness coming from us non-union tradesmen but the guy you're responding to is not wrong when he's saying they could be more efficient. Not saying they should be worked to the bone like us either. There's a balance.


EdgeOrnery6679 t1_jb0q5hv wrote

Found the MTA worker getting that hundreds of thousands in fraud overtime


Mr_Stoney t1_jb0vtxu wrote

OMFG, bruh hundreds of thousands of dollars LOL

You dont even have the slightest idea what a track worker makes, do you?


RyuNoKami t1_jb0wn5m wrote

especially since we can even look it up. these fucking people.